Thanks to the watermelons China threatens a trade war

China is threatening the European Union that the imposition of a carbon tax on aircraft could lead to a trade war. The United States took a case to the European Courts but were told that the carbon emissions trading scheme did not infringe upon another country’s soveignty. The Chinese have told the Europeans to either abandon this pernicious tax or face a trade war.

On this score, I should point out that Greenpeace, through having one of its members on the Bolivian delegation in Durban also proposed that there should be a shipping tax. From what I understand that proposal got nowhere.

The imposition of this carbon tax is very serious business, and it is not hard to imagine that it could lead to a trade law. China wants to increase her markets around the world, and the imposition of a carbon tax, whether by sea or by air hurts Chinese trade.

Besides, the tax will do nothing to change the weather. The Chinese are smart because they are not going along with the crap about Globull Warming. Their own research is telling a vastly different story on things like the tree rings and hockey sticks.



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