The Plods continue to hold blogger’s computers

A blogger who goes by the name of Tallbloke (and a jolly nice man he is), was raided about 7 pm in the evening roughly a week ago. To fill you in on the story, this involves the person/s who goes under the name of FOIA, who dropped a link on at least 4 blogs owned by scientists who are at odds with the globull warmists. These other blogs include Air Vent, Jo Nova and What’s Up With That. The link was dropped just in time for the Durban Warmist talkfest, where all they do is talk and achieve nothing. After Climategate 1.0 which took place just prior to Copenhagen (and yes God had a great laugh with all of that cold and snow at Copenhagen), there were some “enquiries” complete with a whitewash for the likes of Dr. Phil Jones and Michael Mann. A lot of wrong doing was completely swept under the carpet as a result of these enquiries. In the meantime, Ken Cuccinelli is suing the university where Michael Mann was prior to his move to Penn State, for access to emails, etc. in an effort to audit how money has been spent on research. At the same time Michael Mann continues to make a big fool of himself as does James Hansen (but that is another story).

Climategate 2.0 is a tranche of about 5000 emails that come from the same period as the first group of emails. There was nothing new in the batch. However, there is plenty of meat within the emails that have now been released, and there is material that needs further examination with regard to probable acts of criminality as well as collusion. This involves the US Department of Energy since that department provided research dollars to the UEA. Certainly there is collusion in regard to the IPCC and there is the freezing out of people like Dr. Judith Curry, who is a warmist with a difference – she is willing to talk with the other side!! Anyway, people are still reading and discovering bits and pieces in those emails that have been proving very interesting to say the least.

A few days prior to the Tallbloke raid by the Norfolk plods, WordPress was sent a notice from the US DoJ requesting that logs for a month prior be preserved for the blogs where the link had been dropped. WordPress passed on the notice to the blog owners.  This notification is similar to that which was done on the other blog server which had unknowingly hosted “Inspire Magazine” run by Samir Khan on behalf of Al-Awlaki and Al Qaeda. In that case the web hosting company, not the FBI shut down the blog host, thus more than 17,000 bloggers lost their blogs at the same time. It was a different case because the FBI were seeking something very specific relating to terrorism.

According to Tallbloke the plods took away the computers to have the disks cloned, yet they have not returned them to him. He is now being told that it will be another 12 days before they are returned. He has not been told why a warrant was obtained, neither has he been told that he has committed a crime. It is very strange indeed. At the same time, some warmistas decided to “slime” Tallbloke in what was a vicious attack upon his integrity as they called him a criminal, and claimed that he was responsible for the leak – except that he works in Leeds, and is nowhere near the UEA. The story has gained attention in The Guardian, the BBC, the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph (James Delingpole). On top of this there are now three units of plods involved in the investigation.

Both releases took place by using a Russian server. When this happened the first time some people believed that the Russians were behind the “hacking”. Yet we have no way of knowing at this point in time whether or not there was a “hacking” incident, or whether in fact it was the work of an insider. The most we do know is that according to FOIA there are another 220,000 emails being held and are locked in a zip file encrypted with a passkey.

Looking back on the posts of two of the blogs, I saw for myself that FOIA simply dropped the link on the blog. There was no explanation, just the link. The blog owners spotted the link and then checked it out, then announced that Climategate 2.0 had arrived. There seemed to be no warning that these were coming.

As someone who blogs on wordpress, I can appreciate that wordpress holds the logs and information relating to each of our blogs. They should find at least an IP address associated with FOIA in those logs. The question remains why did they take Tallblokes computers if he is not a suspect?


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