Turkey makes threats against France, Iran has its own plans

Thanks to the weakling that occupies the White House the world is a lot closer to the possibility of an outbreak of world war. Whilst I am not predicting a world war can happen, I am continuing to monitor the various situations that are erupting all over the world. Anyone who thinks that “climate change” is some kind of moral imperative needs to pay more attention to the real world.

First of all, there is the threat of a trade war involving China. This is a very real threat brought about by the European community and their commitment to watermelon policies, including a carbon tax on incoming flights to European cities. The Chinese do in fact see this as an impediment to free trade. Always keep in mind that the Japanese prior to their involvement in world war 2 had issues about trade agreements. Keep in mind that up until at least the 1980s most countries had their protectionist policies. Keep in mind that Østupid has made noises about protectionism and there is no way of knowing what RP would do if the worst possible outcome was ever to eventuate.  The possibility of China starting a trade war is indeed a very real threat in the future.

Second, Iran is making plans to strangle the shipment of oil from the Middle East. They plan on taking over the Suez Canal. However, Østupid is just too dumb to see what is happening. Such an action is a threat to the rest of the Middle East as much as it is a real threat to Europe, the USA and Australia.

Third, Turkey has continued its refusal to acknowledge the holocaust against the the Armenians which occurred prior to and during the first world war. There was indeed a pogrom against the Turkish Armenians and thousands were slaughtered by the Turks. The Turks stole the property of the Armenians at the time. However, there were survivors who told their story. France has been determined that Turkey must stop denying the Armenian holocaust. As a result legislation has passed in the lower house of the French Parliament, and is awaiting passage in the French Senate. Reuters   reports that Erdogan has slammed the bill and is making (empty) threats against France.  Erdogan has slammed the bill based upon “racism, discrimination and xenophobia”. Really? The truth is that the Turks are guilty of acting in a racist manner towards the Christian Armenians, and that they took action with the intention of wiping out the whole community.  The fact is that had it not been for the survivors of this particular holocaust the world would have remained silent. Turkey needs to admit its mistakes and stop denying what took place.  The Turk’s claim that there was a partisan conflict with killings on both sides still sounds like baloney to me.

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  1. Air Force Brat

    Brilliant essay, Aussie. The only — and I do mean the ONLY — part I might not agree with 100% is the sentence that says Ostupid is too stupid to see that Iran is planning to take over the Suez Canal. i sincerely believe that he understands perfectly well what’s happening, and that it’s exactly what he WANTS to happen.

    Keep up the great work. Always enjoy reading your articles.


  2. I agree with AFB. Maybe F. King Obama is indeed stupid but that does not mean his puppet masters are stupid.

    Also – Aussie – you need to go ahead and take the next logical step. There WILL be a war! But my prediction is that it will happen during a Republican presidency – all staged of course – to “prove” that FKO kept us safe and that Republican ideals/strategy lead to chaos and war.

    All the signs point to this. If the MSM reported even 70% of what is really happening worldwide, the truth would be painfully obvious to everybody.


  3. Also, here is my introductory Essay for the year:

    Let me re-purpose the famous Pericles quote (“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you!”):

    Just because we are not at war with Islam, does not mean Islam isn’t at war with us!

    I wonder what would have happened if we had taken a similar attitude with Japanese aggression in the early ’40s? Suppose we had concluded that the reason they hated us is that we were somehow mean to them? And that if we were nicer, they would crawl back into their shells and leave us alone? How well would that have worked out?

    On a similar note – a rhetorical question for you:

    Most Americans today consider the internment of the Japanese in California to be a primary “blot on the escutcheon” for the Greatness/Goodness of America. But consider the context: Japanese that we trusted turned on us. Japanese people in America for which we then had unsure reasons to trust or distrust lived among us. Perhaps they were an orchestrated pre-planned infiltration and maybe they were not. What was the rational and logical thing to do at that point?

    Far from being “ancient history” and irrelevant to our present times – the analogy is almost 100% in regards to how we should regard American Muslims. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – from what we know now, it appears that the interred Japanese were true blue Americans. But what if they had not been?

    Or, if you are a follower of this paradigm – How do you tell a radical belligerent Japanese from an America-friendly one? How do you tell an extremest Muslim from a moderate one?

    Should we protect ourselves and perform reasonable risk mitigation? Or should we lay our necks on the chopping block of political correctness and hope for the best?

    Like it or not, we are in the middle of a global cultural/religious war.

    Western Civilization has never been at a more important crossroad.

    The problem is that the MSM isn’t telling you but a fraction of what is going on. Therefore it is easier for you to believe it is all a tempest in a teapot.




    Named must your fear be
    before banish it you can.


  4. Just to be clear – I do not espouse expelling American Citizen Muslims nor rounding them up. We do, however, need to put more pressure on them to rhetorically defend themselves. The onus should not be on us or the MSM (or even FKO) to define and critique the concept of Muslim Moderation. They must explain that to us.

    I don’t care who anyone “worships”, but I do care a lot about the cultural, legal, civil, an government attitudes and practices. It is they who must calm our fears and convince us that they are true Americans and embrace only the worshipful aspects of Islam.

    (There are many of us who believe that Islam cannot be carved up into distinct pieces like this, but that is a different essay. And, again, the onus is on them to convince us that this can be.)

    In the meantime, all evidence points to Erdogan’s position: “there is no moderate Islam – Islam is Islam”.

    It is not sufficient – in the aftermath of some horrible Muslim atrocity – for Muslims to run around wringing their hands, crying “oh no, I hope there is not a over-reaction”. They need to once and for all address the question of how Islam can be compartmentalized and made compatible with Western Civilization

    In other words, they seem to be pushing all the PC buttons instead of any real rational or logical discussion and explanation. We need to demand that they switch tracks. We deserved to be convinced, not browbeaten into PC submission.


  5. Carlye, I am away from home at the present time :). I am using my netbook at the hotel were we are staying tonight.

    I am not disputing your comments (at least until I am home again). There is a lot of merit in your comments.
    I am not willing to take the next logical step because I do not like the idea of going to war and this is despite the fact that I see its necessity in certain circumstances.

    There is much to say on that other thorny subject. I will come back to that one because it also pertains to Australia in lots and lots of ways, and with the dumb witch who is Prime Minister it is about to get a lot worse.

    With regard to the Japanese interment, we did the same thing in Australia. The Japanese were held in a camp in NSW (blank on name of town at the present time). We also did the same to the Italians and to the Germans in the First World War. I would expect that it would happen because there is always the possibility of spies amongst them.

    This is the same for that other community. What value is there in citizenship when they place the Ummah first? However, there are plenty who do not put the Ummah first, and you will find them amongst those who are the followers of the Agca Khan.


  6. Michele Bachman

    I hope you all heard her speech today. It was the finest one by any politician in many years and may be right up there with the best of Lincoln or Washington. Certainly far better than the empty BS of the reigning F. King Obama.

    My only complaint – and it is a big one – is that it embodied a complete non-sequiter.

    She itemizes many things she believes and the key reasons she put herself forward. She defended and justified them and promised to keep fighting. Then, without explanation or segue, says Iowans have spoken and she will quit. WANH?

    The problem is that it would be easy for someone – say, a lunatic liberal MSM reporter – to conclude that MB’s core beliefs and pet issues have been repudiated, even by the white-bread, right-leaning Iowans. I believe nothing is farther from the truth.

    Like I have said before, I am unsure I would vote for her for PRESIDENT. Perhaps she has a different role to fulfill. Her lack of experience in international affairs and her lack of general breadth are troublesome. (On the other hand, she scores better than a common ordinary urban street thug on all accounts!) I believe her poor showing is for those reasons – and more specifically without besmirching her ‘agenda’ in any way – there are better candidates overall.

    The best way to think about these things is: Obviously from my perspective the best candidate with the best motives, the best ideals, and the master of true right-thinking is me myself! But even if you agreed with that, I am not maintaining I would make the best president. Similarly, I think I like and agree with MB more than any other, but that does not make her the best candidate.

    But she needed to explain this. As she left things hanging, it left a very bad taste in the mouth – and left the barn door wide open for elitist ridicule. SIGH.


  7. Hey – Aussie – I noticed a ‘friend’ of yours, Maggie, got through on Apuzo blog with a good one! Awesome. I just put a hopefully equally awesome one there as well. I have reason to believe it will get approved. Keep an eye open.


  8. Rats starting to crawl in through the cracks.


    I hope Aussie is right that the revolution was righteous and that everything good and wonderful will eventually transpire. But the rats ALWAYS are opportunistic, regardless of why or who started things. Ultimately my complaint is that things need to be planned better and organized better. General chaos followed by “I hope” is not a good transition strategy.

    BTW – “hope and change” is a pretty piss poor strategy also!


  9. Carlyle, no matter where you go in the Middle East you will have some Islamists. Belhaj, the one who took control in Tripoli is an Islamist. He was the one who was rendered, and endured years of torture. I honestly think that he is not a great risk at this point in time.

    However, like any Middle East country, the few can suddenly take control. You are correct that the “rats” are opportunistic.

    What is the worst that will happen? First, one has to find out if the majority actually agree with the Islamists. I doubt that they do agree. Second, Libya is still a work in progress, meaning that they are working through a variety of things including having elections in order to form some kind of general assembly. There are 20 seats out of about 200 being set aside for women candidate. This is very forward when you consider that in Egypt the Islamists are attemptint ot keep the women out of the way.

    Libya is far from being stable and it is a situation that could flare. However, the Al Qaeda are probably quite busy in Iraq so that they would be stretching themselves if they tried to get involved in Libya.

    On top of that I suspect that nationalism or tribalism is more important to Libyans than loyalty to any ummah, and I think that this is where Belhaj thinks differently from Al Qaeda. If he was telling the truth he was concerned with Libya and not world wide domination. I can accept that situation.

    Then of course, something else that needs to be considered is that Libya is already a state that is under Sharia Law, and what they are removing relates to some things introduced by Daffy. Their court system was already based upon Sharia Law, and for commercial purposes it had been based upon French Law. It is the last part that will likely change.

    Considering that I believe that what happened was not exactly what the people of Libya expected to happen, then I can see that there will be a sharp learning curve. What I also see is that the Libyans from Benghazi and its region were allied to the British in the Second World War. Also the British helped Libya to free itself from Italian colonial rule. The majority of the people will not forget the kindness that has been offered to them.

    The best we can hope for out of Libya is that they remain neutral and do not align themselves with Iran. Qatar will be the key in that regard, but there are people currenly in authority who do not agree with involvement by Qatar. Others are testy about any Islamist gaining a foothold. Still others are testy about anyone who served under Gadhafi having a role in any future government. This means that even Jalil will be replaced, just as Jibril stepped down from being Prime Minister.


  10. FINALLY – a wee bit of truth – – –

    – – – from the MSM, that is.

    Seen on national broadcast news this AM:

    Syria finally let in some western reporters to snoop around. Number one – they actually asked a relevant and important question: “what is the cause, here?” Second, they delivered the correct answer: a short sweet: “Well, it’s complicated!”

    My strong opinion is that there is very little black and white in most of these cases. The USA needs to keep their nose out of things unless there is a fairly direct threat to specific American interests. At this point in time, I would venture that this list is pretty short. I would start with:

    1. Protect Israel against the savages and barbarians.

    2. Ensure – at all costs – a non-nuclear Iran.


  11. The Syrian situation is complicated!! Asshat belongs to the minority Alawites. They are yet another version of Islam.

    It is not entirely clear who has been behind the unrest. However, Asshat has sanctioned the murder of thousands of protesters. There have been children who have been shot and killed. One boy was taken and tortured before he was murdered by the Asshat goons.

    From my point of view this is not kosher!! No child should be tortured in the manner that the particular boy was tortured. For this reason alone Asshat lost legitimacy.

    Asshat’s father was far worse than what Asshat was being, and I think most are disappointed that Bashir Asshat has not been the reformist like many hoped. It all comes down to power.

    The real point here is that Assad is propped up by the Iranians. It has been the Iranian Qods and Basij who have been doing most of the crushing of the dissenters.

    On top of that a large number of army people deserted their posts and disappeared into Turkey. There was a point where it was probably that Turkey would take action, but they need Israel to help and that is not going to happen at this point in time. However, Turkey have pulled back from any military action, and instead they are looking after the refugees from the conflict.

    So yes, the situation is very complicated. Syria is one of Iran’s satellites. Iran lost Libya as a satellite when Gadhafi was taken down, and I feel certain that they do not want to lose Syria. On top of that, the Hezbollah in Lebanon are a satellite of Syria and Iran. It is Iran that provides the backing.

    Taking down Assad would remove another Iranian satellite and depending upon the regime that follows it would not automatically give Israel a breathing space. There are some Chrisitans in Syrian and there are Muslims who are part of the Ismaeli Muslims who are followers of the Aga Khan. They are neither Shia nor Sunni. These are the Druze. They are also in Lebanon.


  12. Nobody said Assad was the good guy. In fact, like Gadaffi, he is bad, very bad. The point is that it is not clear that the opposition is any better. Further, we ALWAYS worry about what vermin crawl in “through the cracks”.

    Therefore, yes indeed, “it’s complicated”.

    Finally, before anybody cries too many tears about oppression and atrocities, one ought to THOROUGHLY review the history of Abraham Lincoln and the US Civil War. These things are never pretty. And on the ground, they are never righteous. Ultimately the question for the country is whether fragmentation and chaos is better or whether a strong unity (or even a semblance of unity) is better.

    It is complicated.


  13. Carlyle, when it comes to Syria, I agree about the Opposition. We still have no idea about the people behind the protests!!

    In Libya we had some idea about what got the whole thing started because the people who began protesting were the relatives of the men who had been killed in Abu Salim prison in 1996. Having done the research on the situation, it is clear that many of them had links to the group that is allegedly associated with Al Qaeda. This is the group that Belhaj fronts!!

    Also, having done the research, in Libya there are several disparate groups and not all of them are associated with Al Qaeda, but if Gadhafi had not been defeated it is more than likely that they would have turned to Al Qaeda for help in overthrowing him. One group in particular stands out, and that is the Sanussi (a mixture of Sufi and Wahibbi) who are the followers of king Idris. In fact one of the players in the saga in Libya, behind the scenes was a member of the family of Idris. There is a very clear link between the Sanussi and Britain, as well as France dating back to the second world war, followed by the push for Libyan independence from Italy. What is historically interesting is that the people of the region of Tripoli remained loyal to the Italian colonial power, whereas the people from the other regions wanted their freedom. Gadhafi and his tribe were in the same region where they were loyal to Italy…….

    When Idris was in power the laws that were followed were Sharia plus for commercial purposes they used French laws. Gadhafi did not change the Sharia laws, but introduced some of his own. When it was announced that the new constitution and justice system would be based on Sharia it was nothing new, and what it really meant was that the laws introduced by Gadhafi would be thrown out. There are plenty of people in Tripoli probably breathing a sigh of relief over those laws disappearing!!

    However, Syria is very different, and I have not been able to find out much about the people who are opposing Asshat. I am gathering that the situation is more tribal than anything else.

    What I find unpalatable about Syria is that Iran uses that country as a sphere of influence. Qods forces have been active in Syria.

    What is not clear is whether or not those opposing Assad have backing from Saudi Arabia… in other words are they Sunni or Shia? Or is tribalism a far more important point?

    I cannot support tyrants such as Assad or Gadhafi, or any of the African tyrants. It is better to get rid of them. It was not Gadhafi who had changed, it was his son Saif who had made a difference, and who brought about that change. Gadhafi was never to be trusted, and I might add that this is borne out by the fact that the new regime co-operated with the UN in exposing the amount of chemical weapons that had never been destroyed as claimed by Gadhafi. The mere fact that he used his Air Force to bomb the people in Benghazi and Misrata, as well as several other towns was in my view despicable. The new regime, that is those who are actually nominated to do the work to bring about a new constitution are what matters. They are presiding in Tripoli, and not Benghazi!!

    As far as Syria is concerned, I will continue to monitor what is happening and just see what takes place, but I cannot abide the fact that thousands have been killed by Syrian troops.


  14. The Muslim DOJ

    Folks – this is really REALLY bad. Very likely the worst crisis to hit America in many generations. You would have to go back at least as far as the Civil War. NEVER has there been this level of infiltration and consorting with the enemy. The only thing that could be even worse is if the Powers That Be ignore it or sweep it under the rug.


    If you prefer, ignore my comment, ignore anyone else’s opinion, just look at the raw facts.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
    that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
    – Isaiah 5:20, KJV