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Fast and Furious – the Congressional “testimony”

One woman from CBS has taken the lead in exposing Fast and Furious. It has now emerged that the purpose of Fast and Furious was a cover to push for the revoking of your Second Amendment. Of course this in itself is untenable. The question now is whether or not this can be tied to the White House, and in particular “the occupant” of the White House. To be sure he has been trying to work under the radar in order to force through legislation that will remove your gun rights.

The testimony of Eric Holder before the Congress has once again been theatre. The video of Holder responding to some of the questioning has shown a man who is feeling the heat, and I have to say he is a man who is clearly lying about what he knows, and when he knew it.

One person who gave a strong questioning performance was a Congresswoman who is a former FBI agent, by the name of Sandy Adams from Florida. Man, she was good. She really did some hitting below the belt and she was not taking any of the “proverbial” from Holder. He tried to avoid giving straight answers and she was having none of it. Her questions were very direct…. and Holder squirmed.

A new phase of this saga is opening up before us, and I think that unless Holder hands over his emails, that Issa will push a lot harder to get at the truth. For the first time “Impeachment” was mentioned. If Holder does not resign, then he could face impeachment in the near future. If that happens, I think that there are going to be fingers pointing to the White House.

Holder and Østupid have put their foot in it with their denials. Østupid has made statements that actually implicate Holder, and those statements, when examined closely will implicate Østupid as being the one who instigated the operation in the first place.

You can read some information at Hot Air. I will put up further links when I find some new ones.

There is another very good write-up and summary at Pajamas Media.

The Daily Caller has an excellent article on the Holder testimony before Congress. It details how Sandy Adams got Holder to admit that he emailed Lanny Breuer via his personal email account. The issue here is that none of the emails that have been handed over have Holder’s name on them. The Republicans are not being fooled by the stonewalling effort.

Speculation time: do you think it is possible that in the personal emails that are being withheld that Holder had been in contact with Østupid? I am raising this as a possibility because the stonewalling seems to indicate that Holder could be protecting more than himself. I honestly think that Fast and Furious was an idea that came out of the White House.

Durban – where the air must be extremely foul

By now you should be aware that I was very impressed with one particular episode of South Park. It is the one where the elitists who are extremely pretentious bend over and sniff their own odour, thinking that the smell is sweet. The makers of South Park summed up the essence of the whole watermelon movement.

How does this relate to the subject of the Durban talkfest? How is it related to Climategate 2.0?

Just as in 2009, somebody released emails from the CRU of East Anglia University just prior to the UN Conference on “Climate Change”. I have been reading about some of the content of those emails. Needless to say, I believe that several people need to be brought to account for their falsehoods, and their manipulation of scientific data. The person goes by the name FOIA and he/she left a link to the location of the uploaded emails on several blogs. Michael Mann and Phil Jones deserve to end up without a job in the very near future.  On the other hand, I want to offer praise to some individuals, especially Dr. Judith Curry, who have been honest in their scientific enquiry. I mention Judith Curry because she has challenged some of the conclusions that have been made, and she has been open in her dialogue with the “sceptics”.

There are many questions to be raised over the whole issue of “climate change”. The science itslf is extremely suspect, although there are scientists in other branches of science that have a far better handle on explaining the ins and outs of our weather, and of course have a better understanding of the earth’s climate as a whole. The new emails did shed some light on how the team talked about “the cause”, and how they attempted to destroy the careers of anyone who got in their way.

This “climate change” conference seems to have a lot in common with OWS syndrome that has been echoing arounds the world. People are jumping on the bandwagon. They cling to the notion that the world is somehow in peril. However, as we sit and shiver, it is extremely difficult to accept the notion that the world is somehow warming to the extent proclaimed by this bunch of charlatans. Yes, here in Canberra, where it is supposed to be summer, I have had my heater on, and I am wearing a jumper because it is so cold!!  Note: I am confusing weather with climate!!

Recently Australia very stupidly passed a tax on the air that we breathe, called the carbon tax. It is nothing more than a government attempt at redistribution of income. In fact this who thing is all about redistribution of income.  The thing is, that it is Marxists/Communists who normally want to redistribute income… oh wait….

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the groups of people at this conference. First there is Oxfam. Second there is the World Wildlife Foundation. Third, there is Greenpeace. Can you see the pattern? Look a little closer: a member of Oxfam is a part of the Bolivian delegation and he has proposed a shipping tax. Interesting.

I am going to make a point here as to why these proposals are themselves extremely dangerous. A shipping tax to me seems to be going too far, and I believe that such a tax could lead to a trade war, or even world war three. There are consequences when these unnecessary taxes are introduced. There does not seem to be a clear aim for the suggestion of this tax but one possible outcome could be for countries to decide to pull their manufacturing out of the developing countries such as China, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia (to name a few of the countries). The reason for pulling out would be the now higher cost of shipping. The end result could be to get China upset and angry. (This is speculation and not gospel truth). If China was to get upset, then China could do as Germany and Japan did during the twentieth century and declare war on the rest of the world.

If there are droughts then there needs to be a series of appropriate responses to the drought conditions. Planting more trees native to a region could be one possible solution (only one), or another solution would be to help build wells or even dams where they are needed the most. Whatever, because putting a tax on the air that we breathe, or even on shipping is not going to solve a drought.

The point to make though, is that there are other plausible explanations, other than blaming man’s emissions for any shift in climate stability. For example:

1. we are still coming out of a Little Ice Age – it is expected that the world will warm up.

2. there has been some unusual activity caused by sunspots.

3. the jetstreams have been linked to cause a super jet stream which in turn caused the flooding in Tennessee.

This is just a small example of the other viable explanations that do in fact exist somewhere “out there”.

As a non-scientist, my understanding is quite simple, weather and climate comes and goes in cycles. Even something simple like active volcanoes has an impact on our climate. Also, glaciers can still exist in 100F heat, so it is doubtful that there will be any sudden drop in the number of glaciers around the world. It really does depend upon prevailing conditions. 

There is a lot more than could be said, especially with the renewed claims about diseases being associated with “climate change”. I recall hearing about a report that linked Lyme Disease to Climate Change, but such a report is indeed mushroom fodder. Lyme Disease is a function of being bitten by an infected tic, usually from a deer. Here in Australia, it is Dengue Fever that is being used, as the scaremongering health concern. The thing is that Qld Govt actually countermanded the argument by stating the obvious: (1) mosquitoes of a certain variety which is common in Qld carry the Dengue Fever virus. (2) the mosquito must first bite someone who has travelled to a tropical country such as Malaysia, and who has been bitten and brought the disease back to Australia. (3) the disease is largely confined to the northern part of Queensland, especially Cairns. (4) if there are cases of Dengue Fever elsewhere, then it is more than likely that the person was bitten in the middle of an epidemic in Qld, or bitten by a mosquito when visiting another country. (5) there is no evidence that the mosquito has migrated from the northern part of Qld to areas around Sydney.

The exercise at Durban is a colossal waste of time. At the moment we can only hope that the conference is a failure and that the whole thing will finally just go away.  

Is Iran up to monkey business?

Once again we see that the “Arab Spring” has been controlled by what I see as dark forces. In my analysis regarding Libya I have constantly pointed to the fact that Iran, Russia and China were all on the side of Gadhafi. When the revolutionaries managed to overcome Gadhafi and his mercenary forces, it was a colossal blow to each of those powers. China and Russia took a very hostile stance right from the git go, and they have the same hostile approach with regard to Syria.

However, my interest here is in Iran and their monkey business in other Middle East nations, especially in Syria and Bahrain. The Bahrain situation is one which is interesting because it clearly involves Saudi Arabia, and I might add that it is the classic Sunni vs. Shia contest. No matter how you look at the situation in the Middle East, there is one constant and it has lasted for hundreds of years – it is not new. That situation is Sunni vs. Shia. In Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was in charge, the minority Sunni had the upper hand. (I will return to Iraq because I have some concerns about their leader and his recent comments).

Bahrain was one of the many Arab countries that had seen “spring” protests. The ruler of Bahrain called in Saudi Arabia who gave assistance in crushing the rebellion. Without a doubt there were some violations of human rights during the putting down of the rebellion. I have no doubt that the Sunni do not want to give power to the Shia in the population. As usual though, we need to know more about those who were trying to stir up trouble in the first place. It looks like Iran was behind the trouble in Bahrain. However, at the moment this is speculation.

This morning a bomb went off near the British Embassy in Bahrain. Now this should prick up some interest, because this kind of activity in Bahrain is unusual. On the whole the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain have been accepting towards the British and other Western powers. There is no animosity. At the same time I suspect that if push comes to shove, and Israel decided to take out the nuclear reactors in Iran, then Bahrain would be one of the Middle East states that would do the nudge nudge wink wink.  Again I am guessing, but I have no reason to suspect that Bahrain would be openly hostile in such a circumstance.

This report from the UK Telegraph does some speculating about whether or not Iran was behind the bomb blast in Bahrain. Britain is of course on the nose with Iran and the Quds had already organized the sacking of the British Embassy in Tehran. They have tried to claim that the “students” were acting in solidarity with the Occubaggers but I think that we can discount that as a reason.

Let’s look a little more closely at what else is going on: Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb. We are trying to prevent them from getting to that stage. In the shadows we have Russia, China and North Korea helping Iran to reach their goal. Now that el Baradei (Mr Potato Head) is no longer in charge of the Atomic Commission, a report has been released setting out the truth about what is happening inside of Iran. The British, France, Germany and other European countries have decided to implement tougher sanctions, with good old Østupid dragging the chain and trying to stop the implementation of these sanctions. (Even Senator Menendez (NJ – D) is getting up the nose of White House officials over their obstruction on this subject). The fact that the Quds organized the sacking of the British Embassy more or less points a finger in their direction in regard to this latest attack upon a British Embassy.

Perhaps Iran perceives that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are weak, but I am not sure. However, if that is how the GrandPoohbah has sees Cameron then he is bound to be disappointed.

Iran is misbehaving and this time there is a lot at stake, including the stability of the Middle East. We have no idea as to whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood will be mild in Egypt – they could keep their word, remain moderate and not work with the Al Nur party since Salafists and Sunni kind of do not go together. Muslim Brotherhood gained popularity because they had worked with the poor in Egypt. People identify with them!!  Yet it is not Egypt that has to worry, but it is Saudi Arabia and ultimately who gets control of Mecca. On top of that Ahmahnutjob and the Grand Poohbah have been trying to cause a world wide situation, their version of Armageddon, in order to hasten the arrival of the 12th Iman. This is really what is at stake. It is a part of the powerplay to create the world wide caliphate with the Grand Poohbah in control.


Egypt – why we should be afraid

It is not the Muslim Brotherhood that makes me shudder, although they are bad enough. The Muslim Brotherhood have cast themselves as moderate, not so extreme and that they do not want to impose strict Sharia. I am not sure that I believe them, but for the moment will give them the benefit of the doubt. However the way I see it, the real threat in Egypt comes from the Salafists.

There are two parties that have won seats in the new Egyptian Assembly that are way more extreme than the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood. These are Gamaa Islamya (sp) Party and the Nour Party. The next most popular party belongs to the liberal bloc, which is a blow to the university elites who fought to get rid of Muburak.

This report from the UK Telegraph has some rather important information and I do think that you should read it, with an open mind… and then shudder about what has taken place.

What bothers me so much is that the man who masterminded the assassination of Anwar Sadat is now poised to take on a political role in Egypt. This man is an associate of the current Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri. Did you get that? The Gamaa Islamiya Party has links to Al Qaeda and they drew 20% of the vote in Egypt.

This is the stuff that causes people to have nightmares. These two Salafist parties are extreme in their views, and the kind of Sharia that they want to implement is on a par with that found in Saudi Arabia, and is probably even worse.

What then are the implications of them having power?

1. Israel’s situation is looking sicker.

2. Egypt will likely align with Iran

3. Christians will be persecuted in a much worse fashion than is already the case.

Any alignment with Iran will be a disaster for the world at large. These men mean business. For Egyptian women to have these Salafists gain any sort of power would spell disaster.

The only way that such a disaster could be prevented would be for Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party to spurn the more radical parties and to ally themselves with the liberal parties instead. Only if that happens could there by any guarantee that Egypt will not end up being like Saudi Arabia (where the imams believe such nonsense as letting a woman drive a car will lead to more prostitution, homosexuality, and gasp fewer virgins!!)

Keep your eye on Egypt because developments in that country are going to be critical for the rest of the world. Thanks Østupid, you did a great job on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My jaw just dropped!!

Does the name Qassem Sulemeini ring a bell? It should do so because this is the name of the man who has been indicted in a New York court over the plot to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador, as well as the Israeli Ambassador as well as sundry Congress critters that might be in a local D.C. restaurant when it was being blown to pieces by a Mexican cartel… at least that was the plot!!

As you should be aware the British Embassy in Iran was attacked, in a manner that was reminiscent of the attack upon the American Embassy in Tehran back in 1978 or 1979 (the hostages were held for a very long time). At the time of the US Embassy attack it was students from the University of Tehran who stomed the compound. One of those students involved in the attack is now the President of Iran. Yes, that is correct, Ahmanutjob was identified as being one of those students (and he has never been arrested for his role in the attack). 

When I saw the picture of the attack, the first thing that sprang to my mind was that this was not the work of ordinary students from the University of Tehran. I had that feeling that these were the Basijj pretending to be students. Sure enough, that first thought has been more or less confirmed, that the attackers were the Basijj and not the Tehran University Students. (sorry no link and I forgot to save the story).

However, I have just seen a report in the Age Newspaper (Australia) which is stating that Qassem Sulumenei and the Quds force were behind the attack on the British Embassy:

Some of the rioters at the embassy held aloft pictures of the Quds Force commander, Major General Qassem Suleimani, around whom a personality cult is developing. There are claims that a known Quds commander was in the crowd.

A day after Britain expelled all Iranian diplomats in response, the European Union stiffened sanctions against Iran but stopped short of halting oil purchases.

The sanctions specifically target additional members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and businesses controlled by its members.

The US Senate also moved against Iran and on Thursday unanimously approved harsh new economic sanctions. Senators voted 100-0 to include the measure, which aims to cut off Iran’s central bank from the global financial system.

In his statement to Parliament, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said the damage to the embassy and the residential compound was done by 200 student Basij militia but diplomats say that, according to a recent restructuring by the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, the Basij is a youth arm of the Revolutionary Guard.

An Israeli-Iranian analyst, Meir Javedanfar, said: ”Basij members don’t turn up in front of embassies, unless they have permission from the [Revolutionary Guard].”

Read more:

Please read the link to get the whole story, because the analysis is interesting. That analysis is something that is going through my own mind at a rate of knots. As soon as I saw that name it was like… no wonder my jaw dropped!! 
If this is correct, then it seems that Sulemeini is also in some kind of power play. The question is whether this is a power play within Iran or it is a world-wide power play. First, the Quds are in Iraq. The Iranian ambassador in Iraq is a member of the Quds. Second, the Quds are active in Syria and have been responsible for the deaths and injuries to thousands of Syrians in Homs and elsewhere.  Third, since the Quds take care of the foreign things, it is a clear sign that Sulumeini is going after both the British and the USA. Fourth, Sulumeini is the name of the man behind the plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador. The man who was captured and indicted in New York is a relative of Sulemeini. 
Could it be that this action is a prelude to something that is far worse? The first of the Egyptian elections have been held, and with a 62% turnout, the MB via the Justice Party and the Salafists via the Nour (sp) Party have gained control of the assembly. The worst part is that the Salafists want to impose a strict state version of Islam upon the Egyptians. What is perhaps even more frightening is that one or other of these groups has a very close relationship with Iran. On top of that Hezbollah have been trying to spark a confrontation with Israel but letting off rockets that have landed in Israel.
The situation here is quite complex because Iran is the enemy of Saudi Arabia. Iran wants control of Mecca. Sulemeini, by plotting to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador (a man who is in fact the anti-terrorist chief of Saudi Arabia), as well as plotting to kill the Israeli Ambassador and as many Americans as possible, has shown his hand.
Could it be that Sulemeini has other ambitions, such as taking over control of Iran, and then launching against what he perceives to be the enemies of Iran? Food for thought.