Connecting the dots

As you are aware, I have been consistently reading Ulsterman and his White House Insider. I think that I know the identity of the Insider and he is a Clinton man, or at least his reputation was enhanced because he had been a part of the Clinton administration. This particular man might or might not have something to do with public polling.

The latest in the series from Ulsterman and WHI is quite different from previous posts. This time the man seems to have let down his guard and he has spoken about something that goes back to the 2008 convention in Denver, Colorado. Somebody saw something and that somebody is now dead. The person was a known DNC operative from California. He worked against the Østupid nominee for the position of AG. The man, who was in his 50s died mysteriously after going missing for about 2 weeks. It was claimed that he died of natural causes.. some people have doubts about that explanation.

This man had been an aide to one of the California Senators (the one who was not up for re-election in 2010). Whatever he saw at the Denver convention behind the scenes, he very likely told that Senator. In addition to the death of this aide, another associate was charged with some kind of fraud and sent to prison by none other than Andrew Cuomo who is now the governor in New York (another Østupid preferred appointee). By now you should have guessed the name of the Senator. She is the one who pre-empted the announcement of the death of OBL by about 1 hour. Since she is a part of the Committee associated with Defense Matters and Security, she knew about the whereabouts of OBL prior to the operation. She made sure that Østupid did not get any real accolades with his announcement. (I will add here that the woman is one who can seem like the adult in charge when she wants to be seen that way and I believe that she loves America). That woman has also been slapped with ethics violations plus her campaign money has gone missing.

The issue with the missing money relates to yet another woman who is closely associated with Østupid. She was in charge of 400 accounts. Can you say money laundering into a certain slush fund for a re-election bid, at the expense of others?

If you read the Ulsterman report you will pick up lots of clues in the comments, plus Ulsterman has highlighted some of those comments in another post. People have worked out the name of the dead DNC operative, as well as the name of the Senator, plus the man who has been sent to prison.

However, that is still not connecting all of the dots. There are some missing links, and I think that I am finally starting to put the links together. This goes way back to Jimmah Carter. There is one man who was behind the push for Carter to become President. He is a big oil man. I am not talking about Warren Buffet, George Soros, or any of the usual names, but I have seen his name mentioned as someone who pushed for Østupid to become President. This is a man that seems to have very powerful connections. His name is David Rockefeller.

Without going into all the guff about the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission, I am starting to see that when the dots are connected, David Rockefeller seems to be the mystery man who is pulling all of the strings. In fact, David Rockefeller probably pulled the strings for GWB and GHB as well as Clinton and Østupid. The issue itself is about OIL.

Think about this for a little while – historically, the price of oil began to substantially rise during the 1970s. We had both the first and second oils shocks during that period. It was also the period in which the Middle East started to become more stable. The USA should have had sufficient reserves of oil to be not worried about whether or not its reserves would run out, YET, this was also the period in which the nonsense of “PEAK OIL” was being circulated. 

David Rockefeller is an oil man. His wealth is built upon the extraction of oil. I will elaborate some more in a new post, but for the moment, I invite you to start connecting the dots and see where it takes you.

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