Slowly, the penny drops

For once Wikpedia has become probably the most reliable resource on the Internet when it comes to looking into the background or the Rockefeller family. Whilst this does not directly involve David Rockefeller Sr., it does in fact involve the foundation of his family’s wealth through the unsavoury monopolistic practices of the Standard Oil Co. of Ohio and that of John D. Rockefeller.

This Wikpedia entry appears to be historically accurate and again I suggest that you read the whole thing. It goes right back to the foundation of the Standard Oil Trust, as well as the fight with the railroads leading to the eventual break up of the holding trust company into 34 smaller companies including AMOCO, ESSO, Mobil, Chevron and Penzoil.  I know every one of those names. AMOCO, ESOO and Mobil have all traded in Australia, with only the Mobil petrol stations remaining. We also have BP and Shell Service Stations.

The story is not about gasoline, but about oil for use in lighting, because kerosene was a lot cheaper than the use of whale oil. Standard Oil Company developed over 300 products out of the oil that they refined including Vaseline and chewing gum!!

However, it is about the monopolistic practices, and the reminder that in the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller was found guilty of those monopolistic practices that is of interest here, because as the penny slowly drops to the floor, it is this background that serves as an understanding of the habits of David Rockefeller Sr. and his own desires for world domination.

John D. Rockefeller was associated with many things, and he had fights with some of the big industrialist names, such as Andrew Carnegie. He dominated the oil refining business through collusion with the railroads at first, and a number of underhanded practices that were designed to allow him to undercut his competition and then he would buy them out.

However, the discovery of oil fields in Russia, Java and Burma altered the market, meaning that there were new suppliers coming into the market. This also led to the Paris Rothschilds entering the market as investors and financiers of the new oil fields. At that stage Rockefeller turned to natural gas and gasoline. In other words, the desire to dominate oil world wide was spoiled by the fact that there were new discoveries in Indonesia, Russia and Burma.  

After reading the entry in Wikpedia it is easy to see that the Rockefeller family were not very nice people, even though they are very big into philanthropy. This brings me to David Rockefeller Sr. and how he is quite different from his grandfather and father.

Some other things that I gleaned about the way in which Rockefeller gained his fortune is that he was responsible for the introduction of the futures market and the spot oil price in oil. Rockefeller was responsible for the establishment of the Futures Exchange. On top of that there is a very strong link between the Rockefeller family and Chicago. In fact the family established Chicago University. Could it be that the person who insisted that Østupid be given a role at Chicago University was in fact David Rockefeller.

Whilst the Rockefeller family were always Republicans who donated to the Union cause, and one member actually fought on the side of the Union, and even though David Rockefeller is techinically a Republican voter, the fact is that he is RINO in the worst sense of the word. David Rockefeller Sr. is very left-wing. This is probably due to influences from Columbia University, Harvard, and later on from the London School of Economics. Many of the positions held by David Rockefeller are those of the extreme left wing, in particular they are the positions of the Watermelons aka the Green Party. From a cursory look at the blog posts (which are by no means very accurate) it seems that David Rockefeller is a believer in population control and Eugenics. One could rightly state that he is a follower of Nazi Party beliefs.  For these posts I will not enter into the subject of the material that goes on and on about the “Illuminati” etc. since I think it is far better to look at the cold hard facts in political terms rather than semi-religious terms.

The cold hard facts about David Rockefeller is that ever since his association with Dwight Eisenhower he has been a behind the scenes player. On top of that David Rockefeller has had some kind of political influence over every President since Eisenhower, including JFK, and of course, Østupid. Considering what the WHI stated regarding the manner in which a certain man was greeted by the Clintons, I found that the only person who came to mind who would garner that reaction has to be David Rockefeller Sr.

David Rockefeller is the person who started the Trilateral Commission and is responsible for the Bilderberg meetings. He had influence with a number of the known world dictators, including Saddam Hussein. It begs the question as to whether Rockefeller was opposed to the invasion of Iraq because he had some kind of deal going on with Saddam Hussein behind the scenes. That would be something that is in line with family history of dirty double dealing.

If what I am thinking is correct then this could explain the attitude of Rove, especially the push towards Mittens Romneycare as the possible Republican candidate, which would be a certain losing proposition.

As the penny continues to fall into place, some of the more recent events spring to mind, such as the fact that Østupid has once again vetoed the XL pipeline from Canada. This pipeline is for the cheaper Canadian shale oil. If I am correct, then it is Rockefeller who is calling the shots on stopping the progress of the pipeline because this would end up meaning that oil could be cheaper. If you read the Wikpedia account under John D. Rockefeller you can see the history of Standard Oil with its complicity in price fixing for the transport of oil etc. It all seems to fit together.




2 responses to “Slowly, the penny drops

  1. Ulsterman has some really good articles that are worth reading. There is one concerning Shorebank and its new name. On my end, more research is needed because the tentacles are everywhere. According to the Wall Street Insider the Østupid association with Shorebank goes back at least 20 years.

    It is another Chicago bank. However, what is interesting is its association with Grameen Bank…. and microloans. I am just starting to read up on the subject….


  2. Ok, so there is a connection between the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and Shorebank… I have just been reading some detail about that bank and its aims. The fact that they were not in it to maximize profits was always going to lead to failure.