The man behind the curtain?

He is a man who is extremely influential and he comes from one of the wealthiest families in the world. It was his family who started STANDARD OIL, also known as Mobil Exxon. His name is David Rockefeller Sr. You can view the Wikpedia entry here (It always gets me the way that Wikpedia can write things in a way that looks innocuous, but trust me, read between the lines as you start reading the names associated with David Rockefeller).

The Rockefeller family is extremely powerful, and they are supposed to be Republicans (moderates). Yet, looking behind the curtain, David Rockefeller has been very influential with all Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Rather than blogging about his biography, I am going to suggest that you read the Wikpedia entry (despite all of its faults).

David Rockefeller worked at the Chase Manhattan Bank (now known as JP Morgan). Are you starting to connect any dots?

The connecting of the dots goes all the way back to 2008. What was the event that changed the possible outcome of the Presidential election at a point when John McCain took the lead? It was a run on the banks. Many of us have always believed that the run was triggered by someone behind the scenes. Please note that I am not blaming the Rockefeller family for that trigger, since I believe that it was triggered by Soros.  As a result, GWB took action to prop up the banks with what is known as TARP. Who suggested this action to Bush? He did not think of it on his own, and yes someone very influential must have advised him to take that action. Which of these merchant banks benefitted from TARP? Questions, questions, and yes there are plenty of questions to be asked.

After the Inaugration of Østupid, the USA was assaulted with the totally unnecessary spending omnibus that was the “stimulus”, but this spending was always going to fail. Since that time Østupid has not stopped spending money… but let’s leave that topic for the moment.

Even though David Rockefeller Sr. is supposed to be a Republican, if you look at his biography he has a lot of left-wing connections. On top of that he is a graduate of Columbia University, Harvard University, and he attended the London School of Economics, where he met with John F. Kennedy.  David Rockefeller was given a lot of access to security matters. If you check his biography you will see that he was very good at “networking”. There are some very interesting tidbits in the Wikpedia entry, including the fact that Rockefeller had some kind of tie to Saddam Hussein, as well as ties to Castro and others. He used his contacts to set up JP Morgan Chase Bank in a number of foreign countries, including China.

David Rockefeller had been offered the Senate seat that was held by Robert Kennedy but he declined that invitation. He preferred to be a player out of the public eye. He is the man who set up the Trilateral Commission.

Please read the Wikpedia entry. I will continue to elaborate on this theme.

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