Gathering together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Now that the penny is beginning to drop, it is necessary to start gathering the pieces to try and complete the jigsaw puzzle. The Insiders who are feeding information to Ulsterman have provided some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.  However, I think that there are a number of missing pieces and it is time to start looking for those missing pieces.

I have not mentioned the name of the Senator from California whose aide died in mysterious circumstances, and whose associate has been charged and convicted of some minor wrong-doing. It could be that her life is on the line. According to the WHI this Senator is also facing ethics violations, perhaps in the same way that Newt Gingrich faced false ethics violations charges. This particular Senator who is a well-known leftist is indeed somewhat mercurial, and perhaps that is why I tend to like her. She is not dumb like Barbara Boxer, but her main fault could be in letting the cat out of the bag at the wrong moment. If you have guessed the name of the Senator, then you now hold a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Something else that is coming out in the latest of these articles is the role of the unions. Those who have been following the nitty gritty of the everyday workings in Washington know that one union in particular has been extremely influential. Its leaders have been more powerful than those who were guiding Roosevelt as he proceeded to mess up the American economy (from which the USA has never recovered fully – and by this I mean the existence of legislation that prevents people from growing their own crops of the legal kind, as well as other union friendly legislation). This union influence is yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that has to be found to put all of the pieces in place.

One thing to note is that many of the players remain behind the scenes, always out of sight and never being confronted by a complicit media. So it is that we come to some more missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and this time the focus is on California.

How on earth did Jerry Brown who so thoroughly stuffed up California when he was Governor years ago, end up winning the role again? It is a puzzle to me that he was able to run again when he had already been governor twice. Yet, he is not the focus here. On the other hand, maybe we need to focus on another figure – the California Attorney General, who was an Østupid choice for the job. Did you know that the DNC operative who worked against the nomination of this woman as Attorney General, wound up dead in mysterious circumstances? Well, it is true, and I might add that this is a part of the information dropped by the WHI and mentioned by the WSI to Ulsterman. Did he really die of natural causes? It is shades of the mysterious deaths during the Clinton Administration. The question here is why did this well-known California operative work against the nomination of the new Attorney General? What did he see in Denver, Colorado? What did he tell his friend, the Senator?

However, California is the focus for another reason – Solyndra. Here are some more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and by now it should be clear that the name of the jigsaw puzzle is “pay to play”. The puzzle actually begins in Chicago where the “pay to play” scandals are still unfolding. (At the moment I am of the opinion that Blago was set up – yes, I know the evidence against him, and that he was involved in corruption, but I do think that he was set up to take the fall in order to protect Østupid). Some of the biggest Østupid campaign donations have come from California. The scandal involving the missing campaign donations is being played out in California. The man behind Solyndra was a very big Østupid campaign donor. He was well paid with “stimulus” money for Solyndra, but that did not stop the company from going broke.

Two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle seem to be found in California and Chicago. What then is the attraction of Chicago. The circle keeps coming around to David Rockefeller Sr. It keeps coming back to the Rockefeller family, the connection to the University of Chicago, and that someone so untalented could end up with any form of teaching position at the University of Chicago where there is a clear connection to the Rockefeller family. Then there is the fact that Chicago has its own stock market and other exchanges.

The other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle inclue: OIL, the EPA and of course the oil-well disaster in the Gulf or Mexico. The platform that exploded was being used by BP but did you know that AMOCO which was Standard Oil Indiana became a part of BP? The whole thing is very incestuous. 

Then there is the determination of this Østupid Administration to kill the XL pipeline. Why? I think that there is a possible answer – Rockefeller, Standard Oil or as they are now know, Exxon or is that Chevron? If the shale oil was allowed to flow into the USA then the price of fuel would begin to decline, because this would be evidence that oil resources are not about to disappear per the peak oil myth. If the price of gasoline was to decline then people would not be considering such junk vehicles as the Volt, or even the Prius. Yet, the question remains: What family has continued to make billions of dollars out of the drilling and distribution of oil?

This is not about Boone Pickens, or Warren Buffett, even though both have been Østupid backers. This is about the influence of David Rockefeller Sr.


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  1. Aussie,

    Are you aware of the eligibility hearing that took place this AM in Georgia? Silly me… I’m sure you are. What are your thoughts? BTW, how have you been old gal? Only kidding.


  2. Sue, I have not seen the results of the hearing!!


  3. I just went to have a look. It is a very interesting result. About time that a judge did not just dismiss the case, and actually allowed people to have a say.

    It is about time that someone took the matter seriously.

    However, I am concerned that the judge did not seem to think that the Indonesian citizenship point was relevant. It is in fact very relevant, especially if when Østupid re-entered the USA, that is went to live with grandma, nothing was done about fixing the citizenship issue…. unless of course that is the thing that is being hidden.


  4. Remember our friend (ah, fiend) the demented prick who said no one was above the law? To which I insisted he provide just one credible scenario whereby FKO could be pried out of the White House should he refuse to go. Rather than an answer, he just proceeded to rant and rave and foam at the mouth.

    Well, this thing in Georgia might be a good litmus test to see who is right. It is absolutely unfathomable to me how an installed sitting president could be removed from the ballot for his second term.

    If nothing else, the level of civil unrest would be unimaginable. The only way he is going anywhere is if – like Nixon – he decides it is in his own interest to step down. The only way I know to make THAT happen is for either the MSM or the Democrat leaders to turn against him. I don’t see either of those happening.

    Further, there are any number of credible ways FKO could stay in the White House indefinately even if he loses the 2012 election. It is a little appreciated fact, but there is no way to force a diselected president to leave. It all depends on the participants being gentlemen and doing the adult and customary thing. Do you think FKO is a gentlemen or an adult?


  5. @Calyle, a baby like Østupid is more than likely to start throwing a tantrum.

    I have no way of judging the events in Georgia. It is the first time that anyone has had the opportunity to present the facts regarding NBC. The Orly stuff is a distraction.


  6. Wonder what happened to Lame Cherry?
    He/she seems to have gone Tango Uniform!


  7. I have not read Lame Cherry for more than one year. I found Lame Cherry to be too weird for my taste.


  8. Yeah, me too – but I am drawn to enigmas and conundrums.

    Obviously he/she was very knowledgeable about history and politics. Yet he/she wrote like a child and was always going on these lunatic rants. So the questions were always WHO? and WHY?

    And then, finally, out of the blue – he/she cashes in his/her chips and leaves the game! Curiouser and curiouser.


  9. Whoever the Lame Cherry happens to be, I did not really like the writing style. I felt a lot of it was made up, and some of it was plaigerized, such as the bits about claiming to expose Østupid and his hijinx in the Chicago bath house Man’s Country. There were several other people who exposed what had been going on.

    Who knows, maybe Lame Cherry was attached to the White House served a purpose of putting a cat amongst the pigeons. Nothing would surprise me at the moment.

    Meanwhile Australian politics is also out of control with our Marxist attempting to further entrench herself.