The Australian race riot on Australia Day

Since I live in Australia, and in Canberra where this event took place, it is of a lot of interest.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was set up within the Parliamentary triangle 40 years ago. On Australia Day a journalist asked the Opposition Leader a question and he responed that it was time for the Tent Embassy to move on, he did not say as some have claimed that it should be torn down.

Someone then informed the useless idiots who were at the tent embassy that Tony Abbott was supposed to have said that it should be torn down. They were informed that Mr. Abbott and the Prime Minister were at the Lobby restaurant, a short distance from the Tent Embassy. These useless left-wing idiots who were there proceeded to the Lobby restaurant and started agitation.

The Prime Minister (Juliar Dullard), was concerned about Tony Abbott and she made sure that he was escorted from the restaurant at the same time as herself. IT IS NOT CLEAR IF SHE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PLANNING OF THE SET UP.  As they were escorted from the Lobby restaurant the Prime Minister was mobbed and lost a shoe. She was visibly upset.

Since this event some new facts that lead to the conclusion that it was a set- up have been revealed. First of all, a member of the Prime Minister’s staff, a Tony Hodges has admitted to speaking to Kim Sattler, the union member and perennial GREEN PARTY candidate, has resigned. However, it seems that another member of staff, Sam Casey also spoke with members of the aboriginal tent embassy.

Second, it appears that there was a planning meeting prior to the events. What is not clear is whether or not it was arranged for the journalist to ask a leading question in an attempt to set up Tony Abbott. (It should be made clear that Tony Abbott is not a racist and he has done more to help Aboriginals in a real sense than any member of the ALP, perhaps outside of Jenny Macklin the current Aboriginal Affairs Minister).  More questions to be asked include: who were the members of the Prime Minister’s staff who briefed the Canberra Press Gallery about these events? In fact there are many questions to be asked about why this “riot” took place in the first place.

What is clear is that Tony Abbott’s remarks were misrepresented by journalists as well as by members of the Prime Minister’s staff. On top of that there are Aboriginal Leaders who do in fact agree with Tony Abbott, that it is time for the Tent Embassy to move on because it is no longer required.

This tawdry attempt to smear Tony Abott appears to have backfired, but it is not over just yet. What I find disgusting is that the police claim that no charges should be laid… excuse me, there was a riot, there was an affray and yes charges should be laid in such circumstances.

This is a developing story with more and more detail being revealed each day. I will update the story as appropriate.

One response to “The Australian race riot on Australia Day

  1. I will probably need to do a follow-up on this subject because it turned out that the people behind the mini race riot came from the Prime Minister’s Office. A press officer in the office was asked to tender his resignation and he has disappeared from site. The Aboriginal descended union leader keeps changing her story probably on what she has been told by the Prime Minister’s Office.

    However, there are other things happening here in Australia, and it will come to a head early next week.

    On top of this, we found a house at the weekend and our offer was accepted by the vendors so we look like moving at the end of April.