Green plus Red = ?

Here is a little experiment regarding the mixing of colours, and it is one that you should know from doing art at school. What do you get when you mix green and red together?  The logical answer to this question is Watermelon. The Green Party aka Van Jones, the Australian Bob Brown, Lee Rhiannon and various other individuals all have certain traits which is the reason that we call them watermelons. The Australian Lee Rhiannon is typical for this trait, since she was a member of the Communist Party in Australia before she was a member of the Green Party. Now start to think about the actual colours involved here and that mixture of Green plus Red comes up Brown.

Yes, I am implying what you think that I am implying and the reason is related to this article relating to the growth of the neo-Nazis in Germany. According to the article it is the Neo-Nazis who are infiltrating the Green Movement in Germany. However, is that the correct order? Nazi thought is still Marxist thought. Nazis have many traits in common with the Marxists in Communist Russia.  The Green movement was started by a pair of Marxists. At the heart of the whole movement is the desire to control other individuals. I think that this is a truth that is current in other countries of the world.

I am not up with everything in the USA but I am aware of people like Holdren who have a constant desire to control the population. Then there is the eugenics movement, and in this movement I include Scientology. You might not be aware of everything there is to know about Scientology, and I would suggest that you quietly investigate some of the not so nice aspects of that organization. It is a movement that has no time for anyone with a disability and yes, they covertly advocate euthanasia etc. Yet there is more than scientology at work because it is the whole euthanasia movement that has been advocating the killing of anyone with a brain injury, and who openly advocate aborting babies found to be trisomy 21 and trisomy 18. The trisomy 21 is in fact Down’s Syndrome. Rick Santorum’s daughter was diagnosed as trisomy 18 and she has some profound disabilities.  As you are aware there are many people who hate Sarah Palin because she did not abort her son who has Down’s Syndrome.

However, back to Germany and the issues at hand concerning the Watermelons and those alleged infiltrators. The author mentions some very interesting points regarding this whole movement. The focus is on the more radical East Germans, and on their anti-Americanism. There is focus on the anti-coal movement, and of course on the fact that these are your organic farmers (you know the ones whose methods kill people).

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