The new Machiavelli

No, I am not referring to Østupid. The new Machiavelli is a woman, and she has red hair. She is not one to be admired because she is a liar and she is practised in the art of deception. You can call it her training as a lawyer. She is the current Prime Minister of Australia. She was not elected by us, but she stole the election by stitiching up deals with people who are generally self-serving.

Julia Gillard, who is Welsh by birth is a Marxist through and through. She got her law degree and went to work for Slater and Gordon. This is the firm that handles most of the union business. Gillard handled the account for one of the big Communist front unions in the building industry. I will return to that subject, but I want to first deal with another part of her story. Before the Dullard was at Slater and Gordon she worked for a Marxist organization. She has constantly lied about her role with this particular organization claiming that she was only a clerk. The truth is that she was responsible for much of the agenda, and that she wrote papers regarding certain subjects…. she simply will not tell the truth about her beliefs, let alone tell the truth about whether or not any of those beliefs have changed.

The story regarding the union and Dullard is an interesting one because the witch claims that she was “young and naive”, even though she was 35 when the whole thing took place. Now this is where the past gets murky because in my view the fact that she was the lawyer representing this particular union and that she was sleeping with the head of that union is in my view something that is entirely unethical because of the obvious conflict of interests. Yet there is more to the story because the man who was her boyfriend became a convicted felon as a result of his union activity. During that period Dullard set up some bank accounts on the advice of the man-friend. He was a stand over merchant and he demanded payment on certain union sites. He took that money and placed it in those bank accounts, and then he used the money to purchase a house and other goods. The question that remains unanswered here is what did Dullard know about the activity? She claims not to have known, but I do not believe her.

Prior to becoming Prime Minister Dullard had quite a colourful little career in the Parliament, including breaking up the marriage of another MP when she slept with that particular MP over a period of time. In other words the lying witch is a home-wrecker and a husband-stealer. Charming lady!!

With such a career in the background is it any wonder that she was plotting to overthrow Kevin Rudd, also known as KRUDD. He was also a tinpot dictator in the way that he handled people. He was foul-mouthed (most people actually do not mind that aspect so much), and he had some bad traits. That is not the point, but what is the point is that Dullard denies that she was involved in any such plotting. According to this lying deceptive witch, she did not make up her mind until the last minute…. what utter mushroom fodder!!

So, we come to 2012 and we have KRUDD attempting to come back as Prime Minister, but he lost the battle. He resigned as Foreign Minister and the challenge was on. The result was overwhelming, but what we do not know is what promises were made to those who stuck with that lying scheming Marxist witch.  This leads to the next part of the saga.

After the ballot Senator Mark Arbib, known as the Australian who could not keep his mouth shut to the CIA, and named in Wikileaks documents suddenly resigned from the Senate opening up a Senate vacancy… talk about fishy…..the reasons given for the resignation were “family reasons” but we do not believe him. There is a much larger scandal involved.  It goes back to the Thomson affair…. and that is something else that has not been satisfactorily resolved. The normal procedure is that a recommendation is made for the vacant Senate seat and it is the NSW Premier (in this instance) who makes the actual decision. However, this time the lying deceptive Welsh witch who grew up in South Australia has named Bob Carr the former corrupt NSW Premier as Foreign Minister and the replacement in the Senate without so much as going through the NSW Parliament!!

Bob Carr is a disgusting, pompous pig. His is so full of crap that he should be nailed firmly to a toilet to get rid of all of the crap… especially the green wankerism that he spouts. Bob Carr is yet another watermelon of the worst kind. He is supposed to be ALP right, but I think that Fascist is more correct when talking about Bob Carr. When he resigned from the NSW parliament he left the finances of NSW in a mess. The cronyism was at an all time high… and he went to a job with the Macquarie Bank… all roads lead back to the Macquarie bank.

There is a lot that can be told, but it is hard to think straight when one is so very angry over everything that has happened in the past week. The naming of Bob Carr, and even lying about the scheming in the Parliament has me feeling very, very angry…. we want an election NOW!!



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  2. Obama’s Treachery:
    Muslim Brotherhood set to take Libya


  3. Carlyle, hang on a minute, there have been no elections over there.

    It is true that they are forming in Libya… and again I note that MB is only a small portion of the population.

    However, when it comes to the elections… when they are held later this year, and that is what is decided, then it is the will of the people.

    MB does not have strong connections in Libya like that have in Egypt. In Egypt MB had a foothold because of their “charitable” works. This is not the case in Libya where hospitals had been run by the state. On top of that the majority of the Libyans are neither Shia nor Sunni. They belong to the Sufi sect or variations of the Sufi sect.

    Libya is extremely regional and tribal. This is an important distinction because it will matter when it comes to the outcome of any election.

    I continue to dismiss most of the analysis of people who have not taken the effort to learn that little bit extra about the make-up of the Libyan people. I reserve the right to be totally wrong. However, I do not expect the MB to be in charge when elections are finally held.


  4. in re “I do not expect the MB to be in charge when elections are finally held.”

    I DO!


    • Carlyle, they will be one of many political parties.

      The fact is that Libya has to reform itself in a very big way. They were not allowed to have political parties.

      I have been thinking about the issue, and unfortunately what right do any of us have to say that they cannot have a political party based upon MB?

      If we cannot stop membership of the Communist Party, how can we dare intervene in another country?

      Libya’s history is the key. Prior to the coup by Gadhafi Libya was a Monarchy with Sanusi installed as its king. The Sanusi army was there beside the Allies during the Second World War.

      The majority of Libyans are neither Shia nor Sunni, they are Sufi and its variant called Sanusi. Amongst the things that I learned about Libya when I did that little bit of research is that Gadhafi had attempted to suppress the Sanusi as well as the other variants of Islam…. even though Libya had retain its outward Muslim adherence.

      It was suppression of their political parties and of the Sanusi in particular that ultimately led to the downfall of Gadhafi.

      This is now a people that have to find themselves politically. I see nothing to make me think that MB will prevail at this point in time.

      I look to Tunisia, where the MB affiliated group have control in order to put a Constitution in place. I have heard nothing for months about Tunisia. There have been no shocks in that country since that election. It is however, early days.

      If you were discussing Egypt, where MB is quite strong I would say that you have a case, but from what I have read, MB is not strong in Libya. It is in pockets of the country but it does not have a strong following.

      Libya is very tribal. I see a few things to watch:

      1. the activities of Saadi Gadhafi who is hiding out in Nigeria. He is trying to stir up another revolution and he has the money to cause problems.

      2. the Bedouin

      3. the Warfallah tribe

      The pockets to watch, I think are still in Misrata and Benghazi because Benghazi remains the centre for those with extremist views. Yet these extremists remain a minority.

      Even something as serious as the desecration of the war graves means that those people have not gone unscathed for their activities. The majority think in a different way to those extremists, and the ones who desecrated the graves will be punished.


  5. Thank you for your well-reasoned response. You obviously have done your research and feel very deeply about this. I would not refute any of your facts or logic.

    Perhaps I am just a disappointed, pessimistic, and miserable old geezer – but my experience is that ‘change’ generally brings out the worst in everybody. I am a great believer in that old adage “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”.

    If I remember right, you started this blog so we could share ideas and even disagree in a civil fashion – without insults and name-calling. I hope I am being appropriately civil! ??


  6. I wonder what that famous deranged squirrel over at Citizen Wells is saying about what the USSC will do about Obamacare. He has been saying for years that said justices are honorable and are looking for a good excuse and an easy way to undermine The Won.

    Well, THIS is it. It will takes hundreds of pages of chopped logic to render a verdict in favor of Obamacare. To rule against is trivial. It is clearly and blatantly unconstitutional. And since the bill/law is self-claimed to be non-separable, then the whole thing is crap. Easy peasy. “Overreach gone awry – sent it back to congress”.

    Well I am betting that NOBODY, including USSC will dare harm The Won. They will opt for the hundreds of pages of chopped logic – and more of the famous emanations, penumbras, and shadows.

    Take it to the bank.


  7. Hello folks,
    The last couple of months I’ve been extremely busy and have also suffered the loss of one of my best friends (58 years of friendship). I have missed checking up on what you all have been discussing.
    Aussie, I hope things go well re. your move to a new location. That is always a very time-consuming, stressful event.
    Carlyle, I certainly agree about SCOTUS and the probability that the justices will not throw out the infamous Obamacare. Practically the entire U.S. justice system has broken down. Furthermore, I am not a bit hopeful that he will be a one-term usurper. God only knows how much I wish to be wrong on that one.


  8. Aussie, I know that the difference in my WordPress moniker, cabbyaz, and the one I’ve used before, Cabby-AZ, is what has thrown my comment into moderation. Sorry.


  9. Cabby, contracts have been exchanged. The bank loan paperwork had to be issued twice (groan). We are well on the way to finding a removalist. I am really p’d off with the hospital because I cannot get an appointment changed for my rheumotolgist which falls exactly around the time of the move… even though I have not had any official notification of the appointment (another reason to be p’d off).

    I have just had an extremely bad cold. We have set up a post box in the new location. So far I have managed to work through and throw out some of my knitting magazines……

    and life goes on….

    As far as Australia is concerned, it is D day today with the Queensland elections. If it goes as expected the ALP government will be kicked out on their rear ends.

    In other news the well known feminist Germaine Greer (The Female Eunuch) has been daring enough to mention that Juliar Dullard has a big rear end… kind of looks a lot like the one on the FLOTUS…. it is huge. She also criticized the dress sense and I think that was fair enough as well :). Juliar has awful taste in clothing considering that she has become a lot fatter in the job…..

    In the meantime people are starting to complain about the tax on mining companies. Some have woken up that the superannuation thingy that goes with it is a scam and that it is businesses and employees that will pay, not the big miners. Maybe there will be more stirring concerning the tax on the air that we breathe.

    Then there is billionaire Clive Palmer (one of the mining magnates) who dared to make the connection between the CIA and the anti-mining groups via the funding to WWF, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club through the likes of the Rockereller foundation, and the Ford Foundation. I actually think that he has most of his suspicions correct, especially when the Rockefeller family have monopolistic tendencies.


  10. Aussie,
    Wow! You have had your work laid out for you, and I hope that things settle down and you can find some peaceful moments.
    I just read that the Socialists have been thrown out of your government – big time.
    Now if we could only have something similar here in the USA come Nov. You all “down under” certainly deserve better things.
    Take care……I am still greatly in the lurking mood these days. This is tax time and that keeps me very occupied.


    • Cabby, that was only in Queensland. It was a bloodbath.

      I think a better word to describe Anna Bligh would be Marxist.

      The Dullard, is is a blatant Marxist seems to be tuned out… she thinks that the tax on the air that we breathe had nothing to do with the election rout!! She is very wrong.

      When I move I will be in a swinging electorate. The incumbent is a no good SOB who stole money from one of the health unions. The workers in that union are the lowest paid of the workers. It is a long story… more to come… waiting…waiting… waiting… If he is not thrown out of the Parliament or disendorsed, then I look forward to helping to give him a savage thrashing in the next election.


  11. Go, Aussie, Go!
    It sounds as though you’ve got your fighting clothes on ready to go to work! I just showed my ignorance of Australian matters – Sorry. Hope things are settling down for you shortly.

    We here are hopefully expectant re. exposure of O’bummer’s background, or lack thereof, thanks to Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, who has had the courage to bring his investigation to the national stage, notwithstanding a closed- mouthed media, including so-called conservative outlets. It seems as though there is now proof that they have been actually threatened by the PTB to keep silent. That in itself is a crime that needs to be investigated, but with the wimpy Congress we have, it is unlikely.