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DeeDee is a liar

The discovery documents in the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin have been released. There is much to be digested over what has been revealed.

For the moment I can make a few comments:

1. Benjamin Crump is a liar.

2. Natalie Jackson is a liar.

3. DeeDee either does not exist or is a Benjamin construct. Yes I know that they have been interviewing a girl, but she could be anybody. Her story is full of holes.

4. George Zimmerman is a black man. He is not a white, and he is not a white Hispanic. The best description is a man who is multi-racial.

5. George Zimmerman suffered multiple injuries that night that are consistent with him being attacked by a wannabe gang thug.

6. Trayvon Martin was armed – with his hands and his fists. He used them to attack George Zimmerman.

7. Trayvon Martin was high. Traces of THC was found in his blood.

I will have a more detailed analysis next week.

Australian politics heat up

Since the election result in 2010 we have been crying about the fact that we wuz robbed. That result was a hung parliament and instead of a change of Government we ended up with Juliar Dullard making dirty deals with the Green Party aka the Watermelons or Marxists in Disguise. I was expecting this government to fall but they have been doing a lot of dirty things to remain in power. However, I think that a wheel or two have been falling off.

First, I will deal with the grubby sleazy Peter Slipper. This individual was a Queensland member of the Liberal National Party as they are known in Qld. There had been a push to have him disendorsed but he had been like a protected species, up until last November when he suddenly resigned from the party and is now officially an Independent. As much as I despise Peter Slipper, I have to say that when it comes to how he sees his role in the Parliament he has been far more honourable than the other individual. Juliar Dullard seized the moment and made Peter Slipper the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The result of this grubby move had been to give her a one vote majority…. and that only existed until the last few weeks when the whole charade has begun to crumble. A member of Peter Slipper’s staff has filed sexual harassment charges against him. There is also the matter of some cabcharges being duplicated but that seems to have been dropped for now. Peter Slipper did the honourable thing and has stepped aside as the Speaker of the House whilst the case proceeds. For this I will give him some credit. He seems to believe in the honour of the Parliament, it is just too bad that his personal life and habits are such a mess!!

This brings me to the other person…. the Craig Thomson Affair. In this case, there is a matter of $500,00o in union funds that have been misused and abused by Craig Thomson. After defending this particular prick, Juliar Dullard has finally announced that he had crossed the line and more or less forced him to resign from the ALP. This whole matter is very grubby, right down to the procurement of prostitutes, the use of union funds when on holiday with his wife to the tune of $100k as cash withdrawals from ATMs, to the use of union funds and personnel without union permission for his own benefit in attempting to become the member of Dobell.

This story is now out in the open. There is no more of the nonsense about Thomson being cleared by the police… they only thing they investigated was whether or not the signature of the credit card holder was forged. They stated that no crime of forgery had been committed. So now Thomson is to address the Parliament and it should be interesting because he will use Parliamentary privilege to set up others for a fall.

In the meantime, the ALP has stated that Thomson is no longer endorsed as the member for Dobell. He will have to run as an Independent if he wants to retain his seat… but under the circumstances there is fat chance that he will be running in the election. On top of that in the electorate of Dobell, it requires a 5.1% swing against the ALP for the seat to be returned to the Liberal Party. I am really not sure about the level of anger in this seat….but I could be surprised… there is bound to be a swing against the ALP over this grubby type of politics.

More to the point, by taking a stance of protecting Juliar Dullard no matter what, and by Juliar Dullard protecting Thomson, the impact of the affair is the opposite of what the ALP needs… people are angry over this affair. They are angry with Thomson and they are angry with Dullard. There is going to be an election wipeout… and the sooner an election is called, the better. The ALP needs a new leader, and if it takes an election rout for them to get the message then that is fine by me.

In the Land of Oz part 2

As well as keeping an eye on the Zimmerman case with its potential to provoke riots, I have been keeping an eye on the political situation in Australia. Unfortunately our calls for a new election are going unheeded. However, I think that there is a rainbow over the horizen.

The big news has been the release of the long awaited report from Fair Work Australia (the lightweight outfit staffed with union hacks that had played delay tactics in this matter), and it has stated the obvious regarding the man who is now my representative in the Parliament. Two weeks ago, according to news reports Craig Thomson was asked to stand aside from the ALP and he is now sitting in the House of Representatives as an Independent member. The people in the seat of Dobell want him to resign and they want an election. The report found that this person had spent union money on prostitutes as well as a massive sum on his election to the Parliament. This is not a trivial matter.

At the same time, there is another MP, Peter Slipper, who was the Speaker of the House of Representatives who was in trouble. (The Speaker’s role is not the same as the role in the USA). Slipper has been accused of sexual harassment as well as abuse of his Cabcharge account. This is a matter where criminal charges could be filed.

Considering what took place in December when Peter Slipper became an Independent in the House, this is a situation that is now very explosive and could lead to a new General Election.

In both cases, what has been shown is that Juliar Dullard has proved herself to be a person with seriously bad judgment with regard to character, as well as with bad political judgment. Her days as Prime Minister are numbered.

The Budget has been brought down, and quite frankly, without even reading the nitty gritty it is nothing more than a pork barrell exercise that is meant to help the ALP achieve the almost impossible goal of re-election. However, I do not believe that the electorate is accepting of the pork.

I will update these stories from time to time… but for now I have to concentrate on unpacking… oh the joy of moving!!!

In the Land of Oz

Owing to our big move, I have not kept up to date with everything that has been happening. I continue to follow the Zimmerman case because an innocent man has been the target of vicious race baiting.  The real narrative is nothing like the Chump narrative and it turns out that St. Trayvon of Skittles was a drug dealer, wannabe gang member and a part-time burglar when he was not attending school or moving between homes in Florida. has had some excellent blog pieces on the subject, with at least one blog showing the whole set up in the complex, and also showing that the thug Trayvon Martin had enough time to have returned to the unit of Brandi Green, except that he backtracked and was lying in wait for George Zimmerman. Eventually, justice will be served in this case, but that will only happen when George is completely exonerated. The prosecution has nothing that is relevant to the case, other than what was originally gathered. As such there is no case to answer. It was a case of self-defense, or it is a case of an accidental shooting because Martin’s hand was on the gun when the trigger was pulled. An eyewitness has stated that there were gunpowder marks on Martin’s clothing, and I had heard that there were powder burns on his forearms.

The Orlando Sentinel has been continuing with its misleading stories, which should be no surprise since Ryan Julison of Julison Communications has been feeding the stories to Weiner (there is an interesting link between these two). The latest piece claimed that it was not possible for George Zimmerman to have been screaming for help and especially if someone had his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth. Well, that story is bull because it is possible when the timeline is examined.

In this case, after GZ was knocked to the ground and his head was been beaten against the pavement he was calling for help. As a result the thug and wannabe gang member put his hand over GZ’s mouth telling him to STFU. This was the point where GZ felt like he was being smothered, and he actually remembered that he had the gun in his holster. It was also at this point that TM discovered that GZ had a gun, and they both went for the gun at the same time. Someone pulled the trigger and Martin was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest, at very close range. He was not gunned down, per the Chump and Co narrative. He was killed because of his own stupidity.