In the Land of Oz part 2

As well as keeping an eye on the Zimmerman case with its potential to provoke riots, I have been keeping an eye on the political situation in Australia. Unfortunately our calls for a new election are going unheeded. However, I think that there is a rainbow over the horizen.

The big news has been the release of the long awaited report from Fair Work Australia (the lightweight outfit staffed with union hacks that had played delay tactics in this matter), and it has stated the obvious regarding the man who is now my representative in the Parliament. Two weeks ago, according to news reports Craig Thomson was asked to stand aside from the ALP and he is now sitting in the House of Representatives as an Independent member. The people in the seat of Dobell want him to resign and they want an election. The report found that this person had spent union money on prostitutes as well as a massive sum on his election to the Parliament. This is not a trivial matter.

At the same time, there is another MP, Peter Slipper, who was the Speaker of the House of Representatives who was in trouble. (The Speaker’s role is not the same as the role in the USA). Slipper has been accused of sexual harassment as well as abuse of his Cabcharge account. This is a matter where criminal charges could be filed.

Considering what took place in December when Peter Slipper became an Independent in the House, this is a situation that is now very explosive and could lead to a new General Election.

In both cases, what has been shown is that Juliar Dullard has proved herself to be a person with seriously bad judgment with regard to character, as well as with bad political judgment. Her days as Prime Minister are numbered.

The Budget has been brought down, and quite frankly, without even reading the nitty gritty it is nothing more than a pork barrell exercise that is meant to help the ALP achieve the almost impossible goal of re-election. However, I do not believe that the electorate is accepting of the pork.

I will update these stories from time to time… but for now I have to concentrate on unpacking… oh the joy of moving!!!

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