DeeDee is a liar

The discovery documents in the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin have been released. There is much to be digested over what has been revealed.

For the moment I can make a few comments:

1. Benjamin Crump is a liar.

2. Natalie Jackson is a liar.

3. DeeDee either does not exist or is a Benjamin construct. Yes I know that they have been interviewing a girl, but she could be anybody. Her story is full of holes.

4. George Zimmerman is a black man. He is not a white, and he is not a white Hispanic. The best description is a man who is multi-racial.

5. George Zimmerman suffered multiple injuries that night that are consistent with him being attacked by a wannabe gang thug.

6. Trayvon Martin was armed – with his hands and his fists. He used them to attack George Zimmerman.

7. Trayvon Martin was high. Traces of THC was found in his blood.

I will have a more detailed analysis next week.

4 responses to “DeeDee is a liar

  1. Sorry – forgot to say ‘snark’ or ‘tongue in cheek’ – I know you hate Krugman!


  2. sorry that I have not been paying close attention. Part of this is due to our move. A part is due to me having my mind elsewhere.

    Australian politics is just as prickly as in the USA. We want to get rid of that bitch who is our Prime Minister.