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Fast and Furious – Holder held in contempt of Congress – NIXON!!

The Fast and Furious saga has entered a new phase. The House of Representatives in the Congress has voted against Eric Holder, holding that he is in contempt of Congress because he failed to hand over 15,000 documents relating to Fast and Furious.

Whilst I am not going to rehash the whole saga, even though I am sympathetic to the families of those who have died as a result of Fast and Furious, I am going to bring up the other aspect of why this is important – IT IS THE COVER UP STUPID!!

Sufficient evidence has now been provided that Eric Holder knew about Fast and Furious and that he agreed to the operation. I think that there is also evidence that those within the White House were in on the decision making. I can think of no other reason for creepy POTUS to have invoked executive privilege in this matter. If anything the invoking of executive privilege in this instance points the finger directly at Østupid, and that he was in fact the one that gave the operation the “go ahead”.

I agree with those who have stated that they believe that the Administration wanted to use Operation as the means to curtail the 2nd Amendment. I note the various attempts of the Dimcrats to introduce legislation that would in fact impact upon the right to own a firearm, especially their attempts after someone decided to highlight the case involving the shooting of a thug named Traydemark Martin by George Zimmerman. They will try to use any situation to bring about their goal.

Also, the excuse that “Bush did it” does not hold water. That operation under the Bush Administration was done in conjunction with the Mexican government, and from what I understand it was successful. The guns did not end up in the hands of the cartels, and hundreds of Mexicans were not killed by those guns that crossed the border in that operation.

However, it is not just about Fast and Furious. There is another operation where guns crossed the border into the Honduras. Maybe more needs to be researched on that particular operation and its outcome in light of the events that took place in the Honduras in 2009.

Assad declares war on his own people

I am not sure what to make of this Reuters report. It appears that Assad has declared war against his own people. In the context of a tribal war, one can say that the Alawite tribe has declared war against the other tribes in Syria. This is a very serious situation and I remain firmly on the side of the Opposition forces in this matter.

Over the past 16 months I have monitored the situation in Syria from time to time. The number of deaths at the hands of Assad and the Alawite tribe has been mounting during that period of time. I have no doubt that Assad has been lying on many occasions about certain massacres, especially when his army were shelling Syrian villagers without good cause, whilst he was blaming an imaginary Al Qaeda enemy for the situation. I have never felt that Al Qaeda was behind the situation in Syria, but I can see that it is probably that Al Qaeda could get involved.

During the civil war in Libya I took the side of the Opposition, and even if there were some who had links with Al Qaeda, I accepted the story of the people behind the NTC that they were trying to keep Al Qaeda out of the equation by insisting upon no foreign boots on the ground. From what I could see this strategy worked, but the conflict took longer to resolve than was expected. I continue to see no genuine evidence of Al Qaeda having involvement in Libya, but I am not sure about Syria because there were some bombings that were blamed on Al Qaeda.

On the other hand, what I am watching closely is whether or not there have been further defections from the Syrian army. Whilst I cannot supply the link to the story that I saw the other day, I note that there has been a defection by a high ranking army officer. This could be significant for the simple reason that when the defections really start then the writing is on the wall for the Assad regime. It could be that Assad is making these noises because he fears that he is about to lose his group over the country.

What does all of this mean on the world scene? Personally, I sincerely hope that something can be done to defuse the potential situation that could develop into another world war. What I see is that Syria has powerful forces on its side: Iran, Lebanon, Russia and China. The Russians have been attempting to ship arms into Syria to provide arms to Assad, but so far their endeavours have failed (at least that is what the last report I read more or less implied). Russia remains a powerful ally within the UN, making it difficult for other States to do anything within the UN to defuse the situation. China has once again joined with Russia in preventing any UN action. The USA at this point in time is very likely not keen to have any involvement in Syria. The upcoming Presidential election is one reason why the USA might be keen to avoid any involvement in this conflict.

On the subject of the USA and possible involvement in Syria, it must be mentioned that the President should seek ratification from Congress before making any further commitments in the region. There was a lot of anger over the limited involvement in Libya (no USA troops were on the ground in Libya and there really was only very limited involvement but the real issue of resentment stemmed from the way in which POTUS did not take the matter to Congress before agreeing to any action.). Some Americans remain under the impression that Gadhafi had somehow reformed himself, but that was in fact not true. Whilst everyone was sleeping Gadhafi had been busy arming his “friends” in Africa, including those in Mali who have been busy attempting a coup!!

The side issue here is the position of Turkey, and the escalation of possible conflict. The shooting down of a Turkish airforce plane is a very serious matter. Apparently the Syrians shot at a second aircraft. This is tantamount to the declaration of war. Turkey has taken on the responsibility of caring for Syrian refugees, including members of the Syrian military who have deserted their posts. Syria has been shelling villages on the border with Turkey, meaning that the conflict between the two nations could escalate at any given time. I have no hesitation in backing Erdogan if anything new was to happen and Turkey declared war against the Assad regime. Erdogan had tried to end the conflict within the borders of Syria, but Assad has remained stubborn.

My belief is that the conflict is really about the fact that the minority Alawite tribe have maintained their dominance over the majority of Syrians. The Alawites have been backed by the Druse, including Druse Christians. Since this is an internal tribal conflict, it remains a situation where other nations need to remain on the sidelines but the question remains: How long must we remain on the sidelines whilst Assad continues to murder his own people?

All is not well in Tunisia

There has not been a lot of information coming out of Tunisia since they had a general election with the inevitable results. However, there is an interesting development which shows that all is not what it seems in that country.

Tunisia is on the border of Libya and so it is important that there are good relations between the two countries. I assume that there had been a relationship between Gadhafi and Tunisia even when the former President was ousted. This makes the news that the former Prime Minister of Libya has been extradited back to Libya quite interesting.

What is interesting is that the decision that was made to return this man to Libya was made by the Prime Minister of Tunisia, and that decision is opposed by the President of Tunisia. Such a tiff in public indicates that all is not well and that there seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on… it might be worth watching for other snippets of news to see if such an analysis is correct.

Even so, I am irked by the usual bleating about human rights because this man was returned to Libya. Did he ever consider the human rights of those who had been tortured by Gadhafi?  Somehow I do not think that those rights were ever considered a priority, until it happened to them!!!  I will use the treatment of Belhaj as an example of the lack of human rights within Libya during the period of the Gadhafi regime. Even if I do not agree with Belhaj (and I do not), the fact that the was tortured in prison to such an extent is something that cannot be overlooked. Then of course there are those who were murdered in prison – political prisoners who were shot down in cold blood. Their human rights were also neglected.

Syria vs. Turkey part 2

Syria’s shooting down the Turkish war plane is fraught with serious problems. First of all there is the issue of whether or not the plane had strayed into Syrian space. According to the Turks the aircraft was on a training flight and it had no weapons on board. It might have strayed into Syrian air space, but when it was hit, the aircraft was in international space!!

The latest in this saga is that Turkey has not only accused Syria of shooting down the aircraft without warning when it was in international air space but it has also started turning to NATO for assistance.

What does this mean? Since Turkey is aligned to NATO there is a good reason for Turkey to seek assistance in this matter. Syria under the Assad regime remains a rogue state. Turkey under Erdogan has been wishy washy. This incident is a good test for Erdogan because he has always made noises of backing Hezbollah and the Palestinians. Syria, of course actually funds the Palestinians via Hezbollah in Lebanon. In the past Turkey has maintained an alliance with Israel, but under Erdogan, Turkey was going in an opposite direction. Does NATO really want to get involved in these potential conflicts?

This attack is in fact a very serious matter, and in Turkey at least, the shooting down of this aircraft is already tantamount to Syria declaring war on Turkey. Considering the fact that Turkey has been sheltering Syrian opposition forces, this should come as no surprise. I am not at all certain that Turkey wants to go to war with Syria, however, this is now something that needs to be contemplated.

What kind of consultation will Turkey have with NATO? Will France and the UK in particular participate if Turkey goes to war with Syria? Should the USA get involved? Actually, this is where I believe that the USA should do nothing… there should be no military involvement in that region without the approval of Congress. This is a very different situation to the one that arose in Libya because it is a situation that is evolving between two sovereign nations.

It must be emphasized that Syria is allied to Iran, Russia and China, and any escalation of conflict could be seen as proxy action for those major powers. This is a very dicey situation.

Invoking executive privilege makes some pundits look again

The Daily Caller has an article on the left wing (although they call him moderate) David Brooks that indicates Mr. Brooks has been taking a second look at the POTUS without the rose coloured glasses. The money quote from Brooks is the following:

“I think politically it’s stupid, because it is one thing if you’re invoking  executive privilege over some national security issue. This is a policy  everybody admits was profoundly stupid. Why are you not saying, ‘OK, this was a  stupid policy, let’s get it out there and let’s figure out how it came about.’”
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This is interesting because David Brooks had been one of many who had been completely in the tank for the stupid one. It is a real turnaround.

Perhaps the invoking of executive privilege in this instance has woken up a few people who had been willing to sweep Fast and Furious under the carpet. From my point of view as a foreigner, in this instance the invoking of executive privilege actually suggests that the POTUS was in fact behind the disastrous scheme, and that it is not only Eric Holder who has been caught out in a web of lies.


Fast and Furious – the New Watergate

The scandal involving what is known as Fast and Furious has been slowly dripping for more than a year. The MSM continues to ignore the issue, and those that do mention it, are doing the usual spin, claiming that the push against Eric Holder from the Just Us Department is racist and simply just spin. However, there are many underlying facts and themes that lead to the conclusion that Operation Fast and Furious was meant to be the means by which the rights given to U.S. citizens via the Second Amendment would be abrogated for ever.

It would be easy for me to speculate that the reason that Eric Holder and the Just Us Department latched onto the Zimmerman saga is also based upon an effort to remove the right of citizens to possess a licensed concealed weapon, and the right to use that weapon in a situation of self-defense. I do in fact think that initially when Holder got involved that this was the plan – and perhaps there has been some backing away from this plan because of what has emerged about the character of the dead person (he is not a victim but the aggressor)Trayvon Martin aka Traydemark.

The inquiry into Fast and Furious got under way because of the death two border agents – Brian Terry and Zapatta. Both of them were killed by guns that were sold to Mexican cartels via gunshops in Arizona. It is also worth mentioning that there was another gun initiative that saw guns being shifted into the Honduras.

It is not the actual events that matter, but it is the obvious cover-up as well as the lies that have been told to the Congress by Eric Holder and his underlings. The Committee responsible for this enquiry has already decided to hold Eric Holder in contempt, and the Congress is also about to move on this matter. As expected the likes of the far left startled deer, Nancy Pelosi aka Piglosi, have been making claims that this whole enquiry is racist. All I can say is thank heaven this woman is no longer Speaker of the House because she is a downright disgrace, and for sure Congress would not have been investigating the matter, and the family of Brian Terry would not even be close to finding out what happened to their dead loved one.

This whole scandal is about to blow up in the face of the occupant in the White House. I believe that there is now positive proof that Østupid did in fact have something to do with the ordering of this particular operation, because of his recent action of declaring certain documents have executive privilege. Such an action is tantamount to an indication of guilt, especially in the light of what took place roughly 40 years ago when the Watergate scandal was brought to light in the open.

Yes, what we are witnessing is a repeat of the Watergate scandal!!  In that case it was not the break-in, but it was the cover-up that was important. John Mitchell who was the US Attorney General at the time lied to Congress over the Watergate affair and he ended up in prison. Today, Eric Holder is in the same uncomfortable position. He has been caught out in a series of lies. The documents that have been obtained do in fact point the finger in Holder’s direction, but more importantly, it is the invoking of executive privilege that is the turning point. The White House claims that it knew nothing about the operation, and that begs the question: “If Obama knew nothing, why is he invoking executive privilege for these documents?”

This is a saga that is to be continued.

Syria vs. Turkey. The Syrian situation hots up

The conflict in Syria is nothing like either Libya or that of Egypt and Tunisia. This is because it is more of a tribal conflict than any of these other situations. It is also because there are other big players behind the scenes. Tunisia was the springboard, and the people wanted to get rid of a President who had been there for a very long time, to the point that he was involved in big time corruption. The same is true for both Egypt and Libya, yet the Libyan situation bore little resemblance to either of those two nations for other reasons. In Syria, it is the Alawite tribe, which is a minority Shiite tribe that has had power for close to 40 years. On the opposite side there appears to be Sunni  (the Al Qaeda connection?) but in reality it is a tribe vs. tribe conflict.  Yes, there are Christians in Syria, but these Christians have been backing Assad for their own personal reasons.

In working through the actual history of the conflict (which I have not completed at this point in time), one has to be careful about not being blind-sided bigger Sunni vs Shiite type conflict. It is important to go back and look at how the protests began, who was behind the protestors and what they expected to gain by ousting Assad. At the moment, even that is moot because Assad has been able to hang onto power. This is because of his connections to Iran.

The Syrian conflict is a battle by proxy and Assad has powerful allies behind the scenes. In fact Assad brought in the Iranian guards in an effort to clean out the protesters. It is important to look at these allies and see what influence they have been exerting – it is an influence that has prevented the UN from taking much stronger action. Those other allies include both Russia and China.

Once again we have what I call the sphere of influence. Russia, Iran and China are all seeking influence in Syria. When Gadhafi was defeated the Russians and the Chinese lost an important ally and sphere of influence in North Africa and the Middle East. They were not likely to allow any further deterioration of their influence in that region. It is for this reason that both Russia and China have vetoed any positive UN action in Syria. They have too much to loose if Assad is defeated. The other player is Iran and again Syria has a pivotal role because Syria has been like a go-between with regard to Lebanon. Iran has been sponsoring the Hezbollah via the Syrian regime. Hezbollah is allied to the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Everything fits together when we look at the sphere of influence.

When the conflict broke out in Libya, Gadhafi’s biggest mistake was the decision to use his own forces against the people of Benghazi and other towns. He actually used his air force to bomb those towns. It is for this reason that other countries via the UN and NATO were prepared to help the people who were in danger because of Gadhafi’s intention to punish them in such a fashion. Gadhafi also made the mistake of claiming that those protesting were Al Qaeda. A very small portion had some links to Al Qaeda, but the way in which the conflict snowballed, those people remained a minority. The Berbers from the mountains who were the first to penetrate Tripoli were not members of Al Qaeda. They were in fact a minority people who had been squashed over the years by Gadhafi, and they, like the people from Benghazi and elsewhere wanted their freedoms above anything else. It seems to me that Assad did not learn from Gadhafi’s fatal mistakes.

During the early part of the conflict in Syria there were army defections, and on top of that there were thousands of people who crossed the border into Turkey. For a very long time the Turks have been keeping an eye on the situation. They have provided refugee camps for the people who fled the Syrian border region. It should be pointed out that those army deserters did so because they were being ordered to fire upon unarmed civilians (a lot like what happened in Libya). Assad kept on claiming that the soldiers who were killed were killed by Al Qaeda but that is not the truth. Many of them were shot in the back because they refused to fire upon their own people…. and then Assad blamed an imaginary opposition. It must be pointed out, however, that there continues to be the danger and potential that Al Qaeda will get involved in Syria.

The latest news from the region is not so good, and it is another step which could lead to a war in the region. Today, the Syrians shot down a Turkish fighter aircraft. This incident has the potential of seeing an escalation that goes beyond the borders of Syria. Since Turkey is a NATO country, there is the potential that Turkey will call upon NATO to come to their aid.

It really is the wrong time to have someone who is really stupid in the White House.

Possible voter fraud in Wisonsin

Just been alerted to a post at regarding probably voter fraud in the Wisconsin recall election. It appears that one group shuffled 8 people around in a van where they went to different locations to vote. It is not hard to guess the party.

Why is the Martin case so important?

My point is going to be that the case itself is unimportant because a little thug died that night. The facts of the case are that a young black male aged 17 was committing felony assault upon a multi-racial man (who has an Afro-Peruvian mother), and that the multi-racial man used his concealed carry gun to kill the man who was assaulting him and beating his head to a pulp. As this story has developed, with all of its twists and turns my opinion that this was a case of self-defense and no murder charges should have been undertaken remains firm.

However, there have been a lot of twists and turns in the case that need further exploration. First there is the fact that the grievance mongers Sharpton and Jackson got involved. Why was that? Then there was the great speech from the Rose garden – “If I had a son he would be wearing a hoodie and beating up people perceived to be white”…. not surprising really, since Barry himself was nothing more than a druggie thug when he was around the same age!! Yet there are a couple of reasons to look very closely at the players in the saga, as well as looking very closely at their real agendas.

First, there is an agenda to get the stand your ground laws in Florida overturned. Why is that? One good reason is that the majority of the crimes committed such as home invasions and armed robberies are committed by blacks and their “victims” are white in about half of those crimes. If the victim actually fights back with a concealed carry, then yet another thug from the hood ends up 6 feet under and pushing up daisys next to Bonnie and Clyde!!  According to the grievance industry such thugs did not deserve to die, and no cracker should be entitled to save his or her own life by using a concealed carry against them!! This might be an over-simplification of what has been taking place. However, I do want to point out that where the pro-Traydemarkites have been trying to distract with what they claim are similar cases, none actually come close because in those other cases there is an element of clear intent to commit a felony. The Marissa Alexander case is one example. The woman went to her car to fetch the gun before she fired the shot towards her ex-partner. In her case SYG is not a defense!!

Second, there is the agenda towards the repeal of the 2nd Amendment which is the right to bear arms. This case is being used by the anti-gun lobby to push against an ordinary citizen’s right to protect himself or herself against a thug.

Third, there is the grievance industry and their love of pushing for compensation through another form of thuggery called black mail. In other words “If you do not arrest this man so that we can file a civil suit against him, the Seminole County, the State of Florida, the HOA of the complex etc. then we are going to cause a riot. This is out and out blackmail. The fear of riots seems to be the reason that one man’s rights are being trampled.

There are many fine people who have spent hours examining the video footage and documents that have been released so far. There have been some really startling discoveries relating to the alleged “victim” – the 17 year old, 6 ft tall Traydemark Martin. I might cover the inconsistencies in the stories from Tracy Martin, Brandi Green, Chad Joseph and others at some other point in time. What I want to mention here is the evidence that has been gathered and some of the more startling discoveries.

Trayvon Martin (aka Traydemark Martin) went to the 7-11 store to make a purchase of a drink and Skittles. According to the press release the purchase was Arizona tea, but unfortunately for the Scheme Team, the pictures at the scene of the shooting, as well as 7-11 video evidence indicate that whe was purchased was Arizona Fruit Cocktail plus Skittles, which were most likely not for Chad Joseph. This is because the purchase was for purple skittles, and both of these items are needed to create what is known as Purple Drank or Purple Lean, or Sizzurp. The missing ingredient is either codeine or Robitussin DMX. It is used as a substitute for Weed because it creates a high. When the connection was made by some very diligent individuals what we did learn came from Trayvon Martin’s own Facebook page before that was scrubbed from the Internet.

This information raises a lot of questions about what took place when Traydemark was shot, and it calls into question his state of mind when he committed felony assault against the person of George Zimmerman. His action seemed to be that of someone who was paranoid, rather than someone of sound mind. I will come back to this point about probably paraonoia.

The next discovery was the probability that Trayvon Martin used a third party to buy something for him at the 7-11 store – cue the three stooges and a blonde. Someone noticed that Trayvon palmed some notes into his hand and that he used coin to pay for his purchase before he exited the store. Within a short time, the three stooges entered the store and one of them had what was possibly money given to him by Trayvon Martin. Rather than speculate, I will wait until further information is available before expanding on this subject. We will have to wait to see if they are to be deposed by the Zimmerman defense team. The purchase was of three cigars. Perhaps two of these was for Traydemark, and the other was for the person who did the purchase. In other words, it is highly likely that Traydemark had consumed a blunt on the way back to Brandi Green’s place. He did not have any drugs on him when he died.

Getting back to what George Zimmerman said to the operator, though “he looks like he is on drugs or something”, and now there are alarm bells ringing as it becomes clear that this is not an ordinary situation. What if Trayvon had ditched his drugs and cigars that he was going to use on Brandi Green’s back porch? It is possible. However, let me return to the makings for Purple Lean.

I think that a good case can be made that Traydemark Martin purchased items necessary to make Purple Lean. I think that there is evidence that on the Saturday he consumed weed when he was with his cousin. Even if he did not smoke on the way back to Brandy’s apartment from the store, he had traces of THC in his system that indicated that weed had been used within a short time frame before he died. That leaves open the possibility that he was going to consume or he had consumed something else. What I want to address is the combination of weed and purple Lean.

Whilst consumers of weed will argue that weed does not make people aggressive, they leave out the fact that some are affected because of other substances in their system. In this case it is purple lean. What do we know about what happened that nigh? If we discount certain witnesses because of unreliability, we are left with a possible scenario based upon the converation between George Zimmerman and police dispatch. George mentioned that the person he saw looked like he was on drugs or something. He also stated “He is coming to check me out”, and then he mentioned that TM had begun running. Now why on earth was there a need to run? The distance to Brandi Green’s apartment was not all that far. He had plenty of time to reach the safety of the condo if in fact he was scared. The truth is that TM was not scared. He ran in order to dump his stash, and he returned to the top of the T and then hid himself. Trayvon Martin had acted as one who was paranoid about being caught in possesssion of drugs.