Why is the Martin case so important?

My point is going to be that the case itself is unimportant because a little thug died that night. The facts of the case are that a young black male aged 17 was committing felony assault upon a multi-racial man (who has an Afro-Peruvian mother), and that the multi-racial man used his concealed carry gun to kill the man who was assaulting him and beating his head to a pulp. As this story has developed, with all of its twists and turns my opinion that this was a case of self-defense and no murder charges should have been undertaken remains firm.

However, there have been a lot of twists and turns in the case that need further exploration. First there is the fact that the grievance mongers Sharpton and Jackson got involved. Why was that? Then there was the great speech from the Rose garden – “If I had a son he would be wearing a hoodie and beating up people perceived to be white”…. not surprising really, since Barry himself was nothing more than a druggie thug when he was around the same age!! Yet there are a couple of reasons to look very closely at the players in the saga, as well as looking very closely at their real agendas.

First, there is an agenda to get the stand your ground laws in Florida overturned. Why is that? One good reason is that the majority of the crimes committed such as home invasions and armed robberies are committed by blacks and their “victims” are white in about half of those crimes. If the victim actually fights back with a concealed carry, then yet another thug from the hood ends up 6 feet under and pushing up daisys next to Bonnie and Clyde!!  According to the grievance industry such thugs did not deserve to die, and no cracker should be entitled to save his or her own life by using a concealed carry against them!! This might be an over-simplification of what has been taking place. However, I do want to point out that where the pro-Traydemarkites have been trying to distract with what they claim are similar cases, none actually come close because in those other cases there is an element of clear intent to commit a felony. The Marissa Alexander case is one example. The woman went to her car to fetch the gun before she fired the shot towards her ex-partner. In her case SYG is not a defense!!

Second, there is the agenda towards the repeal of the 2nd Amendment which is the right to bear arms. This case is being used by the anti-gun lobby to push against an ordinary citizen’s right to protect himself or herself against a thug.

Third, there is the grievance industry and their love of pushing for compensation through another form of thuggery called black mail. In other words “If you do not arrest this man so that we can file a civil suit against him, the Seminole County, the State of Florida, the HOA of the complex etc. then we are going to cause a riot. This is out and out blackmail. The fear of riots seems to be the reason that one man’s rights are being trampled.

There are many fine people who have spent hours examining the video footage and documents that have been released so far. There have been some really startling discoveries relating to the alleged “victim” – the 17 year old, 6 ft tall Traydemark Martin. I might cover the inconsistencies in the stories from Tracy Martin, Brandi Green, Chad Joseph and others at some other point in time. What I want to mention here is the evidence that has been gathered and some of the more startling discoveries.

Trayvon Martin (aka Traydemark Martin) went to the 7-11 store to make a purchase of a drink and Skittles. According to the press release the purchase was Arizona tea, but unfortunately for the Scheme Team, the pictures at the scene of the shooting, as well as 7-11 video evidence indicate that whe was purchased was Arizona Fruit Cocktail plus Skittles, which were most likely not for Chad Joseph. This is because the purchase was for purple skittles, and both of these items are needed to create what is known as Purple Drank or Purple Lean, or Sizzurp. The missing ingredient is either codeine or Robitussin DMX. It is used as a substitute for Weed because it creates a high. When the connection was made by some very diligent individuals what we did learn came from Trayvon Martin’s own Facebook page before that was scrubbed from the Internet.

This information raises a lot of questions about what took place when Traydemark was shot, and it calls into question his state of mind when he committed felony assault against the person of George Zimmerman. His action seemed to be that of someone who was paranoid, rather than someone of sound mind. I will come back to this point about probably paraonoia.

The next discovery was the probability that Trayvon Martin used a third party to buy something for him at the 7-11 store – cue the three stooges and a blonde. Someone noticed that Trayvon palmed some notes into his hand and that he used coin to pay for his purchase before he exited the store. Within a short time, the three stooges entered the store and one of them had what was possibly money given to him by Trayvon Martin. Rather than speculate, I will wait until further information is available before expanding on this subject. We will have to wait to see if they are to be deposed by the Zimmerman defense team. The purchase was of three cigars. Perhaps two of these was for Traydemark, and the other was for the person who did the purchase. In other words, it is highly likely that Traydemark had consumed a blunt on the way back to Brandi Green’s place. He did not have any drugs on him when he died.

Getting back to what George Zimmerman said to the operator, though “he looks like he is on drugs or something”, and now there are alarm bells ringing as it becomes clear that this is not an ordinary situation. What if Trayvon had ditched his drugs and cigars that he was going to use on Brandi Green’s back porch? It is possible. However, let me return to the makings for Purple Lean.

I think that a good case can be made that Traydemark Martin purchased items necessary to make Purple Lean. I think that there is evidence that on the Saturday he consumed weed when he was with his cousin. Even if he did not smoke on the way back to Brandy’s apartment from the store, he had traces of THC in his system that indicated that weed had been used within a short time frame before he died. That leaves open the possibility that he was going to consume or he had consumed something else. What I want to address is the combination of weed and purple Lean.

Whilst consumers of weed will argue that weed does not make people aggressive, they leave out the fact that some are affected because of other substances in their system. In this case it is purple lean. What do we know about what happened that nigh? If we discount certain witnesses because of unreliability, we are left with a possible scenario based upon the converation between George Zimmerman and police dispatch. George mentioned that the person he saw looked like he was on drugs or something. He also stated “He is coming to check me out”, and then he mentioned that TM had begun running. Now why on earth was there a need to run? The distance to Brandi Green’s apartment was not all that far. He had plenty of time to reach the safety of the condo if in fact he was scared. The truth is that TM was not scared. He ran in order to dump his stash, and he returned to the top of the T and then hid himself. Trayvon Martin had acted as one who was paranoid about being caught in possesssion of drugs.


4 responses to “Why is the Martin case so important?

  1. friendofstfrank

    You are the first one who has even started to get this figured out. Lets see if on your base folk can be enlightened.
    1. Watermelon juice not fruit cocktail and skittles + the cough syryp.
    2. Button, button, who’s got the button? In 7-11 video, GZ SAW IT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS CHEST WHICH IS WHY HE WAS SUSPICIOUS NOT THE HOODIE. Yet when the altercation between the 2 occurred. . . Button button, who’s got the button. Why has tm removed button and apparently stashed it somewhere but kept 2 ingredients for lean on him?
    3. Picture of the 1/2 smoked blunt in crime scene photos.
    4. Pictures of keys that were in gz hands-why did he have his keys in hand.
    5. Chad Green not even home when TM shot-was not there.
    6-neuroscience portion of brain that contains lots of functions hasnt even grown yet.
    7. Why look in the windows? What was everyone asking ckerk for? That he didnt have?
    8. Looking in windows for. . . . Cough syrup?
    9. Lets see, keep the blunt and smoke it, keep everything but the button AFTER LAID EYES ON ZIMMERMAN? why would a paranoid teen attack gz-doesnt make sense-he’d run unless. . . . What to his wondering eyes should appear. . Want to you see in the crime scene photos? What is that prescription bottle that was in gz’s shirt pocket? What would it look like sitting up out of a pocket to a teen looking for skittles+watermelon + ahhh a bottle in this scared mans pocket. . . If GZ had left his prescription bottle at home but had the gun concealed-this would never have happen. Drug addiction-paticularly home made legal drug/poisons are powerful motivators. And race doesnt matter-in over 95% of violent crimes one of the parties is under the influence. Same thing with R. KING-ALCOHOLISM RUINED HIS LIFE-both before and after the beating and in the end the fact that no one pays attention to the impact of mind influence substance on animal bodies-the killer still kills. And r. King gets drunk, falls in his pool and drowns. The 56th death csused in the incidence because we dont want to admot we are are drug controlled zombies. So for a prescription bottle in gz’s pocket, to gain a legal poisonous high, another death and more lives are ruined.

    I am allowing this post, but I am deleting the speculation. There is no proof that there was a prescription bottle in GZ’s pocket. Please stick to the facts of the case.


  2. friendofstfrank

    Please look at thd crime scene photos and evidence collected. You will see a photo of the bottle gz was using that he stated was his medication in his shirt pocket. I am sticking to the facts. Look at the crime photos.


  3. I saw no such bottle in the crime scene photos.


    • friendofstfrank

      Look in the ones where you see his keys and look in the emvidence report on what was found. Agsin, my reoly was to say your examination hit on it brilliantly in that what we have going on is drug related and not any if the other stuff. Oax.