Fast and Furious – the New Watergate

The scandal involving what is known as Fast and Furious has been slowly dripping for more than a year. The MSM continues to ignore the issue, and those that do mention it, are doing the usual spin, claiming that the push against Eric Holder from the Just Us Department is racist and simply just spin. However, there are many underlying facts and themes that lead to the conclusion that Operation Fast and Furious was meant to be the means by which the rights given to U.S. citizens via the Second Amendment would be abrogated for ever.

It would be easy for me to speculate that the reason that Eric Holder and the Just Us Department latched onto the Zimmerman saga is also based upon an effort to remove the right of citizens to possess a licensed concealed weapon, and the right to use that weapon in a situation of self-defense. I do in fact think that initially when Holder got involved that this was the plan – and perhaps there has been some backing away from this plan because of what has emerged about the character of the dead person (he is not a victim but the aggressor)Trayvon Martin aka Traydemark.

The inquiry into Fast and Furious got under way because of the death two border agents – Brian Terry and Zapatta. Both of them were killed by guns that were sold to Mexican cartels via gunshops in Arizona. It is also worth mentioning that there was another gun initiative that saw guns being shifted into the Honduras.

It is not the actual events that matter, but it is the obvious cover-up as well as the lies that have been told to the Congress by Eric Holder and his underlings. The Committee responsible for this enquiry has already decided to hold Eric Holder in contempt, and the Congress is also about to move on this matter. As expected the likes of the far left startled deer, Nancy Pelosi aka Piglosi, have been making claims that this whole enquiry is racist. All I can say is thank heaven this woman is no longer Speaker of the House because she is a downright disgrace, and for sure Congress would not have been investigating the matter, and the family of Brian Terry would not even be close to finding out what happened to their dead loved one.

This whole scandal is about to blow up in the face of the occupant in the White House. I believe that there is now positive proof that Østupid did in fact have something to do with the ordering of this particular operation, because of his recent action of declaring certain documents have executive privilege. Such an action is tantamount to an indication of guilt, especially in the light of what took place roughly 40 years ago when the Watergate scandal was brought to light in the open.

Yes, what we are witnessing is a repeat of the Watergate scandal!!  In that case it was not the break-in, but it was the cover-up that was important. John Mitchell who was the US Attorney General at the time lied to Congress over the Watergate affair and he ended up in prison. Today, Eric Holder is in the same uncomfortable position. He has been caught out in a series of lies. The documents that have been obtained do in fact point the finger in Holder’s direction, but more importantly, it is the invoking of executive privilege that is the turning point. The White House claims that it knew nothing about the operation, and that begs the question: “If Obama knew nothing, why is he invoking executive privilege for these documents?”

This is a saga that is to be continued.

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