All is not well in Tunisia

There has not been a lot of information coming out of Tunisia since they had a general election with the inevitable results. However, there is an interesting development which shows that all is not what it seems in that country.

Tunisia is on the border of Libya and so it is important that there are good relations between the two countries. I assume that there had been a relationship between Gadhafi and Tunisia even when the former President was ousted. This makes the news that the former Prime Minister of Libya has been extradited back to Libya quite interesting.

What is interesting is that the decision that was made to return this man to Libya was made by the Prime Minister of Tunisia, and that decision is opposed by the President of Tunisia. Such a tiff in public indicates that all is not well and that there seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on… it might be worth watching for other snippets of news to see if such an analysis is correct.

Even so, I am irked by the usual bleating about human rights because this man was returned to Libya. Did he ever consider the human rights of those who had been tortured by Gadhafi?  Somehow I do not think that those rights were ever considered a priority, until it happened to them!!!  I will use the treatment of Belhaj as an example of the lack of human rights within Libya during the period of the Gadhafi regime. Even if I do not agree with Belhaj (and I do not), the fact that the was tortured in prison to such an extent is something that cannot be overlooked. Then of course there are those who were murdered in prison – political prisoners who were shot down in cold blood. Their human rights were also neglected.

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