Invoking executive privilege makes some pundits look again

The Daily Caller has an article on the left wing (although they call him moderate) David Brooks that indicates Mr. Brooks has been taking a second look at the POTUS without the rose coloured glasses. The money quote from Brooks is the following:

“I think politically it’s stupid, because it is one thing if you’re invoking  executive privilege over some national security issue. This is a policy  everybody admits was profoundly stupid. Why are you not saying, ‘OK, this was a  stupid policy, let’s get it out there and let’s figure out how it came about.’”
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This is interesting because David Brooks had been one of many who had been completely in the tank for the stupid one. It is a real turnaround.

Perhaps the invoking of executive privilege in this instance has woken up a few people who had been willing to sweep Fast and Furious under the carpet. From my point of view as a foreigner, in this instance the invoking of executive privilege actually suggests that the POTUS was in fact behind the disastrous scheme, and that it is not only Eric Holder who has been caught out in a web of lies.


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