Fast and Furious – Holder held in contempt of Congress – NIXON!!

The Fast and Furious saga has entered a new phase. The House of Representatives in the Congress has voted against Eric Holder, holding that he is in contempt of Congress because he failed to hand over 15,000 documents relating to Fast and Furious.

Whilst I am not going to rehash the whole saga, even though I am sympathetic to the families of those who have died as a result of Fast and Furious, I am going to bring up the other aspect of why this is important – IT IS THE COVER UP STUPID!!

Sufficient evidence has now been provided that Eric Holder knew about Fast and Furious and that he agreed to the operation. I think that there is also evidence that those within the White House were in on the decision making. I can think of no other reason for creepy POTUS to have invoked executive privilege in this matter. If anything the invoking of executive privilege in this instance points the finger directly at Østupid, and that he was in fact the one that gave the operation the “go ahead”.

I agree with those who have stated that they believe that the Administration wanted to use Operation as the means to curtail the 2nd Amendment. I note the various attempts of the Dimcrats to introduce legislation that would in fact impact upon the right to own a firearm, especially their attempts after someone decided to highlight the case involving the shooting of a thug named Traydemark Martin by George Zimmerman. They will try to use any situation to bring about their goal.

Also, the excuse that “Bush did it” does not hold water. That operation under the Bush Administration was done in conjunction with the Mexican government, and from what I understand it was successful. The guns did not end up in the hands of the cartels, and hundreds of Mexicans were not killed by those guns that crossed the border in that operation.

However, it is not just about Fast and Furious. There is another operation where guns crossed the border into the Honduras. Maybe more needs to be researched on that particular operation and its outcome in light of the events that took place in the Honduras in 2009.

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