Fast and Furious (again!!)

The scandal involving Operation Fast and Furious is in fact bigger than the Watergate scandal. Let me explain: First of all, I do not hold Richard Nixon in such a poor light because on the International Scene Nixon was a very good President. He did things that no other President had done, and he boldly made decisions that went against the grain. On top of that I have no hesitation in stating that Richard Nixon loved the USA. That is not the case where Øbama is concerned. He hates America, and his actions are proof of his hatred. (but I digress).

My second point is that the Watergate scandal was in fact miniscule in comparison with what is really behind Fast and Furious. Yet it is the cover up that undid Nixon, and rightfully the cover-up should expose the current POTUS. In my mind I have no doubt that it was Øbama who ordered this operation to take place.

Powerline has an interesting post on the subject of Fast and Furious, from the point of view of how the whistleblowers are being treated. Anyone who has been in the unfortunate position of being a whistleblower knows and understands that this can be a career ending decision – yes, I have been there and done that!!(and it was nothing like this particular scandal).

Powerline makes a few salient points about the kind of documents that Issa and Grassley have been dropping, and how these documents actually point to the fact that there has been a massive cover-up by the ATF. This goes right down to the suggested answers that should be given if asked about the operation and the death of Brian Terry.

Wait there is more, they have also discovered that higher management had decided to throw the whistleblowers to the wolves and vowed to find any dirt on those people in order to ruin their lives and their careers. What charming individuals!!

However, the person who ties the White House to Operation Fast and Furious is yet another Democrat operative and Øbama bundler by the name of Burke. He was made the State Attorney for Arizona… and it is believed that he stated that he knew what was required for who is ultimately his boss. This is the man who is in fact responsible for Operation Fast and Furious with all of its implications.

One can be certain that it was envisioned that the way in which this operation was conducted was meant to be the incentive to push for a change in the second amendment that would limit a person’s ability to carry a weapon. The lie is being exposed. The plan is slowly being exposed. In the end Øbama will not be able to hide behind Executive Privilege because the invoking of Executive Privilege is in fact circumstantial evidence that the POTUS was in on the operation from the beginning and that he has been a part of the attempted cover-up.


2 responses to “Fast and Furious (again!!)

  1. I’m always glad to receive your posts in my inbox. I’m just worried the American people are just too uninformed, misinformed, and/or too dependent on the handout to make the sustainable (in terms of fiscal policy and a representative form of government) to make a reasoned decision. Hope all is well with you. Zach


  2. Zach it is wonderful to hear from you. In your country it is the turnout that is important. There will need to be a conservative get out the vote if Øbama is to be defeated.

    The Zimmerman case has taught me that some people are incapable of thinking for themselves. They understand the meme that is being fed to them. Translated into politics, and that is not a good thing.