The SCOTUS decision

This is a very hard subject because the decision itself is quite complex. There are two parts to the decision which shows that there is a win for both sides, and I must say that it all likelihood John Roberts has handed back a poisoned chalice. If this is the case then Mitt Romney will be the next POTUS. (Mitt Romney is not everybody’s ideal candidate but the fact is he gained the most votes, whether we like that prospect or not!!)Obama must be defeated at the next election. Since you have non-compulsory voting (unlike here in Australia), I urge those against Obama to make sure that they make an anti-Obama vote. It is the only way to restore the Republic of the USA.

At some point I will do a more detailed post on the ruling but for now I would like to comment upon what I see as the most interesting aspect of the decision, and that is the fact that under the Commerce clause the mandate was ruled unconstitutional.

When this abominable piece of legislation (nonsense is a far better word for what was actually passed by the Congress)was passed by the Congress the robots proclaimed that the Federal Congress had the right to pass such legislation and that it was Constitutional based upon the Commerce clause. However, this is not how the majority opinion of the SCOTUS ruled. Under the Commerce clause, the ruling remains that you cannot legislate to force a person into an activity.

However, the other side of the coin has been the declaration that the Congress could pass the legislation as a tax. OUCH!! This is what has made so many conservatives furious. This is in fact a very large tax that is being imposed upon a population that is already stressed and stretched to its limits with taxes and the like. There is a stick and no carrots with the approach that is being taken.

Since the ruling the Democrats have been trying to walk back their insistance that Abominablecare is a tax and that it something else. Well, that is not going to work because if that is the intent, then it is unconstitutional. In other words it can be argued that SCOTUS has placed this legislation and those who passed it, between a rock and a hard place. It is a lose-lose for the DNC to have the SCOTUS rule in this way.

This is why I actually think that John Roberts has placed before the POTUS and the Congress a poisoned chalice. This decision is not a triumph for either side.

I will need to do further research to break down the decision-making and the consequences of the SCOTUS decision. However, for now, I remain of the opinion that this decision has in fact skewered Obama rather than hand him any kind of victory.


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