The hypocrisy of Bashar al-Assad

Turkey has located the bodies of the pilots from the aircraft that was shot down. You can read about this discovery here. There are some troubling comments in this news article that I want to address:

1. It should be noted that it is the Russians who stated that the Turkish plane should not have strayed over Syrian airspace. Really? Here is the quote from the article:

“According to an unnamed Russian official quoted by the Interfax news agency, the plane was asking for trouble when it entered Syrian airspace.”

This kind of statement actually backs up what I have been saying – that Russia sees Syria as a sphere of influence and there is no way that Russia is going to allow a NATO country to have any say in Syria. (This is one very good reason to not get involved. The consequences could be really bad for the world).

2. Assad has once again shown himself to be two-faced with his statements. On the one hand he expresses regret that people were killed. However, he then turns around and makes accusations against Turkey because of the support that Turkey has given to members of the Opposition.

From other news reports that I have gleaned, it seems that more and more senior army officials are leaving the armed services and fleeing into Turkey. If those reports are true, then that would explain why al-Assad uses such threatening language against Turkey. His tone could also be a reflection of the influence that both Iran and Russia have over Syria. Al-Assad has chosen the same kind of excuses as those we heard from Moammar Gadhafi (blaming the unrest on outside forces and Al Qaeda), and like in Libya, the evidence is not in the slightest bit strong that in fact Al Qaeda has been involved. This is a tribal war!! It is the minority Alawites vs everyone else.


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