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I have just gleaned the medical report for George Zimmerman. I noticed a few things that are interesting but in fact are not necessarily relevant to his case. The first is about the Temazepam, and it looks like to me that only 1 tablet was dispensed, but I could be wrong. This would be consistent with having sleeplessness due to being at the hospital with his father and grandmother. There was no general evidence that he was taking this for a longer term.

However, what really stood out to me was that George was using something that is normally taken by people who suffer from osteoarthritis, namely Chondontrin (sp) and Glucosamine. Then I noticed that he was diagnosed with sacroiliitis. Ouch!! Poor George. (I have been diagnosed with the same condition but fortunately it appears that I do not have the underlying arthritis). Sacroiliitis is an extremely painful condition. In a young man (and especially in men with a certain blood typing called HLAB27) this could be a sign that he has ankylosing spondylitis. I sincerely hope that George does not have that condition!!

Anyway, looking at the list of medications there is nothing that is really remarkable in the list except of course the prescription for his ADD. With the Temaze there is not even a repeat prescription, so that is an indication that it was for a short term use. However, those who are against George Zimmerman have tried to make it sound like George was using illegal drugs, but this was not the case. His use of the medication for ADD is quite legitimate, and as for the Temaze it seems that there is a logical explanation for short term use.

I have come across people on other boards having a field day with the information about those two drugs, especially because when speed is used for illegal reasons it can and does lead a person into violent behaviour. However, when the product is used for a legitimate purpose it works to slow down the activity of the brain (brain hyperactivity is a feature of ADD or ADHD which is treated with amphetamine). Nobody mentioned the other medication or even the diagnosis of sacroiliitis.

The sacroiliitis is an inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint which is at the end of the lumbar spine. During an active period of inflammation there is a lot of associated pain. For George to have someone on top of him, beating the shit out of his brains would have been an excruciating experience, and not just because of what was happening to his head. That body weight on top of his own body would have been a nightmare to George if the sacroiliitis is active at the time.


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  1. friendofstfrank

    You are quite brilliant. I must say I love how you just bring out facts that other folk overlook or dont understand. People who dont suffer from a disability havent got a clue about the suffering that occurs. Once agaon, cheers.


  2. Way OT:

    Did you hear about David Axelrod? He was making the circuit of the major network morning TV shows claiming that Romney is the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon!

    The audacity of these people is remarkable.


  3. are you serious Carlyle? Sheesh… after 4 years of Ødumbo being secretive that is a real stretch!!


  4. friendsofstfrank, the reason I can talk about sacroiliitis is because I have the condition!! or at least it showed up on one x-ray but not on others.

    I pinged to a problem as soon as I saw that George was taking “medication” for arthritis. I recognized what he was taking and I know that it works best for people with osteoarthritis, but not so much for other forms of arthritis. I speak from experience.

    Once I spotted the glucosamine and chondoitrin I looked a little closer at the report and discovered the diagnosis of sacroiliitis. Since he is a young man, and I do know about ankylosing spondylitis, I do in fact suspect that George has the beginnings of what could be AS. I sincerely hope that I am wrong about that.

    As one who has the condition, I know how much it can hurt around the top of the hips and I know how hard it is to sleep at night because that is when the stiffness begins to set in. This could explain why the doctor had prescribed the temaze which is only taken at night just before retiring to bed.


  5. Yes, I am serious. And he did not even bat an eye or cringe. I would not want to play poker against that guy. The only other persons I know who can say equally outrageous things with a poker face are Debbie Wasserman Schulz and Baghdad Bob.

    And while we are OT – remember that lunatic at Citizen Wells (one of our friends called him a ‘demented prick’)? One of his major ongoing arguments with me was that the Supreme Court (especially Roberts) was just itching for a chance to smack FKO hard. My theory was just the opposite. It must suck being him. Always wrong and your chief nemesis always right.


  6. Yeah it must suck being that particular person. On the other hand, Roberts handed them a poison chalice. Have you seen how they are squirming over the mandate being ruled a tax? Honestly, it is a better decision than just striking down the mandate under the Commerce Clause. It has fallen back in their laps 🙂


  7. Air Force Brat

    Rarely am I clueless, but I sure am now. (It’s probably because I avoid that place like the plague it has become. 😉 ). I’m sure I would remember a “demented prick”, but I’m honestly drawing a blank. Would you happen to be referring to the alleged ex-lawyer from Tennessee? Or is there a prick there that’s even more demented than he was? 🙂


  8. Air Force Brat

    Thanks! Glad to know that my “blonde moments” aren’t as often as I feared they were. 😀

    Btw, Aussie, on sort of a side note: Have you had trouble accessing Hillbuzz lately? I’ve been trying for three days to visit there, but it just scrolls and scrolls and scrolls and the site never opens up. Eventually there’s a generic error message “Cannot Display Webpage”. All other websites open up just fine.

    I thought they may be having tech problems, or had been hacked — or even that somehow, my ISP had been banned for some reason. I’m no computer savant, but something just seems weird. Any ideas? ( I’d feel better if other people were also having trouble accessing Hillbuzz.)


  9. Air Force Brat

    Oops! I’m sorry, I meant it “spools and spools and spools”, NOT “scrolls and scrolls and scrolls”.


  10. Hey there AFB – where ya’ been?


  11. Air Force Brat

    Hi Carlyle — I’ve had my nose to the grindstone, to the point I feel like Michael Jackson sometimes! LOL 😀

    I will SO be lookng forward to November. The Augean stables in D.C. need a oood cleaning / power wash / fumigation. And then an exorcism wouldn’t hurt either!


    • I am truly hoping that in November this fraud will be tossed out on his behind.

      He is in a real tight spot after that rather schizophrenic Supreme Court decision