The inconsistencies of the Martin supporters

One of the things that irks me about the Zimmerman case happens to be the attitude of the Martin family and the three ring circus of supporters. The methodology of the Scheme Team needs to be exposed as much as possible so that there will be no more repeats of this particular situation. There are many inconsistencies in the Martin narrative, but it is the supporters who are totally over the top.

One lot of supporters have been bringing up cases that have no relationship to what took place on the night that Trayvon Martin died from a gunshot wound. This is because they have been seeking to claim that the case is based in racism. That is not the case, and as time goes by I hope to provide more posts that will show that if anything this case is about reverse racism, as well as about the reparations industry.

One of the cases allegedly involving what is known as SYG is the Marissa Anderson case. It is another one that was prosecuted by the wicked witch Angela Corey, also known as Jabba the Hutt. However, the circumstances have absolutely no relevance to the Zimmerman case. Marissa Anderson was in a bad relationship. I need to refresh my memory about the case because I am not sure if her husband was necessarily the only violent one in the relationship that had gone sour. The upshot of that case is that Anderson went to her car to get a gun, and she then discharged the gun, aiming at the wall, but with her children nearby. Angela Corey always prosecutes for the children!!  Anderson believed that she had the SYG laws on her side, and she refused to plea bargain. The jury disagreed with the defense and Anderson was found guilty of discharging a firearm. She was given the mandatory term of 20 years. Whilst I consider the sentence to be harsh, I do not believe that SYG applied in the Anderson case.

There is another case where a black man was involved in a neighbourhood dispute, he took his gun with him to the confrontation, and he shot a white man. Once again, in that case, which is yet to be resolved, SYG does not apply. These people knew what they were doing when they fetched their weapons.

Yet another case, which had absolutely no relevance was one in another state (Arizona) where the man in a mixed relationship killed his wife and children (I think). Just like the other cases, this one has nothing in common with the Zimmerman circumstances, not even the mixed marriage has anything to do with Zimmerman and that is because it is going to be extremely difficult based upon what actually took place that night for the prosecution to prove that there was a real racial motivation. The Persecution has nothing that will make their case look legitimate… and that includes what must be seen to be their star witness, DeeDee.

My view of DeeDee’s evidence is that this girl is someone who was found after Chief Lee and the Attorney General Wolfsen said that Zimmerman had no case to answer (although the case was to go before the Grand Jury), and in fact she was plucked from the air after 16 March. If ever there was a set up, then DeeDee is that set up. If ever there was a potential for witness tampering, then Dee Dee is that potential and example. In fact, I am of the belief that DeeDee was not on the phone to Trayvon Martin that night, and I believe that her testimony was the result of coaching. The coach is Benjamin Crump.

Dee Dee was produced to be a counter to the claims of self-defense by George Zimmerman. There are many inconsistencies between the two statements. If anyone is not to be believed then I am of the opinion that it is Dee Dee who should not be believed because there is enormous potential that her testimony was coached, and that she was only repeating what she was told to say. I acknowledge that some people actually think that Dee Dee was on the phone however, there are reasons to dispute that to be the case including:

1. TM came into contact with 3 individuals when he was at the 7-11 store. It is more than likely that he had contact with them before they went into the store and further contact with one of them who left the store ahead of the other two.

2. TM spoke to somebody on the telephone when he was in the 7-11 store. (His voice is very deep). There is absolutely no proof that the caller was Dee Dee. It could be that one of the young people known as the three stooges actually rang TM.

3. The evidence that suggest that TM was trying to meet someone at the store is based within the CCTV footage where TM is shown to be looking around as he is making the purchases.

BTW the store clerk also profiled Trayvon Martin and from what I saw of the footage the clerk was a wee bit nervous where this individual was concerned.

Dee Dee’s discrepancies become more apparent when they are compared to George Zimmerman’s re-enactment. It seems tha by the time that BDLR interviewed her, Dee Dee was embellishing her story such that she could hear the grass and she claims that Trayvon called out “get off me”. Now that claim is really strange when it was Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman. I am still wondering what grass sounds like.  Needless to say that some people accept this little dimwit’s testimony but they also believe that she was actually egging on TM to commit an act of brutality against the person of George Zimmerman, hence her silence. If this girl did in fact hear anything why did she not call 911? I think it is because she is a false witness who heard nothing!!

Demolishing Dee Dee and her statements should now be a priority for the Zimmerman defense team. There is no reason to believe that Dee Dee did in fact hear anything. If she heard this confrontation why did she remain silent? I think that she is a witness who lacks credibility.

There is a lot more to be written about this case, and about the major players, especially their own lack of credibility. For example it seems to me that Tracy Martin is the type that runs around a lot. I think that there is a very big story where he and the Martin family are concerned. Then there is the ex-wife, Sybrina Fulton, who is Trayvon’s birth money, then there is Sylvia Martin… and.. oh yes, Brandy Green and her son Chad Joseph.  On top of this there is the problem of real witnesses who have changed their testimony more often than they change their underwear – enter Marcy Cutcher.


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