The Zimmerman case

At long last the judge in this case has issued another bond order. Whilst I am disappointed that the judge set the bond at $1 million dollars (with the 10% being impossible for an indigent person to raise), it would seem that this could be taken as a slap in the face to the Persecution. On the surface it looks like the judge has given into Jabba the Hutt (aka Angela Corey), her incompetent offsider BDLR, the Chump of all chumps and his zoo friends. However, as has been explained by someone who has been through an extremely tough legal case, sometimes the judge will give a bit to one side, which looks like a slap down, and then when final judgement is made it is that side that gets the real slap down.

There are many nuances in this case. One of the best sites for legal analysis is Jeralyn’s TalkLeft – yes you have that right, I am reading a left-wing site and I think that the analysis that I am reading at the site is excellent (even if I do not agree on everything). The reason that Jeralyn’s analysis is so good is that she is a defense attorney. It seems that she knows the laws and she knows her stuff. Jeralyn has set up a forum for the Zimmerman case, just like she did with the Duke Lacrosse case. This gives a more structured means of communication for people interested in the case. Also, Jeralyn is quite strict about what she will allow with regard to discussion. In true lawyer fashion Jeralyn is not allowing wild speculation with regard to what took place, by either side.

Whilst the Last Refuge has some good analysis, that does not mean that the particular site is the best out there when it comes to looking at the facts relating to the actual case. The original emphasis at that site had been the media exposure and the lies being told by the media, connecting the dots, and exposing the Scheme Team. From that angle the work that has been done is excellent. Yet, there are many places where they fail in what they are trying to achieve. I would have to say that I disagree with that site perhaps 60% of the time. This is because the site is far more speculative than either Talk Left or Mike Daniels site.

However, there is one poster, MichaelnotMike, who has been a Prosecutor in the past, and who has been providing analysis for the site from time to time who has also been providing excellent analysis when he has shown up. It is Michael’s view that Judge Lester has been quite fair in his bond statement. Since I am not a lawyer, I am not sure whether this is the case because I see many holes that need to be plugged.

However, this case is raising a lot of questions, especially in relation to the issue of donations given through Paypal. It is this issue that is critical with regards to why the bond was revoked in the first place. I continue to disagree with the revokation of the bond based upon what was in fact deceptive editing of court transcripts. There should be an element of doubt about whether or not Shellie Zimmerman did in fact deceive the court based upon the deception of the Persecution in this case.

During the first bond hearing Shellie was asked very specific questions. I do in fact think that she answered a couple of questions in the wrong way based upon what she knew, however, the relevant question to her was regarding the Paypal account. The question was asked in such a way that it set a trap, yet on the other hand, the questioner displayed his own ignorance with regard to Paypal.

When someone sets up a Paypal account the account must be attached to that of a financial institution bank account. However, monies in the Paypal account are not monies in the financial institution account. The owner of the Paypal account must specifically request Paypal transfer the money to the financial institution. This can take several days. The money is not automatically available once it hits the financial institution account. There is usually a stop of about 5 days before the money becomes available. On top of that Paypal has limits on how much can be transferred – $10k is the upper limit. This means that the funds are not automatically available once they have been received into the Paypal account.  In other words the Persecution was wrong in some of its assumptions about the account. Timing is everything as far as banking is concerned, and especially in determining whether or not someone is really indigent at a given point in time. It takes a forensic accountant to work out whether or not something was available on a given date. As far as this case is concerned the accountant did not give an adequate accounting of what funds were available around the time of the bond hearing. He did however, give an accounting for the funds, which did not address the concerns of the judge. I get the impression that Mark O’Mara was floundering on this particular subject. He could have done this a lot better if he had ensured that he understood the workings of Paypal and when the funds actually become available.  However, that is a minor criticism after the fact.

The specific question asked of Shellie Zimmerman was whether or not she knew the amount of funds in the Paypal account. She was not asked about the bank account attached to the Paypal account. She responded that she did not know the current amount. This was a truthful answer. On top of that she directed the court to ask those questions of her brother-in-law, Robert Zimmerman. The court did not follow-up her direction on this matter, and left it all hanging in the breeze. This is the reason that I believe that the Persecution deliberately set out to set-up the Zimmermans.

However, this goes a lot deeper, because the Chump and his associates from the zoo, have been howling over the amounts that have been donated to the fund. I think that this is unconscionable because it highlights the actual aim of the Scheme Team – to make money out of the death of a young person. They are jealous that George Zimmerman had been able to raise so much money in a very short time, and they want to ensure that he has no funds available for his defense, which means trying to take as much money as possible.

There is a very real issue here that needs to be addressed regarding whether or not the money in the defense fund should have been revealed. The specific purpose for the raising of funds is that money is required to mount a defense for the charge of second degree murder (this is over-charging in anyone’s language based upon the facts at the scene of the homicide).

There are many other issues to be raised about the way in which the investigation was conducted, especially the unconscionable conduct of former detective Chris Serino. On top of that I have noticed the way in which the narrative has been framed to the point that even the medical examiner was relaying non-facts as though those things were facts in the case.


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