The Vote

I had been expecting news of this event: Libya has gone to the polls to elect a 200 strong council. It is their first free vote in 40 years.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly do not know because Libya was far more Muslim than secular Egypt when their revolution occured. What I have learned is that there are 4 main parties: Muslim Brotherhood, Jibril’s party (not associated with Al Qaeda but more secular), Belhaj’s Party (the Al Qaeda possible connection) and a 4th group. Of these I would think Jibril is the most moderate.

Libya continues to be full of tension but the media lost interest. The militias continue to exist, and honestly that is not a good thing. However, we continue to play the waiting game where Libya is concerned.

The fly in the ointment continues to be Benghazi because the inhabitants feel that they are being slighted because there are more seats allocated to the West of the country than to the East. Cyraencia has declared itself to be semi-autonomous. I am not sure how that is working out at the present time.

Once the results of this election are known then I will have some more serious questions to ask regarding the outcome and what it means in terms of possible shifting alliances in the future. If for example, the Muslim Brotherhood gain the upper hand, will that mean a negation of the pact with the U.K. and France? Will it mean a realignment with Iran? I would be surprised if that party has a strong showing because the majority of Libyans are not Shia, but they are Sufi. It makes a difference.

After what the people went through to get rid of the hated Moammar Gadhafi I would hardly think that they would want to head in a direction that would see them enslaved, but then again they are Muslims.

On a related subject, that of the Australian lawyer, Melinda Taylor, I personally think that she is an extremely stupid person. She claims that what she handed over was a bunch of doodles and nothing was coded!!  Yes, she is that thick. The woman has done exactly what the female lawyer in New York did with the blind sheik. She passed on a document that came from a known Gadhafi associate. I think that the Libyans had a very good reason to detain the woman because she behaved like a real idiot.


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