A mystery solved?

Who gave shelter to Osama bin Laden in Pakistan? That has been a burning question for a very long time. Most of us have suspected that former President Musharaf had a hand in Bin Laden disappearing from view… well I am not going to discount that suspicion. However, the finger has been pointed at a man who was extremely powerful under Musharef. His name is Brigadier Ijaz Shah.

The accusation has been made by another Pakistani intelligence person, and on the surface it makes a lot of sense that this man is the higher up person who had been sheltering Osama Bin Laden after he fled from Afghanistan. The reasons begin to add up for a variety of reasons, but top of the list has to be the fact that Benahzir Bhutto was assassinated and she had named this man as one who could be responsible if anything should happen to her.

Why give credence to Bhutto’s letter? I do not give her letter that much credence but there is a tiny little detail that seems to point the finger at Shah when it comes to the death of Bhutto. Shah was in charge of the detail that failed to give Bhutto at the time that she was assassinated. Does it make sense now?

This is a man who had links to Musharef. He was in a very high position. No one would suspect that he was sheltering Osama bin Laden. The allegation is that it was Shah who ordered the building of the Bin Laden compound. Again, this makes a lot of sense because someone other than members of the Bin Laden entourage must have ordered the builders to build that compound in the first place. Who would suspect that someone so high up would have the nerve to place Bin Laden in Abbottabad? That is the whole point of bringing up this man’s name as the one who was providing shelter to Osama Bin Laden when he vanished from sight for so long.


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