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One thing Australia has in common with the USA is an illegal immigration problem. How can this be true when Australia is an island continent? The fact is that those illegal immigrants are setting sail from Indonesia, and some of them are only a few kilometres into international waters when they send up distress signals. They know that the Australian navy will pick them up. The numbers entering Australia since 2007 is actually phenomenal. During the 10 years of the Howard government we would be lucky to see about 3 boats in a year, but right now the number of boats arriving are heading towards 3 a day…. yes it is that bad.

The people on board those boats are from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Now there is no war in Pakistan so you cannot call anyone from that country a refugee. It is not true!!  There is no war in Iran either, so one must consider whether or not these people are genuinely fleeing that regime or whether they are being sent to Australia for some nefarious purpose. NOTE: so far none have been from Libya or Syria which would be where I would expect to see refugees. The Syrian refugees have fled across the border into Turkey where they sit in camps being attended by the Turks!! The Libyan refugee problem was a disaster for Italy, and I dare say that a lot of those who were sent there in boats were not your every day regular Libyan but were in fact Africans who had moved to Libya. Others were from Tunisia and they were simply looking for a better life. These are not refugees from a war torn country!!

The issue here in Australia is, I believe a problem associated with the PC nonsense that is dished up by the media and those with a liberal bent. Instead of calling these people illegal immigrants they refer to them as a boatload of refugees. This PC talk is in fact a form of encouragement to the people smugglers because they know that their cargo is getting a sympathetic hearing from the politically naive within Australia. You can bet that those who are in favour of keeping open borders are those from the rather stupid Green aka Watermelon Party. Now that Bob Brown has retired from the Senate (despite him saying that he was not going to retire), and the extremely stupid nutcase Christine Milne is the new spokesperson, with Sarah 2-fathers crying and moaning and generally beclowning herself with her own ignorance, the Watermelons are proving yet again that they were just too extreme to be taken seriously, yet they are in a position of influencing Australia’s policies and inaction in this matter.

There are a few things that could take place that would help stem the flow of these illegal immigrants. First of all, the current government should come off the high horse, admit they were wrong and go back to the Pacific Solution…. send the illegals to Nauru. Second, is to stop giving these illegal immigrants bridging visas. Third, process them rapidly, and return them to a Muslim country which is where they belong. Fourth, stop putting them up in accommodation and stop giving them money for nothing. Do not supply them with goods that they do not know how to use. Send them packing out of Australia. Fifth, if they have no papers, they should be automatically refused entry into Australia.

About a week after I left Canberra a big scandal erupted that was directly related to this issue. An Iraqi who had been a former soldier or navy officer was outed. The man had been working as a trolley person at what had been my local shopping centre. In fact his face when it appeared on TV was vaguely familiar. He was a people smuggler, and he had found his way into Australia. He had been supplied with a government home in Canberra, in the suburb where I used to live prior to 1996. The mere fact that this man was living in a government home meant that Australians, in the form of Canberrans in need of accommodation were being deprived of that accommodation. On top of that the man had been involved in the smuggling of drugs. Yet within a week of being exposed, he had managed to flee the country. Someone needs to explain why this man, Captain Emad was allowed to leave Australia after he was discovered.

The situation is now so absurd, with the level of boat arrivals and the distress signals that one journalist, has hinted quite strongly that the Royal Australian Navy is being treated as if it was a taxi service for these illegal immigrants.

Please note: I believe that it is ok to allow genuine refugees, that is those who have been processed and who are waiting in refugee camps for their opportunity to be moved to another country. I do not think it is ok for people to make their way to Indonesia and then pay these people smugglers to get them to Australia. This kind of action prevents the genuine refugees from being resettled.


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