Does anyone have more reliable information?

The LSM is reporting that things are heating up in Damascus. I am not sure if the information is reliable because of the attempts to deprive the western world of the truth.

The Free Syrian Army consists of individuals who had defected from the army and has sought refuge in Turkey. They are obviously keen to end the reign of Bashar al-Assad one way or another.

Up until now Russia and China have been stumbling blocks in efforts to get a UN resolution or for some kind of settlement. In fact Russia has been caught attempting to supply Assad with arms. On top of that Iran has supplied its elite forces to move against the Syrian population (and this is the reason why I support the Syrian people in their strugge against the minority Allawite tribe).

Several times in recent weeks there have been incidents take place that could threaten the whole region. One incident involved Turkey and the other incident involved Lebanon. If the Turkish situation had not been resolved, then this could have ended up with NATO involvement in some fashion.

I note here that the Israeli intelligence is calling the rebels “radical Islam”, which is in line with Assad calling them terrorists. He also reports that Assad has withdrawn troops from the Golan heights and sent them to areas where there are troubles, including Damascus. It could be that the “rebels” are indeed winning.

With so much unreliable information regarding the Syrian conflict it is extremely difficult to know whether or not these people are either “terrorists” or “radical Islam”. I have seen almost nothing to support such conjecture. However, I could be entirely wrong about motivation where the Syrians are concerned. I am being hampered by the lack of information regarding this conflict. I do not trust the Assad regime to tell the truth.

The Assad propaganda is as bad as the propaganda that came from the Gadhafi regime. It is not the slightest bit reliable. In both instances I note that there was a concerted effort to keep reporters from finding out the truth. In Libya’s case, though, the rebels did everything that they could to ensure that the LSM was reporting with some accuracy about the real situation. Also, Gadhafi had his propaganda machine in place, and it was always amusing to see how things were reported by those who were guests of the regime because there were always those little riders that pointed out the lies of the Gadhafi regime. In the case of Assad, because he has not allowed the journalists to enter into Syria we are not being given even that much in regard to reliable information.

If it was not for the involvement of Iran in propping up Assad I would probably draw different conclusions. One thing I am checking though, is any sign of Russia and China being less obstructionist with regard to the situation. It is obvious that Russia and China do not want to lose another sphere of influence in the region which explains why they have been digging in and refusing to condemn Bashar al-Assad via a UN resolution.


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