RNC accuses Obama of Crony Capitalism – what took so long?

The Daily Caller is running the story on a statement by Reince Priebus regarding Obama California bundler Steve Westly. In rather strong terms Priebus points out that someone needs to come clean on the matter. In his words: “It reeks of crony capitalism” .

I have a suggestion for Mr. Priebus, and that is, do not stop at what has been given to Steve Westly as a payoff. The crony capitalism, which is on display over the grants given to various solar companies is only the tip of the iceberg. It is far greater than Steve Westly.

The RNC needs to pull their fingers out and do some real investigation especially in regard to the activities in Chicago. Everything about Obama reeks of crony capitalism. There is none more corrupt than Obama. He makes Richard Nixon look like a saint… and I might add here that I have not heard one single accusation of crony capitalism levelled against Richard Nixon, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. However, even before this jerk was elected to the Presidency there were rumours and proof of his corruption.

The real question is why no one has bothered to probe these improprieties. On top of that why, when it is against the election Act, (what remains of McCain-Feingold provisions) to raise campaign funds overseas, we have a President who is boldly raising funds in overseas countries. The RNC needs to pull their fingers out and protest to the FEC about campaign donations raised in that way. Hillary Clinton had to give back funds provided by overseas interests in 2008, well, the same should be the situation right now. The Supreme Court did not strike down the clause that related to funds from overseas corporations or individuals. In fact that remains in place.

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