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Whilst reading about the defection of a politician from Aleppo in Syria, I have discovered some interesting truths about the Ba’ath Party in particular that I feel needs quite a bit of research and follow-up. As a result I am transferring my posts on the subject to another blog that deals specifically with this form of Middle East subject. I have a post up on History of the World San Revisionism that is dealing with this subject.

What I have discovered relates to the Ba’ath Party, and its origins. I am not sure how many people are aware of the Nazi connection to the Ba’ath Party but the fact remains that there is both a Nazi and a Communist connection.

When commenting upon the situation in Egypt, Syria and Iraq in particular one needs to have a general understanding of the Ba’ath Party and its political aims. This is something that cannot be seen in isolation from the fact that these are generally Muslim countries. I read some stories about how the Christians in Syria are about to be punished, but I keep in mind that the tribe of Druze who are majority Christian have in fact supported Bashar al-Assad, and if they are in fact punished after this is over, then they probably have themselves to blame. Like the Alawites, the Druze are a minority within Syria.

Something else that I have learned is that there is a group of foreigners that have entered into Syria. They are the ones that appear to have ties to Al Qaeda, which is counter to what I have seen claimed about the opposition within Syria. My information came from a report that I saw regarding the kidnap of a British journalist and Dutch photographer who were held captive by this particular group. It was the Syrian Free Army who turned up and got them released. This group had been extremely threatening towards the journalist and photographer, demanding that they convert to Islam. What they noted is that many within the group had British accents, and they also noted that some of the group were from Pakistan. This is the group that is giving the Syrian Free Army a bad name and bad reputation. In other words their activity is destroying the reputation of the SFA amongst the world at large.

My interest will be turning to the origins of the Ba’ath Party since I think that this is something that needs to be explored in order to open up some eyes regarding the truth about the forces that have been strong in that particular region. I had heard some things about Saddam Hussein regarding the Nazi Party in particular. What I find confusing are the claims about the CIA and the belief that that the Ba’ath Party was somehow anti-Communist. I suspect that it is not true in light of the fact that Nasser in Egypt was in fact a Marxist, and that he had been moving Egypt towards Communism when he was overthrown by the military.

Whatever the outcome of any of my research, I do think it reasonable to refer to these particular Islamic countries as Islamic-facism under the Ba’ath Party. It is this Fascism that I think has been hidden from view because too many people do not want to face the reality that Fascism is not dead and buried, but that it continues to thrive in the Islamic environment.

Something else that I note here is that most people have continued to not understand the true nature of Libya when it was under the rule of Gadhafi. If they had taken the time to discover more about those years, they would have seen that Gadhafi had followed Mao Tse Tung with his little Red Schoolbook, with his own version called the Green book. What I did learn is that this green book was hated by the older Libyans. Most people do not understand that Gadhafi had turned Libya into a Socialist state following a Communist model. This was something hated by the majority of the population, especially when they had their goods and businesses seized by Gadhafi and given to others. There was plenty of motivation to get rid of Gadhafi that had nothing to do with religion. On the other had there were religious and ethnic motivations as well  including the fact that Gadhafi had suppressed the language of the Bedouin who lived in the mountain regions (this was the group of Bedouin who led the charge into Tripoli when Gadhafi was finally overthrown). Other groups were motivated because their mosques had been closed down by Gadhafi.  The truth is that within Libya the Salafists were a minority and they needed the majority of Libyan citizens to revolt in order to bring about the regime change that has taken place. This is a far cry from the Egyptian scenario in particular where Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists have the upper hand.

When looking at these factors, I go back to the declaration about Libya by Jalil who had declared that Libya would follow Sharia Law. Actually, what he meant is that Libya would be throwing out the Communist influences that Gadhafi had introduced and that the country would return to a purer form of Sharia, just as the people had wanted in the first place. There is only one other difference and that relates to Commercial Law where Libya had been following a French model. This would suggest that in terms of Commercial Law there will be some kind of reform within Libya. The point is that Sharia Law already existed in Libya and the people had voted to retain Sharia Law many years prior to their people’s revolution.

I will be continuing to watch the Libyan situation in light of the fact there remains some instability, and of course the fact that the Gadhafi family with their money have not been rounded up. At the same time I point out that the guns being used by the Islamists in Mali were supplied by Gadhafi money!!


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