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The Dingo did it

The disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain from the campsite at Uluru or Ayer’s Rock has been one of the most controversial mysteries in Australian history. It is only recently that yet another coronial inquiry was held, reversing the erroneous 2nd Coronial Inquiry, and giving to Lindy and Michael Chamberlain a death certificate for their daughter that reflected the realities of that fateful night. This last inquest repeated the findings of the first inquest under Coroner Dennis Barritt – those findings should never have been reversed.

From the beginning there were some people who believed that it was not possible that a dingo could have dragged the baby away from the camp site. These are the same people who disregarded the eye witnesses who were with the Chamberlains that fateful night. Not only were there people who had raised dingoes who refused to accept the reality that these wild dogs could in fact be killers, but there were police who were more than willing to blame Lindy Chamberlain for the murder of her infant. Then there were the rumours because the Chamberlains were members of the Seventh Day Adventists.

This is the case that split Australia in two, and to this day there are people who will not accept that the dingo really took Azaria Chamberlain. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the so called evidence was tarnished from the beginning. The work of the forensic pathologist, Joyce Kuhl was an absolute joke – and her reward was the offer of a job in the Northern Territory, despite the fact that she totally blundered with her findings. Sound deadener found in the car was supposed to be fetal blood, and the so called blood on the baby outfit was, wait for it, red desert sand. Big fail Joyce!!

Lindy Chamberlain faced a murder trial in the Northern Territory, and based upon the defense evidence, she should have been found not guilty. The findings of the forensic pathologist had been discredited, yet the jury was determined that Lindy Chamberlain did in fact murder her infant. They believed the hokey that was the evidence placed before them, claiming that Lindy murdered her baby. The problem seemed to be that they did not bother to understand what those other experts pointed out to them – and I know if I had been a member of that jury then I would have been fighting tooth and nail to have Lindy found not guilty. The trial was nothing more than a kangaroo court – a trial by media long before the actual trial. There was no possibility that Lindy and Michael Chamberlain would have a fair trial. That is what happened in Darwin and the outcome was a total disgrace. They were innocent. There was no murder. The prosecution lied!!

Over the years Lindy Chamberlain fought to clear her name, and gradually she had small wins, including information that came to light regarding other dingo attacks, not just at Uluru but in other locations. It was the gathering of this information that finally led to the new Coronial Inquiry with the conclusion that the dingo took the baby, and that at some point there was human intervention with regard to the remains of the infant.

Today there has been another dingo incident, this time involving a 13 year old girl who was asleep at a campsite when the dingo came calling. You can read about that story here. The girl survived, but she tells of the dingo dragging at her sleeping bag. It is worth noting that according to the locals where the incident happened, it is the 4th such incident this year.

The Mona Lisa

There is an interesting article about the woman who is supposed to be the Mona Lisa. It appears that she survived her husband and died at the age of 63. It also appears that she went into a convent after her husband’s death. I did not know those facts because some had specualated that her portrait had shown she had breast cancer – obviously the person who made that claim was wrong.

The article is about an archaeological dig at the convent where it was believed that the woman was buried.


Does anyone have more reliable information?

The LSM is reporting that things are heating up in Damascus. I am not sure if the information is reliable because of the attempts to deprive the western world of the truth.

The Free Syrian Army consists of individuals who had defected from the army and has sought refuge in Turkey. They are obviously keen to end the reign of Bashar al-Assad one way or another.

Up until now Russia and China have been stumbling blocks in efforts to get a UN resolution or for some kind of settlement. In fact Russia has been caught attempting to supply Assad with arms. On top of that Iran has supplied its elite forces to move against the Syrian population (and this is the reason why I support the Syrian people in their strugge against the minority Allawite tribe).

Several times in recent weeks there have been incidents take place that could threaten the whole region. One incident involved Turkey and the other incident involved Lebanon. If the Turkish situation had not been resolved, then this could have ended up with NATO involvement in some fashion.

I note here that the Israeli intelligence is calling the rebels “radical Islam”, which is in line with Assad calling them terrorists. He also reports that Assad has withdrawn troops from the Golan heights and sent them to areas where there are troubles, including Damascus. It could be that the “rebels” are indeed winning.

With so much unreliable information regarding the Syrian conflict it is extremely difficult to know whether or not these people are either “terrorists” or “radical Islam”. I have seen almost nothing to support such conjecture. However, I could be entirely wrong about motivation where the Syrians are concerned. I am being hampered by the lack of information regarding this conflict. I do not trust the Assad regime to tell the truth.

The Assad propaganda is as bad as the propaganda that came from the Gadhafi regime. It is not the slightest bit reliable. In both instances I note that there was a concerted effort to keep reporters from finding out the truth. In Libya’s case, though, the rebels did everything that they could to ensure that the LSM was reporting with some accuracy about the real situation. Also, Gadhafi had his propaganda machine in place, and it was always amusing to see how things were reported by those who were guests of the regime because there were always those little riders that pointed out the lies of the Gadhafi regime. In the case of Assad, because he has not allowed the journalists to enter into Syria we are not being given even that much in regard to reliable information.

If it was not for the involvement of Iran in propping up Assad I would probably draw different conclusions. One thing I am checking though, is any sign of Russia and China being less obstructionist with regard to the situation. It is obvious that Russia and China do not want to lose another sphere of influence in the region which explains why they have been digging in and refusing to condemn Bashar al-Assad via a UN resolution.

They didn’t see this result coming – ya think?

It looks like the moderate party formed by Jibril has won a majority in Libya, and now Jibril is calling on all parties to help form a coalition for the governing of the country. It is still very early days for the new Libya…. and there is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip as the saying goes. Once again, in this analysis there is a little bit of information that needs exposure.

According to the Guardian, the academics and advisors did not see this contrary outcome and I cannot imagine why they did not see that there would be a different outcome from either that of Tunisia and Egypt. According to this report:

Election officials confirmed on Saturday that with 98% of votes from last weekend’s election, the first in Libya for 48 years, the NFA and its allies won 17 of the 20 “super constituencies”, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction party capturing only one.

“Nobody saw this coming,” said Dirk Vandewalle, a US academic and former adviser to UN special envoy for Libya, Ian Martin. “The rule – all oil-exporting countries in the Middle East always being authoritarian – may have been proved wrong by Libya. There’s a whole academic literature about this [and] it will have to be rewritten.”

This has only come about because the academics did not do their research on Libya. They knew Libya under Moammar Gadhafi but they had no clue about the old Libya under king Idris, or Libya as a colony of Italy. To repeat the history lesson here: Libya had been under Italian colonial rule, Idris, who was head of the Sanusi sect in Libya made an agreement with the Allied Forces to defeat the opposing forces, and in return he would receive help to overthrow the colonial masters. This occurred after the end of the second world war, and then Idris became king in Libya. It was Idris who was overthrown by Gadhafi. This history is important in understanding the Libyan situation and especially why the people of the East in particular hated Gadhafi. I need to add a bit more to that history – the people of the West, in particular in Tripoli did not want to end the colonial rule, and Gadhafi’s family were a part of that particular resistance. A relative of King Idris took a minor role in the revolution that occurred last year.

Dirk Vandewalle makes his error because he lumped Libya in with Egypt and Tunisia. Time and time again I saw people writing about the influence of Muslim Brotherhood, raising fears that Muslim Brotherhood would also prevail in Libya. The problem here is that no one bothered to think about whether or not Libyans wanted to swap one kind of dictatorial yoke for another yoke. No one bothered to analyse the fact that Libya is already a Muslim country with Sharia in place. Nobody bothered to listen to the people who stated that they were in fact pro-western.

This is where historical information needs to be reviewed, and again one needs to look at Libya under the rule of Idris. It was probably not a perfect society, but the thing is that under Idris Libya had been pro-West, and it had been neutral as far as Israel was concerned. The anti-Israel stuff began only after Gadhafi came to power. Idris was not a Communist.

Since I have not studied the history of Tunisia I am unable to comment upon such things as possible Communist leanings, and I cannot comment upon the dictatorship that was overthrown by the people. The fact is that the Tunisians chose the party that was in fact Muslim Brotherhood, as opposed parties that were more left-wing in outlook, or were tied to the Salafists. Maybe they had no other alternative. I have not really checked out the history of Tunisia to find out why they made that mistake of trusting Ennhaba.

Since I began following what was happening in Libya I was struck by the fact that the people had suffered in silence the dictatorship of Libya. It seems that the Western world had remained largely ignorant about the struggles within that country. The people were not allowed to form any political parties, and those who did were either tortured or murdered by the regime. Mr. Belhadj, the leader of the party that was pro-Qatar, is one such person. Yes, it is true he had some links to Al Qaeda, but he was never serious about some aspects of jihad. He was captured and tortured by Gadhafi and what he endured was really quite unspeakable, yet that torture gave him resolve and determination to participate in the overthrow of Gadhafi. There were others just like Mr. Belhadj, in that they are fundamentalist in outlook. These fundamentalists have not prevailed because people do not want to swap one yoke for another.  Instead they have pinned their hopes on a party that they perceive will help to bring Libya out of isolation.

The real comparison though, is not on Belhadj’s party but on the one set up by Muslim Brotherhood. They were soundly defeated. It seems that Libyans do not trust Muslim Brotherhood. The article actually points to possible reasons why this might be the case. It seems that there is a lack of trust towards the Muslim Brotherhood because of their cooperation with Gadhafi.

It seems to me that the analysts failed to see that Libya would buck the trend because of their own tunnel vision. They see the Middle East in one specific way. Yet they have failed to understand that Libyans are not Arabs, just like Iranians are not Arabs. It is not possible to determine how these people will think… especially when they failed to research the history of the country or to even grasp that the reason that the Libyan opposition (to Gadhafi) reached out to NATO, the UK and France in the first place was due to the fact that they wanted to come out of the cold.

On the other hand, Egyptians are of the Arab culture. In that country, and in Tunisia there seems to be a hankering for a more fundamentalist lifestyle, or it could be that the Muslim Brotherhood had wormed their way into the hearts of the people through their “charitable” works. By doing those “works” the MB were in fact being remembered in a good light rather than in a light which would be closer to the truth.

Elections have consequences, and it would seem that in Egypt the ones who voted were more included towards Muslim Brotherhood than they were inclined towards liberal leftists. In Libya it seems that the people wanted a party that will guide the country towards propserity.

Another massacre in Syria – and Russia continues to defend Assad

My heart remains with the people who are suffering at the hands of the Allawite tribe and Bashar al-Assad. It has been almost 18 months since the trouble began in Syria with a simple protest. Bashar al-Assad brought in the Iranian elite guards to take care of the troublemakers. People were massacred in the streets. A young boy was tortured to death… and the world remained silent. Even now I am haunted by the image of that boy in death. He died as a result of the torture inflicted upon him, and he was just a child. The boy was not the only child to die.

Assad sent his troops to quell the people in the north, claiming that they were al Qaeda – ah now there is a familiar and hollow ring, and Gadhafi tried that one of for size as well. The excuse was that al Qaeda had killed some of his officers or army members. Actually, we do not know who killed that general during that particular little spat. As a result villagers who lived near the Turkish border felt the Assad form of justice. The army came in firing indiscriminately, and the claim went out that members of the army were killed by Al Qaeda. How strange that the officers and other army members who died were in fact shot in the back by someone in the army!! These were the people who refused to fire upon their own people. The people fled across the border into Turkey, and some members of the army followed, as deserters.

Then came the deaths of a British journalist and a French photographer. Assad had his troops deliberately fire at the building where they were located. A woman who was dedicated to her work died as a result of perhaps her own folly in trying to get her story. Do keep in mind that Assad would not allow in any journalists, not even the Lebanese were allowed to come in and record what has been taking place in Syria. The people who are opposed to Assad have somehow managed to get their story out to the western world.

In the meantime the death toll has been mounting, and is estimated at something like 16,000. There have been massacres committed by both sides, and now the latest has a toll of at least 300 dead. Yet the Russians and the Chinese continue to hinder the United Nations so that no resolution can be put in place. It is this latest outrage that shows how Assad has taken the same path as Moammar Gadhafi, in that he has used his military against his own people, including the use of helicopters and other heavy equipment. The difference seems to be that the UN, specifically France and the UK intervened after Libya was made a no-fly zone.

In my mind the Syrian situation remains dire for the people opposed to Assad, yet I see other signs that might indicate that Assad is wagging the tail and doing not much else. The UN will continue to do nothing. The efforts to bring about a resolution to date have been useless for a very simple reason – China and Russia are opposed to any UN or NATO intervention. I perceive that such intervention would be very unwise at this point in time. Russia will continue to not condemn Assad, because Russia in fact supports this form of dictatorship in the world. On the other hand Russia does not want to lose a sphere of influence, and Syria is very important to Russia in the Middle East.

Other than a few incidents such as a suicide bombing or two, I see no real direct evidence of Al Qaeda in Syria. This does not alter the fact that I perceive this conflict as one that is above all else tribal. The Allawite tribe are a minority in Syria and yet they wield great power in the world. It is no wonder that the balance of Syrian is opposed to the rule of the Allawite tribe. However, do keep in mind that it is possible that those bombings were not the work of Al Qaeda… there are other possibilities, such as the people who actually went into Iraq to fight against the Americans, might just be the people to have set off the bombs… anything is possible in Syria.

RN Taxi Service

One thing Australia has in common with the USA is an illegal immigration problem. How can this be true when Australia is an island continent? The fact is that those illegal immigrants are setting sail from Indonesia, and some of them are only a few kilometres into international waters when they send up distress signals. They know that the Australian navy will pick them up. The numbers entering Australia since 2007 is actually phenomenal. During the 10 years of the Howard government we would be lucky to see about 3 boats in a year, but right now the number of boats arriving are heading towards 3 a day…. yes it is that bad.

The people on board those boats are from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Now there is no war in Pakistan so you cannot call anyone from that country a refugee. It is not true!!  There is no war in Iran either, so one must consider whether or not these people are genuinely fleeing that regime or whether they are being sent to Australia for some nefarious purpose. NOTE: so far none have been from Libya or Syria which would be where I would expect to see refugees. The Syrian refugees have fled across the border into Turkey where they sit in camps being attended by the Turks!! The Libyan refugee problem was a disaster for Italy, and I dare say that a lot of those who were sent there in boats were not your every day regular Libyan but were in fact Africans who had moved to Libya. Others were from Tunisia and they were simply looking for a better life. These are not refugees from a war torn country!!

The issue here in Australia is, I believe a problem associated with the PC nonsense that is dished up by the media and those with a liberal bent. Instead of calling these people illegal immigrants they refer to them as a boatload of refugees. This PC talk is in fact a form of encouragement to the people smugglers because they know that their cargo is getting a sympathetic hearing from the politically naive within Australia. You can bet that those who are in favour of keeping open borders are those from the rather stupid Green aka Watermelon Party. Now that Bob Brown has retired from the Senate (despite him saying that he was not going to retire), and the extremely stupid nutcase Christine Milne is the new spokesperson, with Sarah 2-fathers crying and moaning and generally beclowning herself with her own ignorance, the Watermelons are proving yet again that they were just too extreme to be taken seriously, yet they are in a position of influencing Australia’s policies and inaction in this matter.

There are a few things that could take place that would help stem the flow of these illegal immigrants. First of all, the current government should come off the high horse, admit they were wrong and go back to the Pacific Solution…. send the illegals to Nauru. Second, is to stop giving these illegal immigrants bridging visas. Third, process them rapidly, and return them to a Muslim country which is where they belong. Fourth, stop putting them up in accommodation and stop giving them money for nothing. Do not supply them with goods that they do not know how to use. Send them packing out of Australia. Fifth, if they have no papers, they should be automatically refused entry into Australia.

About a week after I left Canberra a big scandal erupted that was directly related to this issue. An Iraqi who had been a former soldier or navy officer was outed. The man had been working as a trolley person at what had been my local shopping centre. In fact his face when it appeared on TV was vaguely familiar. He was a people smuggler, and he had found his way into Australia. He had been supplied with a government home in Canberra, in the suburb where I used to live prior to 1996. The mere fact that this man was living in a government home meant that Australians, in the form of Canberrans in need of accommodation were being deprived of that accommodation. On top of that the man had been involved in the smuggling of drugs. Yet within a week of being exposed, he had managed to flee the country. Someone needs to explain why this man, Captain Emad was allowed to leave Australia after he was discovered.

The situation is now so absurd, with the level of boat arrivals and the distress signals that one journalist, has hinted quite strongly that the Royal Australian Navy is being treated as if it was a taxi service for these illegal immigrants.

Please note: I believe that it is ok to allow genuine refugees, that is those who have been processed and who are waiting in refugee camps for their opportunity to be moved to another country. I do not think it is ok for people to make their way to Indonesia and then pay these people smugglers to get them to Australia. This kind of action prevents the genuine refugees from being resettled.

Syria – in the footsteps of the Libyan revolution

Please note I am using the word “revolution” in a very loose sense, and only to point to the fact that there are now more similarities between the situation in Syria, and that of Libya, than at this time last year.

The army defections have been occurring for several months, although there has been an acceleration in the past month, for higher up army officers. This has taken more than 12 months to achieve compared to Libya where defections occurred within a few short weeks of the beginning of the troubles in that country.

The next step seems to be the diplomatic defections, and again these have been a lot slower than those in Libya. Once again in the Libyan situation such defections were almost instantaneous to the outbreak of unrest. It probably shows that the Libyans had been more strong-minded and determined in their efforts to get rid of a hated dictator.

I cannot draw any conclusions from such a defection as I think that the rate of diplomatic defections will need to dramatically increase if there is going to be any sort of momentum.

As it stands the situation between Turkey and Syria remains deadlocked, and the same is probably true where Syria and Lebanon is concerned. Al-Bashad still has an ally in Lebanon in the form of Hezbollah.

One other point to make and that is Koffi Anan continues to be a real stuff up and a very poor negotiator. His latest hare-brained idea is that Iran should intervene. I guess Anan is not aware that Iran has already intervened in the form of their Revolutionary Guard who had been deployed to kill innocent people in Homs and elsewhere in Syria. In other words asking assistance from Iran is a waste of breath. It will not bring about a solution as required, but could have further devastating effects for the Syrian people who are not members of the Allawi tribe.

I maintain that this situation in Syria is more or less a tribal one. Bashir al-Assad is a member of the minority Allawites who are in fact aligned to Iran. It is a very dangerous situation at the present time.