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Libya: warts and all

This is very sad news because the Salafists in Libya are a minority group. Two Sufi mosques have been attacked. One of them is in Zlitan and the other is in Tripoli. Both of them were razed to the ground.

I have questions regarding how these attacks were allowed to take place. The majority in Libya are Sufi with some being from the Sanusi sect of king Idris, whilst there is a minority who are hardened Salafists who want a strict form of Wahibi to be practised. These are the people who failed to get much in the way of a vote during the elections, but with so many independents it is hard to know who exactly is in control, and whether or not they are moderate.  Libyans from Zlitan have been holding Saif Gadhafi as a prisoner and he has not been mistreated. On the other hand the Salafists have been forming militias and the government has so far failed to stop them from being a threat to the security of the country.

It would not matter if the majority of the Libyans practice a moderate form of Islam because the minority will continue to try and take control. There are dangerous times ahead for Libyans as they seek self-rule after the years under Gadhafi’s dictatorship. What they have thrust off is communism and what they seek is a moderate form of Islam.


In Memorium: Neil Armstrong

In Australia we have several cult movies, one being “The Castle” and another being “The Dish”. The topic of The Dish was in fact the flight that took the first astronauts to the moon. The movie itself is hilarious, and it is centred on the tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek. According to this movie, things actually went a little bit astray that day… but I am not about to give away the plot of the movie.

On the day that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and made his statement that this was “one giant leap for mankind”, I was in school. We went into the classroom of one of the younger years (I attended an all girl school which included grade kindergarten through to Form 6 (Higher School Certificate))and I think I was in 4th Form at the time. I think that we went into the grade 1 or even preps classroom to watch the landing on the moon, live.

Neil Armstrong will always be remembered as the man who walked on the moon. He will also be remembered for being a very deeply religious man. I am sure it was Neil Armstrong who praised God because of the beauty that he had beheld as he looked upon Earth from outer space. Always he will be remembered as a very gentle man.

Sadly, today, at the age of 82 Neil Armstrong has passed from this world and into the next. May God rest his soul today, as we remember this man and what he helped to achieve.

2016: Biden or Warren for President?

Two of the most incompetent individuals in the USA and it seems that already some people are bandying their names as potential candidates. Other names in the list include Hilary Clinton who remains very popular for some odd reason, as well as Andrew Cuomo. Oh please give me a break!!

The notion that Biden could end up as the Presidential nominee in 2016 is just totally laughable, and ditto for the lying and incompetent Elizabeth Warren. I will briefly address Elizabeth Warren because she is one of the advocates of the “You didn’t build that”… and she also believes that government building roads and maintaining the Fire Brigade and Police Services is Socialism at work – sorry Elizabeth but you failed big time on that one because those things belong under the heading of public property and have done so for hundreds of years.

I personally believe that Hillary Clinton is passed it, and she should simply bow out of politics altogether. She has done a shocking job as Secretary of State and that is all the clearer in how she has responded to the various crisis situations in the Middle East. Her incompetence has fanned the flames of Islamic fanaticism in Egypt and her handling of the Syrian situation has been a real joke. (I wonder how Bill would have responded to some of these situations and yes I am blaming the nincompoop in the White House for Hillary’s incompetence). What is most disturbing is that her assistant is the daughter of individuals who are involved in Muslim Brotherhood.

Would Americans seriously consider the far left looney-tune Elizabeth Warren? I would hope that America would have more sense than to go down that road. This is the woman who lied about her own heritage to gain advantage in employment. What a disgrace. On top of that it seems that she has been guilty of plaigerization, and this accusation led to the head of a university in Virginia to stand down (although I believe she was reinstated). Warren is a total incompetent and if I had children in any of her classes, I would demand that they withdraw immediately because she is not teaching truth.

The remainder of that list is equally hysterical because among the names were: Andrew Cuomo and Deval Patrick. Oh please, can the Democrats come up with governors that are at least competent in their jobs? Is there not one of the former governors who are in any way competent? The list itself is full of dead heads and incompetents – people who did things that initiated the crisis in 2008 (Andrew Cuomo has a direct link to that crisis because he is associated with the housing crisis).

Pakistan – again!!!

The world has been such a wonderful peaceful place since Barack Obama became President of the USA – NOT. The latest from the Middle East is further evidence that the USA made one really bad mistake in electing this particular dumb ass to the Presidency.

In 2011, an airbase in Pakistan was attacked by militants. Pakistan remains a very unstable country and it will not be surprising if there is a coup in the not too distant future. The latest news from Pakistan is that militants have once again attacked an airbase. You can read the full details at the link provided. The difference this time is that the base commander was amongst those who were wounded.

The militancy within Pakistan continues to ramp upwards and this is not a very good situation. With a President who is so bad like Obama and a Secretary of State who is totally appalling in her job, it is no wonder that there has been a rise in militancy all over the world. These Islamists were given the green light by the dufus known as Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

UPDATE: It is not just Pakistan where confusion reigns supreme. Both Saudi Arabia and UAE have told their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately. The danger comes from Shia who have been responsible for several kidnappings in the recent past. The issue has arisen because citizens of Turkey and Qatar, the backers of the Syrian rebels were seized by members of Hezbollah in a quarter of Lebanon that is controlled by Hezbollah. This is an extremely nasty situation and it is spreading rapidly into sectarian Shia vs Sunni violence. Judging the reactions from UAE, Saudi Arabia and other interested nations, it sounds to me like there is going to be an extremely large escalation in the civil war within Syria as it spills into Lebanon.

The Lebanese government has failed to take any action against the kidnappers, and this is not a very good sign at all.

I am not going to speculate, but my view is that Israel will have to take some kind of action, even if it is behind the scenes, to ensure that there is peace once again in the region. At the present time Lebanon is an enemy of Israel, and the same is definitely true of Syria. I am not positive that Israel could work with the Sunni majority rebels, but they just might have to do something to ensure that there is some kind of resolution to this crisis.

Paul Ryan: an excellent VP choice

After reading about American politics over the past 4 years, one man stands out above all others, and that man has been Paul Ryan. He has a budget plan that can work and get America back on her feet. He has faced off against the worst ever POTUS and he was the winner.

Paul Ryan is young and good looking. He has a family. On top of that he is a man who enjoys hunting and fishing. Your second Amendment rights are not going to be sacrificed with Ryan in the VP seat.

At last I can feel some enthusiasm towards Mitt Romney. The Bain Capital stuff has been a load of nonsense. He left before some of those things happened.

Border clashes

The latest news from the Middle East is far from good news. First of all, I have no idea about the group in Libya who have started hitting out, and have done things like kidnapping members of the Red Crescent. Something does not pass the sniff test… perhaps they are the minority Al Qaeda Islamists who are upset over the outcome of the elections. On the other hand they could be paid by the Qadhafi family to cause strife. I have no idea about who they might be. If I read something then I will report on what is taking place. Libya continues to go through a transition phase and so far the transition has been almost smooth. I know next to nothing about the man who has been nominated to lead the country. We shall just have to sit back and watch what will happen in the future….

Then there are more noises about the intentions of Iran and their nuclear weapons. I have no doubt in my mind that the Iranians are intending to use them against Israel. The point I have always made is that we do not truly understand the thinking of someone like Ahmahnutjob and the Grand Poohbah. They believe in something like Armageddon, since they believe that some boy who fell down a well is going to come back and be the 12th Imam (in their dreams!!). Either way, it is this delusional thinking that means that we need to be wary about anything thing that is being done in Iran.

This brings me to Syria, the hub of the Middle East tension. As I have attempted to explain, the Syrian situation will not be resolved overnight, and quite frankly diplomatic efforts to find a resolution are a waste of time. There is going to be a civil war in Syria and it will be tribal in nature. Even if Bashar al-Assad finally decides to leave the country, there will be no end to the strife. This is because there is both a sectarian and a tribal divide. Looking beyond the locals, though, I see Syria as being a bit of a nightmare of the future. This is because of the outside influences, including the influence of Iran, Russia and China. We have already seen Russia and China play their hand by the way in which they have been causing stagnation in the United Nations Security Council, preventing any form of condemnation etc. from taking place. This is because Russia and China remain upset that they lost very badly over the events in Libya – they supported Qadhafi and they were prepared to push the Qadhafi propaganda. However, in Syria there are more players because the flight of refugees has led to some involvement from Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

I have already written about the clashes with Turkey, and I am trying to keep an eye out for any information relating to the border between Syria and Turkey – the Turks have been moving missiles to the border, and they have been caring for refugees in camps on the border. However, people are also fleeing to Jordan and Lebanon. Now it is Jordan’s turn and it has been reported that there have been some clashes on the border between Jordan and Syria with Jordanian troops attempting to protect the refugees.

I cannot see any value in Madame SoS going to Syria for talks because those talks are bound to fail. I still think that we should just let these people sort it out for themselves. If Assad loses, then those who supported him are more than likely going to face some tough times, and yes that includes those Druze Christians who have pinned their well-being on Assad. It is going to be tough and it will probably get very ugly. Neither side wants to compromise, and on top of that there are extremists who have joined in the party.

UPDATE: The most disturbing news is coming out of Egypt. There has been a purge of the army which now leaves Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi in firm control in Egypt. This is not the best case scenario for the Middle East. I will have more when I learn more about what is happening. As far as I am concerned it is very bad news with regard to the relationships in the Middle East.

2nd UPDATE: In regard to Syria, there is now concrete evidence that this is a Sunni vs. Shia conflict, just like in Iraq. This has come to light due to the capture of a member of Hezbollah who was sent into Syria, from Lebanon in early August. As far as I am concerned, we should stay outside of this form of conflict. I have always said that the conflict is tribal in nature. The mere fact that both Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon (a satellite of Iran anyway) are involved means that the situation is one that is very dicey. Outside involvement from Western nations would be a very bad thing in my opinion. If the West intervened then Russia would join in the conflict because Russia is determined to hang on to its influence in Syria. It could also involve Iran in that their operations might become overt rather than covert as they are at the present time.  Other than this, the regime itself really looks like it is crumbling.

Do you know the origin of the word ‘Thug’?

Since getting my new toy, which is the Google Nexus tablet for my birthday, I have been reading Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”. To my surprise the word “thug” showed up, in relation to India. So I looked the word up online and the result is quite interesting. Here is one link that gives an excellent description:

Now you might wonder, why be interested in such a common use word? These days we use the word thug to describe gang members, wannabe gang members, and other assorted individuals who act as thieves, and are in the habit of beating and murdering people. In other words the use of the word has not changed.

The point is I have used the term to describe the now deceased Trayvon aka Traydemark Martin because of his actions prior to his death at the hands of George Zimmerman and a gun. Since Traydemark Martin was in fact committing felony assault when he was killed by a bullet coming from George Zimmerman’s gun, then it is appropriate to comment upon his thug activities. This was not an “innocent unarmed boy”, and in fact he was far from being innocent. For starters he had been caught at school with items that were most likely taken during a burglary, as well as having a burglary implement in his possession. On top of that there is evidence available that he was a drug dealer and there is evidence that he was a user of what is know as Sirzzup or Purple Lean. In fact on the night that he died, he had two of the ingredients in his possession – Arizona Watermelon Drink, and Purple Skittles. The Skittles were not for Chad, the boy who was not a half-brother, or any kind of brother for that matter to Traydemark Martin. Then there is the matter of the autopsy and the finding of some cannabis in his blood. We have yet to see the full blood toxocology report. It should be quite interesting when it is released and the truth about Traydemark’s drug use becomes even more apparent.

Whilst on this subject, I will once again point out that the narrative about George Zimmerman chasing down this thug can be easily destroyed just by looking at the records released by George’s Medical Centre. The pre-existing condition and diagnosis of sacroiliitis caught my attention because I have had that condition diagnosed. It is the inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint and it is associated with having arthritis. What caught my attention in the first place happened to be that George Zimmerman has been taking a daily dose of Glucosamine and Chondoitrin (on dr’s orders) which is highly unusual for a young man under 30. That is when I noticed the sacroiliitis. What it means is that if the condition was in flare at the time, then George would have had a bit of difficulty running fast enough to catch a young thug like Traydemark Martin. I am hoping that Zimmerman’s lawyers will actually take the time to ask further questions about their client’s condition. They might in fact have the necessary information at their fingertips that puts paid to the stupid nonsense that Zimmerman actually chased after Martin when in fact it was Martin who was laying in wait, and who jumped Zimmerman prior to his own death.


Caught with their pants down?

The Daily Caller is running a post regarding comments from Reince Priebus regarding the activities of members of the White House. The issue is the holding of meetings outside of the White House in order to avoid peoples’ names appearing on the visitor logs.

When the doofus ran for President he promised transparency, but considering that he is the most corrupt POTUS ever, this kind of activity goes beyond anything that was ever done by Richard Nixon, who in my opinion was a far better President that Americans have ever recognized. The stench of the Obama corruption is so bad that it travels around the world, ten times over.  The problem is that the LSM journalists continue to be in the tank for that creep.

What is the purpose of those secretive meetings? Who are the members of the White House seeing? Why are they hiding that these people have come to have discussions? Transparency is the key. There was a promise about not having anything to do with the Lobbyists and those names would appear in the visitor logs if meetings were held there, so these crafty SOBs have been meeting in a coffee shop to discuss issues of State importance.

Should this be investigate? Is there proof of any impropriety? Yes, an investigation must be initiated against this corrupt White House Administration.