Caught with their pants down?

The Daily Caller is running a post regarding comments from Reince Priebus regarding the activities of members of the White House. The issue is the holding of meetings outside of the White House in order to avoid peoples’ names appearing on the visitor logs.

When the doofus ran for President he promised transparency, but considering that he is the most corrupt POTUS ever, this kind of activity goes beyond anything that was ever done by Richard Nixon, who in my opinion was a far better President that Americans have ever recognized. The stench of the Obama corruption is so bad that it travels around the world, ten times over.  The problem is that the LSM journalists continue to be in the tank for that creep.

What is the purpose of those secretive meetings? Who are the members of the White House seeing? Why are they hiding that these people have come to have discussions? Transparency is the key. There was a promise about not having anything to do with the Lobbyists and those names would appear in the visitor logs if meetings were held there, so these crafty SOBs have been meeting in a coffee shop to discuss issues of State importance.

Should this be investigate? Is there proof of any impropriety? Yes, an investigation must be initiated against this corrupt White House Administration.

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