Do you know the origin of the word ‘Thug’?

Since getting my new toy, which is the Google Nexus tablet for my birthday, I have been reading Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”. To my surprise the word “thug” showed up, in relation to India. So I looked the word up online and the result is quite interesting. Here is one link that gives an excellent description:

Now you might wonder, why be interested in such a common use word? These days we use the word thug to describe gang members, wannabe gang members, and other assorted individuals who act as thieves, and are in the habit of beating and murdering people. In other words the use of the word has not changed.

The point is I have used the term to describe the now deceased Trayvon aka Traydemark Martin because of his actions prior to his death at the hands of George Zimmerman and a gun. Since Traydemark Martin was in fact committing felony assault when he was killed by a bullet coming from George Zimmerman’s gun, then it is appropriate to comment upon his thug activities. This was not an “innocent unarmed boy”, and in fact he was far from being innocent. For starters he had been caught at school with items that were most likely taken during a burglary, as well as having a burglary implement in his possession. On top of that there is evidence available that he was a drug dealer and there is evidence that he was a user of what is know as Sirzzup or Purple Lean. In fact on the night that he died, he had two of the ingredients in his possession – Arizona Watermelon Drink, and Purple Skittles. The Skittles were not for Chad, the boy who was not a half-brother, or any kind of brother for that matter to Traydemark Martin. Then there is the matter of the autopsy and the finding of some cannabis in his blood. We have yet to see the full blood toxocology report. It should be quite interesting when it is released and the truth about Traydemark’s drug use becomes even more apparent.

Whilst on this subject, I will once again point out that the narrative about George Zimmerman chasing down this thug can be easily destroyed just by looking at the records released by George’s Medical Centre. The pre-existing condition and diagnosis of sacroiliitis caught my attention because I have had that condition diagnosed. It is the inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint and it is associated with having arthritis. What caught my attention in the first place happened to be that George Zimmerman has been taking a daily dose of Glucosamine and Chondoitrin (on dr’s orders) which is highly unusual for a young man under 30. That is when I noticed the sacroiliitis. What it means is that if the condition was in flare at the time, then George would have had a bit of difficulty running fast enough to catch a young thug like Traydemark Martin. I am hoping that Zimmerman’s lawyers will actually take the time to ask further questions about their client’s condition. They might in fact have the necessary information at their fingertips that puts paid to the stupid nonsense that Zimmerman actually chased after Martin when in fact it was Martin who was laying in wait, and who jumped Zimmerman prior to his own death.


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