Pakistan – again!!!

The world has been such a wonderful peaceful place since Barack Obama became President of the USA – NOT. The latest from the Middle East is further evidence that the USA made one really bad mistake in electing this particular dumb ass to the Presidency.

In 2011, an airbase in Pakistan was attacked by militants. Pakistan remains a very unstable country and it will not be surprising if there is a coup in the not too distant future. The latest news from Pakistan is that militants have once again attacked an airbase. You can read the full details at the link provided. The difference this time is that the base commander was amongst those who were wounded.

The militancy within Pakistan continues to ramp upwards and this is not a very good situation. With a President who is so bad like Obama and a Secretary of State who is totally appalling in her job, it is no wonder that there has been a rise in militancy all over the world. These Islamists were given the green light by the dufus known as Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

UPDATE: It is not just Pakistan where confusion reigns supreme. Both Saudi Arabia and UAE have told their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately. The danger comes from Shia who have been responsible for several kidnappings in the recent past. The issue has arisen because citizens of Turkey and Qatar, the backers of the Syrian rebels were seized by members of Hezbollah in a quarter of Lebanon that is controlled by Hezbollah. This is an extremely nasty situation and it is spreading rapidly into sectarian Shia vs Sunni violence. Judging the reactions from UAE, Saudi Arabia and other interested nations, it sounds to me like there is going to be an extremely large escalation in the civil war within Syria as it spills into Lebanon.

The Lebanese government has failed to take any action against the kidnappers, and this is not a very good sign at all.

I am not going to speculate, but my view is that Israel will have to take some kind of action, even if it is behind the scenes, to ensure that there is peace once again in the region. At the present time Lebanon is an enemy of Israel, and the same is definitely true of Syria. I am not positive that Israel could work with the Sunni majority rebels, but they just might have to do something to ensure that there is some kind of resolution to this crisis.

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