2016: Biden or Warren for President?

Two of the most incompetent individuals in the USA and it seems that already some people are bandying their names as potential candidates. Other names in the list include Hilary Clinton who remains very popular for some odd reason, as well as Andrew Cuomo. Oh please give me a break!!

The notion that Biden could end up as the Presidential nominee in 2016 is just totally laughable, and ditto for the lying and incompetent Elizabeth Warren. I will briefly address Elizabeth Warren because she is one of the advocates of the “You didn’t build that”… and she also believes that government building roads and maintaining the Fire Brigade and Police Services is Socialism at work – sorry Elizabeth but you failed big time on that one because those things belong under the heading of public property and have done so for hundreds of years.

I personally believe that Hillary Clinton is passed it, and she should simply bow out of politics altogether. She has done a shocking job as Secretary of State and that is all the clearer in how she has responded to the various crisis situations in the Middle East. Her incompetence has fanned the flames of Islamic fanaticism in Egypt and her handling of the Syrian situation has been a real joke. (I wonder how Bill would have responded to some of these situations and yes I am blaming the nincompoop in the White House for Hillary’s incompetence). What is most disturbing is that her assistant is the daughter of individuals who are involved in Muslim Brotherhood.

Would Americans seriously consider the far left looney-tune Elizabeth Warren? I would hope that America would have more sense than to go down that road. This is the woman who lied about her own heritage to gain advantage in employment. What a disgrace. On top of that it seems that she has been guilty of plaigerization, and this accusation led to the head of a university in Virginia to stand down (although I believe she was reinstated). Warren is a total incompetent and if I had children in any of her classes, I would demand that they withdraw immediately because she is not teaching truth.

The remainder of that list is equally hysterical because among the names were: Andrew Cuomo and Deval Patrick. Oh please, can the Democrats come up with governors that are at least competent in their jobs? Is there not one of the former governors who are in any way competent? The list itself is full of dead heads and incompetents – people who did things that initiated the crisis in 2008 (Andrew Cuomo has a direct link to that crisis because he is associated with the housing crisis).

3 responses to “2016: Biden or Warren for President?

  1. you might want to take a look at this post which is my comment upon Australian politics


  2. Ah, dear Aussie –

    Here you go trying to be nice to us and give us some credit for having at least a little ‘sense’. “Surely no one in America would take these candidates seriously”.

    But we have already proven how stupid we are. All of these horrible people are better than The Obama. Why wouldn’t we pick them?


    • ah Carlyle, after what Australia is going through, I will just have to despair about whether or not there is any common sense left anywhere in the world.

      By 2016 Elizabeth Warren should be a part of oblivion. I cannot imagine anyone stupid enough to believe that Biden would be a credible candidate. Warren is way too far to the left….and I would hope at the very least that Americans will shy away from allowing another fruit loop and liar near the White House. Once should be enough!!!