In Memorium: Neil Armstrong

In Australia we have several cult movies, one being “The Castle” and another being “The Dish”. The topic of The Dish was in fact the flight that took the first astronauts to the moon. The movie itself is hilarious, and it is centred on the tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek. According to this movie, things actually went a little bit astray that day… but I am not about to give away the plot of the movie.

On the day that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon and made his statement that this was “one giant leap for mankind”, I was in school. We went into the classroom of one of the younger years (I attended an all girl school which included grade kindergarten through to Form 6 (Higher School Certificate))and I think I was in 4th Form at the time. I think that we went into the grade 1 or even preps classroom to watch the landing on the moon, live.

Neil Armstrong will always be remembered as the man who walked on the moon. He will also be remembered for being a very deeply religious man. I am sure it was Neil Armstrong who praised God because of the beauty that he had beheld as he looked upon Earth from outer space. Always he will be remembered as a very gentle man.

Sadly, today, at the age of 82 Neil Armstrong has passed from this world and into the next. May God rest his soul today, as we remember this man and what he helped to achieve.


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