I know this comes from CNN but the information is critical to understanding what took place

Believe it or not, I found one CNN report that has some information that is critical to understanding what happened… but it does not mention certain aspects of what took place!! This report confirms some, if not all of my own speculation: that this was an Al Qaeda operation.

First of all, it is critical to mention that the security in Libya had been really bad since the end of the civil war. Almost nothing had been done to control the Salafist elements tied to Al Qaeda. Even so, American drones are being used to track the activities of one particular group that have their quarters somewhere near Benghazi (as in Derna). These elements from Derna have always been suspect and have long been mentioned as people who cannot be trusted.

Second, these people are not the same as the Islamic Fighting Group. The Libyan Belhaj who was the subject of rendition had been a leader of the Islamic Fighting Group and I am away that he had stated that he had renounced  Al Qaeda and its aims. For this reason I accept the word of the person interviewed in the report, for the simple reason that he gives an analysis of the people involved in the assault on the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens.

Third, is the information regarding the links to Zawahiri and the death of Al Libi in June. The attacks on the British consulate and a previous attack on the British embassy in Benghazi were the work of the same group that has links with Al Qaeda. According to this report, the leader of that group that is in Derna is a man with links to Zawahiri. On top of that it seems that there were intelligence reports on their operation of training camps that stretched from Derna through to Brega.

I have been trying to seek information about Libya from time to time, and at the time of their elections I noted that there was an attack that was probably meant to frighten people away from voting. The attackers were not successful at the time and the people came out to vote. The Salafists did very poorly in those elections, and the Muslim Brotherhood party also did very poorly. I am of the opinion that the fact that they failed in their aims to gain control of Libya via the elections could be the reason that they have stepped up their operations.

Fourth, the US government should not have allowed Libyans to be their Embassy security detail. In this instance, due to the publicity given to a documentary of dubious origin, the people who were supposed to be the security walked away and helped the insurgents to storm the embassy because they were angry over the content of that bad documentary.

All things considered, I remain of the opinion that the documentary itself was meant to be a blood libel. It was set up to implicate the Egyptian Copt community, with the intention of inflaming Muslim emotions to the point where riots were meant to break out and ….. I am guessing about how far it was intended to go. The other proofs that it was blood libel are based upon the rumours that the producer was a Jew with Jews backing the project, plus of course the dubbing with a script that was quite scandalous. Then of course there is the involvement of Terry Jones – what an idiot, and no I do not support what he has been doing.

There is a lot of information to digest regarding everything that took place. There is room for a lot of speculation. It is not hard to imagine that one of the aims of what took place is to cause a breech between the western nations that helped Libya free herself from Gadhafi and the Libyan government. I actually suspect that these Al Qaeda types have another plan where they intend to seize control of the government but only after they have loosed those ties between the Libyan government and the West.

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