Sydney, Paris, Belgium, Yemen, Tunisia, Benghazi and Cairo

These places have something in common. There are probably more cities to be included in this list, but these will do for now. I will start with Cairo and Benghazi because this is where the riots turned bloody when the US Ambassador plus his companions were murdered. I have not learned anything new about what happened in Benghazi over and above recognizing that this was a co-ordinated Al Qaeda attack. Ansar al Islam is an affiliate group of Al Qaeda. The reason given for the attack is the death of al Libya who was a top Al Qaeda operative back in June. The US was warned that an attack was imminent but the US top bodies failed to warn the embassy staff that they should be on high alert. What I am left wondering right now is whether or not Al Qaeda meant to also attack the US Embassy in Cairo.

However, what the MSM is not highlighting is the attack against UN forces in the Sinai where sympathisers with Al Qaeda have been attacking the compound and they have killed personnel within that compound. When I have more assembled on this particular attack I will try to do a post. I simply do not know enough.

So what is there that is a common link to these other places? Riots, and violent riots at that. In Sydney the number was very low, because there were no more than about 300 who took to the streets of Sydney where they became violent as they reached a park. There were arrests. Some people were injured, including the police. More arrests are expected. There is more to tell about Sydney because there is a conference going on this weekend – yes, the conference is regarding the rise of the Caliphate.

In each and every case the riots and protests were concerned with a film that is nothing more than a Spaghetti Western. I have seen a snippet of this film and I can tell you that it is very badly made. The man whose name is linked to the film has previously spent time in prison for fraud. He is supposed to be an Egyptian Coptic Christian. He most certainly is Egyptian, but I am not sure about the rest of the information. Rumours had been flowing concerning this spaghetti western and those who backed it, including the claim that the producer was a Jew and he had Jews backing the film. It is not true. The snippet I saw had a voice dubbed over what the actors were actually saying and it is the dubbing that is to be considered offensive. It is the reason that these people have turned into RAGE BOY.

I think I can mount a good case for motivation and I think I can mount a good case to show that the whole thing was planned to the nth degree and that even the film is part of an Al Qaeda plot. This is because of the timing of events. The assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya was a well co-ordinated plan. The assassins used the cover of the protest for their action. It all smacks of being closely linked.

This does not explain the actions in Yemen, Tunisia, Paris or Sydney, other than the fact that there is a minority who continue to push for the world wide Caliphate, and this is what seems to strengthen my belief that the whole has been coordinated. It strengthens my belief that this spaghetti western is a blood libel, and that its very purpose was to create a diversion for these other actions.

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