The people of Benghazi strike back

There are some writers of blogs who think that they know everything when it comes to the politics of a country like Libya. One particular blog writer has been very busy sliming the current leadership of Libya and attempting to claim that they are aligned with Al Qaeda, when in fact this is not the case. I will add here that I am of the opinion that the particular writer has committed libel against a former member of the National Transistional Council in regard to his comments linking the man to secret CIA and MI6 information. As a matter of fact the writer in question is 100 per cent wrong about that person. At the same time the blog author continues to be wrong in his assessment on Benghazi as he shrieks Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda… he is wrong again, and the good people of Benghazi have once again proven him to be an idiot.

The people of Benghazi are now faced with the shame of the death of the American Ambassador. What took place gives them a very bad name in international circles. There is indeed only a small minority that is involved in jihadist activity and most of them come not from Benghazi but from Derna, which is in the nearby mountains. Not long after Ambassador Stevens was killed, people took to the streets with their signs apologizing and stating that the killers do not represent them.

Now, CNN is reporting that a larger group of people from Benghazi have taken to the streets again to let the international community know that they apologize for what has happened. They also did something extraordinary. A group of people attached to the thousands who marched to say sorry, moved off to the building that housed Ansar al Sharia and they evicted them from that building. It has now been turned over to the Libyan army. They are also intent upon evicting the rest of the jihadists from other buildings that they have been occupying.

You can read the full story at the following link.

It is not just CNN that is reporting on this matter, and this time the subject is Derna which has always been a hotbed for the jihadists. First of all, I note that something which has not hit the news was the attacks on some elderly nuns and a priest in Derna. These are people who have been handing out free medicines and the like but these Catholics were attacked simply because they are Christians. However, many Muslims in Derna are hitting back. Oddly enough it is Yahoo News that is carrying the story. Within the story is the comments from a young Muslim preacher who has had death threats because he has spoken out. More telling is the comment from another resident in Derna who states the obvious about Sharia already existing. His comment is along the lines of the fact that what needs to happen first is that the country reforms and then they can talk about sharia law.

It must always be remembered that Libya is already under Sharia law. Sharia law is not being imposed upon the people, like some have ignorantly stated. What is interesting though is that these people from around Benghazi and Derna state the obvious in that they do not want someone telling them how to dress etc. etc. Importantly, the people of the region want the police and army, not the militias.

It seems that the death of Ambassador Stevens has been a catalyst but not in the expected way. Rather it is a catalyst because people are uniting against those militias. I now hope that some good will come as a result of the deaths of 4 Americans and 10 Libyans who died on September 11.

Update: This news really is astounding but it seems that once again the people of Benghazi have led the way for the rest of the country. Benghazi evicted at least 2 of the Salafist militias. Their rage was against Ansar al Sharia, which has been accused of the assassination of the Americans (they deny that they are responsible). In Derna two units decided to go quietly, including the local unit of Ansar al Sharia. An order has been given by the President of Libya that all of these militias that are not government sanctioned must disband. Now this is being followed up by evictions in Tripoli. We have been waiting close to one year for these evictions to take place and at last there has been action.

Libyans do not want to be controlled by the Salafists. They do not want to be controlled by Muslim Brotherhood. That is why they voted for a group that are not affiliated with either, but they also voted for Independents who have their own set of allegiances.  The truth is that the Libyans are not following the Islamist rule book in either Tunisia or Egypt. They do not want Mullahs having control over their lives. They do not want the purity police telling them what they can or cannot wear. This does not mean that they reject Sharia law, it simply means that they do not want government ruling their lives.

On the other side of the coin is the fact that the White House Administration and the Department of State has been caught lying through their teeth. The C- grade documentary had nothing to do with the attack on the Benghazi consulate. The early narrative claimed that members of the security detail ran away, but that is truly sliming the brave members of the 17th February Brigade who were charged with the security of the Americans. The fact is that 10 of their number died that night, and others were wounded. It is possible that some within their ranks were a part of the plot, but then again we do not have all of the facts. Yes, it is true the Libyan security team were the ones that were also killed and injured. Much had been made of the bloody hand prints on the wall. What is not clear to me is whether those marks came from the Americans or from the Libyans who were killed and injured. One thing that is unanswered to me at the present time relates to the 6 people who had been released when the compound held by Ansar Al Sharia and the other group was overrun. Were these 6 criminals, or had they been captured?

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  1. I am consistently seeing what I consider to be extremely ignorant comments about Libya and especially about Gadhafi. Some people are under the impression that Libyans had it good under Gadhafi. Well I am here to state that it is not true. One of the biggest mistakes is that people who should know better actually talk about Sharia law being imposed in Libya. This is ignorance at its worst. Libya had sharia law prior to Gadhafi and under king Idris. It also had Sharia law during the Gadhafi reign of Terror. The people of Libya voted for Sharia Law.

    The difference in Libya is something that I keep seeing in comments from those journalists who report on matters still affecting that country including that many do not want a Mullahocracy and they do not want some kind of thought police telling them what they can wear in public. That is not the imposition of Sharia law as understood by the Libyan population.

    The most ignorant parts of such comments, is that somehow Libyans had it good under Gadhafi. They did not. Gadhafi had imposed a Communist state upon Libya. The defeat of Gadhafi was the defeat of Communism. It is true that people were given a monthly amount in their bank account that was supposed to keep them quiet. Those who needed it, got free medicine. Again these are Communist ideals that were implemented. On the other side of the coin, and it seems many ignore these facts, are the beatings, the theft of property, and the imprisonment, the disappearances of family members.

    Libyans fought against Gadhafi because they truly wanted to be free of his tyranny. They are still trying to form a new society. Whether we like it or not Sharia will be a part of that new society and new government in Libya. Libyans are mostly pro-West but there is an element who are anti-West. The mere fact that Libyans went out to the streets, demonstrated against those who killed the US Ambassador is what is important. Those Libyans are telling you that they are happy to be relieved of Gadhafi and that they have sufficient Western values that they want to live in a quasi democracy.

    Another issue that shows ignorance in my view is the constant mention of Muslim Brotherhood because the Libyan government is not run by Muslim Brotherhood. Some have gone as far as claiming that the 17th February Brigade are Muslim Brotherhood, but they provided no evidence for this assertion. It could be that within their ranks there are some that are so inclined, but it does not appear to be the case at all. On top of that people seem to mix up the 17th February Brigade with some of the other radical militias. From what I have seen the 17th February Brigade took their role in a responsible way. In fact 10 of their number were killed protecting the US Ambassador, and many others were wounded. From what I have read, I doubt that there were all that many who walked away. That seems to be spin from the White House. The leader of the 17th Brigade who was injured during the attack has a very different story to tell, including the fact that there was no protest prior to the attack. The people, when they voted rejected both Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist equivalent. They voted for a moderate party that will implement a moderate form of Sharia but will not impose a theocratic state upon them. Ignorance means that people still fail to understand that Libyans are not Shia or Sunni. The majority of Libyans are Sufi or Sanusi. Gadhafi had destroyed the Sanusi mosques, and the Salafists have destroyed their Sufi shrines and mosques. The Salafists were also responsible for the destruction of war graves in Benghazi. This is yet another thing that had normal citizens very angry.


  2. Indeed!

    Welcome to MY world!

    I have always said you are too nice. You want to believe that there are a lot of Moderate Muslims. You lean more towards the Massive Incompetence (otherwise known as the Affirmative Action Overpromotion Syndrome) and have not wanted to embrace the idea that Zero is an infiltrator and a foreign agent. You have wanted to believe that Zero is Leftism/Progressivism taken to a harmful extreme rather than that Zero actually wants to destroy America.

    Call it what you will – Socialism, Anticolonialism, Progressivism – Zero’s fundamental belief is in the zero sum global game – economically, politically, and culturally. This theory says that the only way any one or any thing can become above average – or especially, exceptional – is to push down some one or some thing else. Which leads directly to:

    1. America is evil (“the great satan”) – and especially, our friend, Israel

    2. Western Civilization is even worse (having raped the third world for centuries)

    Can you see that in Zero’s words and actions???


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