I was going to write a post about the debate, where Mitt Romney smacked Obama out of the ballpark, or in Australian parlance, Obama was hit for 6 (this has the same effect where a ball can end outside of the stadium!!). However, more revelation about the terrorist attack in Benghazi means that I am once again touching on this subject.

The White House Administration is engaged in a cover up. They learned nothing at all about what went wrong for President Richard Nixon, who was in my opinion a far superior man, and one who was capable of handling foreign affairs. The same cannot be said for Barack Obama. In the debate he claimed that the USA was safe because he is in the Oval Office. I am calling mushroom fodder on his claims. The world is not safe since he has been POTUS, and the USA is very vulnerable. The cover up involves the lie that a video of very poor quality was supposed to have blasphemed Mohammad the Pedophile. I continue to have my own theories about who paid for the poor quality documentary in the first place…. and it would not surprise me if I was to learn that Al Qaeda was in fact the backer of the tape. I suspect already that the Arabic subtitles that were added were deliberately done in such a way that more than a few rage boys got all upset.

From the start the Libyans have stated that there was no protest at the Benghazi consulate. They have totally debunked the story from the White House. This debunking has come from eye witnesses who were on the scene and were a part of the Libyan security team who were shot, wounded (and 10 of their number killed), during the attack. There are also Libyans who are part of a think tank in London who spoke up immediately stating that the attack sounded very much like it came from Al Qaeda, yet the White House would have us believe that there was a protest and what happened was spontaneous. It makes me think that something was in fact planned but not until October.

Information is slowly filtering out about the manner in which the White House and the Department of State flipped the bird at Chris Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador. Stevens had requested an increase in security, but the White House had refused the request. Even worse, is the latest news on the matter. MyPetJawa is reporting that the White House had cut the security in Benghazi as a response to the previous attacks over the past few months. Such news fills me with disgust. Chris Stevens and the men who were with him (on other business, and looking for weapons) had no chance because Obama refused to provide the consulate with the proper level of security.

There is a lot more in the way of information that in my view totally damages the credibility of Obama and the White House Administration. This information includes the fact that the White House did nothing about the Egyptian terrorist who was released from prison when Muburak was forced from power by Obama. It was the Egyptian who had sneaked into Libya, and who had set up training camps in the desert, to train those willing in the art of bomb making.

I maintain that the majority of Libyans are not into that kind of stuff, and this is supported by the response of normal Libyans who have gone out into the streets to demonstrate against the terrorists, who ousted the radical militias from their posts in Benghazi and Tripoli and in general have shown their support for Americans.

At the present time the Libyan government continues to rely upon a militia to provide security to the Americans. A small contingent of Americans did visit Benghazi today, and they were secured with the help of one of the government militias. I am willing to accept the sincerity of such people. That does not mean that I do not acknowledge the risks being taken in such a dangerous spot.

There has been some other encouraging news with the arrest of two Tunisians in Turkey on charges relating to the attack on the US Embassy. It is no surprise that Tunisians were involved in the attack. There are people in all of these countries who are simmering jihadis who are so mentally challenged that they are will to die for the sake of killing a few people from Western countries.

Yes, Obama was trounced in that debate last night. His body language told the story. He looks like a defeated man. We have not even scratched the surface when it comes to all of his misdeeds. America has the opportunity to fire Obama, and send him packing to Hawaii. This election is very important, not just to the USA but to the rest of the world. We want to reverse the harm that has already been done.

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  1. Don’t start salivating.
    You are misreading this.
    (The Debate, that is.)

    The Obama slouched off because he did not need to do otherwise.
    The debates are a joke and a diversion.

    As I have said before – he can not and will not lose – he knows that.

    That makes one smug and nonchalant.


  2. Carlyle, he most certainly can lose!! There are many indicators that show that the polls are lying.

    Whilst I had never taken these debates seriously, this time I noticed enough to indicate that anybody who takes them seriously prior to making up their minds will not be voting for Duh Won as are result of that debate.

    The fact that he did so badly is obvious just by the Tingles meltdown. The sycophants have been going crazy over the past few days. That must count for something!!

    I will have more to say on these subjects because the foreign policy arena is about to collapse, and it relates to something that I have been hinting at since the collapse in Egypt and especially the fall of Gadhafi. Yet it is also something that I nearly missed!!


  3. I am not talking about legal voting. I am talking about fraud and other tricks.

    This domestic enemy is so low that NOTHING is off the table in terms of ensuring his victory – fraud, lies, false flag attacks, etc. There is even credible speculation that Iran will give up it’s Nuclear aspirations before the election. You name it, it is possible.


    • I know you are concerned about the fraud, but it seems that there has been an effort to clean up in a number of States. Take Ohio for example, there has been a reduction which is something like 400k seeking early voting ballots. It looks like the 400k have returned to their graves!!

      The difference is clear, since 2008 the corrupt Secretary of State has been removed, and in Ohio there has been an effort to clean up the voting rolls.

      In other States such as Florida there has been a reduction in registered Democrats and an increase in both Independent and Republican. With this change it means that anything is possible.

      It is also highly likely that the voter base (the 47%) of Obama supporters will be depressed as there will be many Democrats who will stay at home and not vote.

      I expect some surprises coming from such places as Cook County in Illinois which is one of the most corrupt counties in the whole of the USA. Again, it will probably be the dead returning to their graves that will make a difference. On top of that there are Democrats around Chicago who will not be voting for either party, because they would not vote Republican and they do not like Obama. This time they have permission not to vote.

      I think you are being way too pessimistic. I do not see evidence that there will be a Democrat comeback. Yes I know that Piglosi talks about taking back the Congress but I suspect she has been having a few too many wet dreams.

      Keep in mind that I was not fully committed to Romney, but even I have shifted towards him. The reasons are simple:

      1. Paul Ryan as VP choice. This was a brilliant move. Paul Ryan knows his stuff, and Obama hates him.

      2. Romney is a successful CEO and businessman. He is also a silent philanthropist and he has always paid his fair share in taxes (exploding the Obama myth about the 1%).

      3. The first debate showed a number of things including the fact that Obama continually lies and that Romney knew how to handle him. He was brilliant in that debate. Obama came off as a petulant, snarling, ignorant school boy. The body language was terrible. Closing his eyes and looking down when Romney was speaking was extremely rude. Even the left-wing Der Spiegel picked up on the terrible performance of Obama in that debate.

      In your country voter enthusiasm is very much a key to the outcome of a Presidential election. From what I have seen the polls have been manipulated with the intention of depressing some voters with the intention of getting them to stay home. The idea is to create a false conclusion that Obama is going to win. Some people will fall for that… but it should have the opposite effect, making more people turn out to ensure that Obama is sent packing.

      In 2010 the Democrats were shocked over the results because in those mid-terms the silent majority turned out to vote and the Democrats could not cheat as effectively as they had in the past.

      There will be places to watch. Minnesota is an example of a State to watch. The last time they cheated and the Republican lost in the Senate. That clown who ended up there should have been sent packing but he managed to use the courts to win with disputed ballots that were no doubt found in the trunk of a car.

      On the other hand in Illinois in 2010 there was one Democrat who lost her seat in the Congress because she could not find enough ballots sitting in an office, or hiding in the trunk of a car to help her across the line, and the Republican was successful. Anything can happen. That is what I am expecting, but more than anything I see a Reagan style surge that will see the incumbent defeated.


  4. I do not believe I am pessimistic.

    Commander Zero would never have won without massive fraud in the first place. It is well known that he could not even beat Hillary without fraud. (but – nobody cares?)

    Now that they (the puppeteers) have their foot in the door, they WILL NOT LET GO. There is too much at stake. A fabulous amount of money, domestic dictatorship, socialism, world power, global redistribution of wealth and power, Muslim Umah, etc. etc.

    These are BIG ISSUES. They are unwilling to trust ‘luck’ to a fickle vote.

    Further, the investment in the fraud (money and peoples reputations and access to power) are extremely perilous. They cannot afford to lose and risk all this coming unraveled.

    In the past I have even gone so far as to suggest that even if he loses, he will not leave quietly.

    I am almost never wrong. And in those cases where it may seem so, generally the outcome is even worse than I predicted.

    Buckle up. Gonna be a bumpy ride.


    • Carlyle,

      have you ever heard of the term eeoyre? This is the way that you are behaving!!

      Yes, I am well aware of the fraud involved. In fact one of those fraud issues is about to explode, big time… or maybe small time… it depends upon whether or not the MSM will actually report on the matter.

      The polling companies have been skewing their results in such a way that it looks like there will be a Democrat win… however, everything else points in the opposite direction… and that opposite direction is gaining momentum.

      The attack by Al Qaeda in Benghazi is not working to the advantage of Obama. I am of the view that Obama had been hoping for such an attack closer to the elections. I have no doubt that the Obama campaign was hoping for a bounce as a result of the attack… but that bounce has turned into the dead cat bounce.

      The Al Qaeda attack in Benghazi is one of the matters that has the potential to sink the campaign, not matter what Obama tries.

      However, there are other indicators. Let’s start with that electoral cheating, starting with Ohio. More than 400,000 voters, mostly Democrat have been cleared from their rolls. That is a lot of people who returned to their graves in the cemetary. Indicators out of Ohio suggest that in early voting the advantage is going to Romney.

      The there is Illinois. For the first time in a very long time, Cook County has Republican voter judges. In previous elections the Republicans had failed to get people to step up for that role. This time people responded to a plea for help. All positions are filled and that means that Democrats will not be filling that role in Cook County like they have in previous elections. The end result has to be that the cemetary voters will not get a chance to move out of the grave yard.

      Getting rid of Soros funded Secretaries of State was the best thing that could happen in a lot of the States in the USA. The clean up of the voter rolls means that it is harder for that cheating to take place.

      The issue that is about to explode relates to campaign funds. Obama has once again breached the McCain-Feingold legislation. The Supreme Court did not strike down the clause relating to foreign donations. That means the Obama campaign has been once again collecting illegal foreign donations. This time someone is willing to publish the story. It is coming and it is coming via the Daily Beast.

      The attempts to cheat will be further dampened because of the lack of enthusiasm amongst black voters. Even in Chicago there is no way that some of those blacks are going to vote for Obama. They will stay home rather than vote for him. They know that Obama has destroyed them in an unexpected way because they can no longer hold the racist card over the heads of the white population. I am not going to cry for those people because I want to see them get off their butts and try a little bit of negotiation to get what they want without the playing of the racist card.

      This same pattern will be repeated all over the USA – many blacks will stay at home because they will not vote for a white man, or a Republican.

      Then in Chicago there is something else. It is called street money, and the Democrats are not paying this year. It means that there will not be any thugs turning up at the front door of people who have not voted. It means that the drunks and the drug addicts and the homeless will not be taken to the polling booths to vote… it means fewer voters for the Democrats!!

      That does not mean there will not be attempts to cheat. There will be, because Democrats are always trying to cheat. It means that like 2010 the enthusiasm is there for the Republicans and it is more than likely that the voting electorate will favour Republicans this year.

      A lot of anecdotal evidence points away from an Obama win, even if there is some cheating. The polling companies cannot continue to hide the truth because even with their skewed data, Romney is starting to surge.


  5. Ha ha – I know exactly who Eeyore is!
    And maybe I am such, or maybe not.
    How can I judge myself?

    My only real defense is that I am usually right.
    Or as I tell my list of email subscribers:

    I’m not really any smarter than anyone else,
    I’m just a really REALLY lucky guesser!

    Finally, I thoroughly understand that you do not like The Obama, but sometimes I feel that you don’t fully grasp how LOW he is, and all his Flying Monkeys. They are rotten to the core and are capable of ANYTHING!


    • what makes you think that I do not grasp how low Obama is? I know very well what he is like… including the fact that he voted in favour of partial birth abortion. I also know about his involvement in the down low club and that he is a life member of Man’s Country.

      On top of that I know that he is an extremely lazy shit, and that he is bringing the USA down to a very low level.

      Obama is evil. He is also what I consider to be a very stupid man.