The world is in grave danger today thanks to Obama

Weak American Presidents usually end up causing massive harm around the world. The reason that President Ronald Reagan is so well loved is due to the fact that he stood up to the Russians, and he was not exactly patient with the Iranians. Jimmy Carter caused a crisis in Iran that continues to have ramifications in this world, culminating in Iran’s attempt to produce nuclear weapons. Considering the beliefs of Ahmahnutjob and the Supreme Pooh Bah relating to the 12th Imam, we should be very afraid if they ever succeed in manufacturing those weapons. They want to create Armageddon.

The Left-wing sycophants around the world were self-congratulating when Obama, the usurper, the empty suit, and the empty chair President was elected by an American population that got caught up in the idea that they must elect a black man to the Presidency. There is nothing wrong with that notion or idea, except if it is the wrong man. The Marxist going by the name of Obama, but should be known as the Indonesian citizen with the name Soebarkh is the wrong man. I just hope that he has not damaged for all time any opportunity by some other more appropriate black man to take on the Presidency in the future. The sycophants went too far when the nominated this nobody for a Nobel Peace Prize when he had done nothing to deserve such a prize, let alone a nomination.

The world situation over the past two years has been in gradual, and now accelerated deterioration. One of the world’s terrorist leaders, Moammar Ghadhafi is dead, and Libya has been freed from a tyrannical Marxist dictatorship, but at what price. Note: I am not talking about the Libyan leadership because so far they are holding up to their end of the bargain. There are other dangers, not associated with the leadership that is cause for concern. Those dangers actually exist outside of Libya, in the form of Iran.

Something that is constantly overlooked by people who bleat about NATO’s intervention in Libya is the role of Iran, which was an ally of Gadhafi. Iran, Russia and China backed Gadhafi in that monumental struggle. Perhaps this is the real reason that I was backing the Libyan rebel leadership. I agree that Obama was technically wrong in that Libyan situation because he should have consulted the Congress, and gotten their permission before using the military over Libya. It was wrong because of an Act of the Congress that required a sitting President to not declare or go to war without first consulting the people, via Congress. Obama circumvented the legal requirements as far as the USA was concerned, but not as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The participation of NATO forces was not illegal in the slightest.

From the time that NATO started bombing Gadhafi’s Air Force etc. the Russians and the Chinese began their criticism. They also used the Gadhafi regime talking points with claims of more people dead than what was the reality. The stories that I saw indicated that the regime were grabbing bodies from the hospitals to use them as “fodder” or proof that people were being killed by those air strikes. Many people were taken in by the propaganda, and it gave the leadership of the Arab League a little bit of heartburn (but at least they stayed with the action and did not retreat). The NATO forces were not led by America but by Canada, but the major roles were played by Great Britain and France. The USA did not do all that much, not even behind the scenes. Oh yes, they did loan some drones…. and I will get back to the issue of drones very soon.

Whilst Russia and China were vocal, it was Iran that was working behind the scenes, attempting to play a double game. At the same time Iran had sent its Quds forces to Syria where they were involved in a brutal crackdown of the population. Iran then played a double game by providing medicines to the rebel leadership, but they were supply guns and ammunition to Gadhafi.

I have written at length about the spheres of influence and have pointed out that China and Russia were really pissed when Gadhafi lost because they also lost out on a sphere of influence. However, Iran had remained largely silent on the matter. I do not think I saw anything about Iran’s reaction to the loss of Gadhafi, even though Gadhafi was their ally.

Iran continues to play the double game, and Iran continues to seek to strengthen its influence in the Middle East. If it cannot form a relationship such as the one between Iran and Syrian, then Iran will continue to work by stealth which is what it seems to be doing in Libya, Egypt, Mali and a host of other African and Middle Eastern countries. Yes, that is correct, the finger of Iran has been found in Libya, but not as you would think, with the leadership, it is with other shadowy figures.

The Libyan people have spoken and they do not want a Marxist government. At the same time they do not want the theocracy of the Mullahs. Even in Benghazi there are people who have openly stated that they do not want an authority telling them what they can wear in the streets. Yet Iran has gain some influence by stealth… if not amongst these people, then it is with those shadowy radical militias that have refused to disband.

This is the background as to why Obama continues to be a danger to world wide peace and stability. The stonewalling, the obsfucation, the lies, the cover-ups, the betrayal of intelligence information is now the norm in the White House. I find this situation to be absolutely disgraceful.

The fact remains that Obama has been totally negligent when it comes to intelligence issues. Prior to the start of the Libyan rebellion, the brother of Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri was released from prison, as was another former terrorist and Al Qaeda leader. Intelligence sources should have been tracking this pair and there should have been a stream of reports about their activities. Why did this not happen? If there were reports, why did Obama not heed the requests by Ambassador Stevens to beef up protection of the Benghazi consulate? There are many questions that require answers.

What has taken place is disgraceful. The fact that an American President has behaved so badly in these situations is really very bad.

I know that Americans do not like President Richard Nixon, but the fact is that when it came to foreign policy Richard Nixon was a very superior man. He made decisions that were very hard for him to make in regard to Vietnam. He also paved the way for the world to begin contact with the Chinese. He was received by Chairman Mao. This was a really great achievement by Nixon. Reagan’s actions led to the end of the Cold War…. but Obama’s actions have seen an escalation in those hosilities.

If Iran is working behind the scenes, then you can lay down money that Russia and China are involved behind the scenes. Nuclear weapons testing has been goin on in China, as well as in North Korea. They have all been helping Iran.

I nearly forgot to mention the rise of tensions in the Asian Pacific region. There is now open hostility between China and Japan, which is something that has not happened in a very long time. The Chinese have been ramping up their hostile actions against Japan. The person to blame for this situation is Barack Obama.

5 responses to “The world is in grave danger today thanks to Obama

  1. I’m ashamed that O’Bozo is my pResident. The world will all suffer because of him. Here in America, we will just get what we deserve. 😦


  2. Grunt, it is only a few weeks to go, and I feel very certain that there will be a landslide election. Only this time Obama will not win.

    I was in the USA in 1984 when President Reagan won for the second time. I do remember that the media was against him winning the second term and were talking up his challenger with that Ferraro woman as VP. She never was suitable for the role.

    I watched Pete Rose make his record home runs, on the TV but I did go to some baseball games, and remain a fan of the Cincinnati Reds to this day. I am attached to Ohio.

    Ohio is not going to be a win for Obama. There is sufficient information out there that says there is a clear shift. Having lived near Dayton I kinda know how some of those folk think. Yet this shift is outside of Dayton and it involves areas such as Toledo.

    I have been reading up on the Australian scandal that is still being revealed and have not added to my information on the Benghazigate. It is the cover-up that is the real scandal.


  3. Good points. I know what you mean about the Dayton area, but your view may have been the same as mine in the area around Fairborn, which will probably heavily favor Romney. The problem is that so many of the other areas are heavily union. Like you say, Toledo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, etc. Who knows how deeply in Obama’s camp those places are. And I don’t have a good sense for the whole country due to the very poor quality of the recent polling. My sense is that many are unhappy and out of work, and that will favor Mitt. I also sense that the country is still somewhat in the grip of some evil Communistic spell that has even middle class, fairly-informed people ignorant of the evils of Obama’s administration. We’ll see!


    • A few weeks ago I saw a video posted by someone from Toledo. The people were lined up to see Romney. That surprised me!!

      My guess is that a log of people who are ordinarily Democrats are going to either vote for Romney/Ryan or they are going to stay home.

      After the Biden/Ryan debate I feel more certain that Independents are turning to Romney/Ryan.

      I had been lukewarm about Romney, but then I started to listen to him, and on top of that I was impressed about the way he had stayed in the background but was instrumental in helping Scott Brown win the Kennedy seat…. the people’s seat.

      I think I had been quietly excited about him at that point in time, but simply not committed to liking him.

      However, the more I learn about Romney, the more I like him.


  4. When he was elected president in 2008, Mr. Obama thought he could improve America’s relations with the Arab world by not being George W. Bush, by creating some distance between himself and Israel, and by delivering a friendly speech in Cairo. He was naïve. He should know better by now, especially after the unpleasantness last month in the countries where he thinks we’re popular.