The handbag harpies in Australia

This afternoon the Australian Parliament resembled a scene from World War III. I am not joking about this subject because the Australian Parliament and the members of the ruling party in Australia – the ALP – are an absolute disgrace. What makes them totally disgraceful is the group that I am referring to as the handbag harpies, the fishwives and misandrists of Australia. All of them are Marxists and they are led by the biggest Marxist and harpy of them all, the Prime Minister Juliar Dullard. Ugh!!  I cannot stand that bitch of a woman!!

The issues here in Australia are quite complex. Peter Slipper who is nothing more than one of the most revolting grubs ever to have a seat in the Parliament was ousted from the Liberal Party (he resigned but they were going to oust him anyway). Upon his resignation, the Prime Minister sacked Harry Jenkins (who was forced to resign) as Speaker of the House, and had Peter Slipper elected in his place. She was playing politics, and her move gave her a buffer in the hung parliament. However, it seems that Peter Slipper is what I term AC/DC and he was hitting upon a man that he hired for homosexual sex. This I might add is a married man behaving in this fashion. He sent a series of texts to Mr. Ashby that were terrible. These text messages referred to female genitalia in a way that I find extremely disgusting. Mr. Ashby has taken Peter Slipper to court with his allegations of sexual harassment. He has been stood down as the Speaker but he still holds the role, and one of the harpies, a woman by the name of Anna Burke who is deputy Speaker is currently undertaking the role. The deputy Speaker is an absolute disgrace.

Robert McClelland, who is an ethical man (I really like this man because he has integrity) used to be the Attorney General until he was sacked by Juliar Dullard and his place she elevated the shrill, and inexperienced Nicola Roxon. James Ashby had also sued the Commonwealth over the sexual harassment because they did not provide a safe workplace. The Commonwealth decided to settle the claim for $50,000. Then Roxon did what is not in the slightest bit ethical by holding a press conference that was meant to sway the outcome of the case against Peter Slipper. On top of this Roxon attempted to use Julian Burnside QC as a friend to Peter Slipper on behalf of the Commonwealth (another move that is unethical) plus she allowed Peter Slipper to use the back entrance of the Court (another unethical move). It is really abhorrent that this harpy was elevated to the position of Attorney General. She is a female equivalent of Eric Holder.

At the same time as all of this was happening Juliar Dullard’s father passed away as a result of an illness. A radio commenter by the name of Alan Jones made private remarks that John Gillard had died of shame. Actually I doubt that was the case because John Gillard was also a Marxist, and he would have no shame, like all of the other Marxists. Well, that was the opening for the handbag harpies to sally forth and as a result there has been a cyber bullying campaign to force advertisers to pull out from his show. As a result of this campaign, I know that I will never ever drive a Mercedes Benz.  I am also disgusted that Woolworths forced someone to resign because he was in attendance at that private dinner and talk. The company should not have forced that particular resignation. So here we have Australia’s equivalent of Rush Limbaugh facing a Marxist campaign against him.

Now we get to the really meaty bit, because the slimebag handbag harpies, led by a grubby Scot by the name of McTernan, have been slandering the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, who had nothing to do with the Jones comment. The bitch who is our Prime Minister thinks that Tony Abbott is a misogynist because he stood beside a sign… oh my poor Juliar…. let’s go cry in a corner and throw a tantrum over nothing of importance. The bitch has been lying non-stop over Tony Abbott. She is obsessed with Tony Abbott because she knows that when she finally calls that election she will be history.

The handbag harpies are trashing Australia. We need an electin and we need it now. Enough is enough of this stuff. The Parliament has descended into a mud-wrestling match with the mud coming from one side only, and still missing its mark.

Juliar the Dullard must be forced out of office. She must go, and the sooner the better.

4 responses to “The handbag harpies in Australia

  1. Can’t agree more, Aussie. Thanks for pointing out just how bad it is. It can’t get better unless people are humiliated because they voted for these idiots. Keep up the good work!


  2. We did not vote for these idiots. There was a hung Parliament. Everything depends upon the Independents!!


  3. Curse the stupid independents! What kind of a person cannot make up their minds on the edge of the cliff?


    • In the Australian case the Independents have proved that they are no such thing. They deceived their electorates.

      However there are independents who love being a fly in the ointment. I know of 2 who are on the Wyong City Council. I do in fact like them because they are pro-business and a maverick at the same time.

      Independents are themselves rarely independent in the real sense. They do in fact favour a political party.