Althouse on the Benghazi cover up

I found this post at Althouse, and I thought it was a very lengthy and worthile read. The link refers to Fox News on Sunday, with Bob Woodward, Lindsay Graham and others. Ann gives a very detailed description of the whole thing.

One of the most pertinent points to be made is that the White House has been involved in a cover-up of facts, but the truth, as it comes out is far more devastating than the attempt to blame a very stupid video for the attack. It goes to the very heart of the war against terrorism.

In setting out my own thoughts, I have not been articulate enough on some very pertinent facts which have been staring me in the face. These facts not only involve the revival of Al Qaeda, but also the activity of Iran in the region.

For more than a year I have been mentioning the “sphere of influence”. What I see is that Russia and China have been very strong in the region. It is no wonder that both countries were extremely pissed when NATO took action in Libya. That action, and the death of Moammar Gadhafi ruined their sphere of influence. I have been guilty of concentrating on these two countries, and not paying sufficient attention to Iran.

It is not easy attempting any form of assessment for this region, because one needs a working knowledge of the history of Islam, and how it has broken up into various sectarian groups, and then understanding how each sub-group forms a part of the major group. All sects within Islam have certain things in common, but there are very specific differences between them. Some of the sub-groups are treated as though they are apostates. There is infighting between the two major sects, yet there is one thing that is outstanding – Al Qaeda and its affiliates – as well as belief in the Ummah.

The Mullahs in Iran are a part of the Shia sect. The Grand Pooh Bah, known to us as Khomenei is allegedly the Supreme Ruler (exactly what he is the Supereme Ruler of is actually hard to determine) of the Shia. The very corrupt Khomenei exerts a lot of influence amongst the Shia in Iran, as well as in Iraq. Now that the USA has departed Iraq, Iran has a new opportunity to exert influence over that country, thus it is managing to extend its sphere of influence. Prior to this situation, Iran had a sphere of influence in Syria, and Syria’s satellite of Hezbollah in Lebanon and through Lebanon its tentacles were spread to Hamas in the Gaza strip. Iran is the mortal enemy of Israel.

The other major sect is the Sunni, and these are found in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, UAE etc. etc. Sunni and Shia are also mortal enemies.

From these major sects there are sub-sects including the Wahibi, the Sufi and a variety of other sub-sects that can be found within Islam. Of these sub-sects the Wahibi are the strictest and it is from this group that the Islamists have arisen. Al Qaeda had its roots within the strict Wahibi sect.

Whilst these sects will kill each other, they will also form alliances against the Infidel, which in this case is represented by the USA.  There is no way that the USA can resolve the war that has been declared because these Muslims are determined that they will fly the flag of Islam over the White House. The declaration of war dates back to at least the first bombing of the Twin Towers – yes that first failed bombing was a declaration of war. This makes what happened on September 11, 2001 even more poignant. War had been declared on the USA, not the other way around. We are the ones that need to acknowledge that fact, and we need to be aware of the implications of that declaraton.

The problem with the current White House Administration is that it wants to pretend that the war against Al Qaeda, and its affiliates has been won, but that is not the truth. Whilst it is true that for a time the leadership was decimated, it is also true that others have risen in the ranks and have taken over the leadership roles. Even the death of Osama Bin Laden has not been sufficient to get rid of this scourge. (However, the attempted assassination of a 14 year old girl might be quite successful in shining a light on the ideology of the Taliban at least).

The White House appeasement has been an absolute disaser. Appeasement has not brought anything other than a stronger determination to subjugate the rest of the world. This is why the pretence about the influence of a very bad movie is so ridiculous. By spreading that story the White House is causing more and more problems.

I have an alternate theory on this video, and that is perhaps someone in the DNC or associated with OFA financed it, with the knowledge and idea of causing an international situation which was supposed to be a situation that would allow Obama to negotiate a resolution that would save his Presidency. I am suspicious because the leadership of Al Qaeda is touting the idea of protests about this terrible movie that had nothing to do with Mohammed.

The White House is refusing to explain why they were blaming this poor video on what took place in Benghazi. It really looks like they knew that something was going to happen, as though it was planned for October 2012.


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