Coming intervention in Mali? – the Gadhafi connection

Mali has been one of those teasers. It is an African country that has a problem with extremists. The damage done in Timbuktoo springs to mind when talking about the situation in Mali. The President of Mali, Toure was ousted, and that was followed by rebels in the north seizing control.

The UN has apparently sanctioned the idea of an intervention in Mali in an effort to remove the extremists. France is preparing a memorandum or something, detailing what they will be doing to assist with the intervention. Once again we hear the “no troops on the ground” rhetoric.

However, there are some little known facts about Mali, and I draw your attention to some of the things that I learned in 2011. The first little teaser is mention of the Tuareg separatists. Why should that ring alarm bells? Why indeed, does the name of Mali ring alarm bells in my head? The answer is simple – there is a Gadhafi connection.

Whilst the world was thinking that Gadhafi was a changed individual, he was quietly shoring up his influence in Africa. He gave millions of dollars in aid etc to  tin pot African governments in the belief that if he should be ousted that they would provide him with sanctuary. Well, Algeria and Nigeria are giving sanctuary to members of the Gadhafi family. On top of that Gadhafi was sponsoring the Tuareg and it is the Tuareg who were involved in members of the Gadhafi family managing to escape from Libya. On top of that Gadhafi gave the Tuareg guns and equipment. In other words, Gadhafi sponsored the terrorism that has been gripping the north of Mali.

There are more connections because Gadhafi had hired people from Mali to be his snipers when he let loose on the people in Benghazi, Tripoli, Misrata, Zintan and other cities in Libya. Yes, that is a fact the snipers came from Mali.

If that is not sufficient for alarm bells, then perhaps some more snippets of truth coming out of Libya not long after the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi might open up some minds about who might have been behind the attack or indeed who might have financed the attack. That snippet of information is that people from Mali were identified as being involved in the attack.

Now this becomes interesting, because here we have a situation where an Egyptian set up camp in the Libyan desert, where he began training individuals (some were Libyan from Ansar al-Sharia and other like-minded individuals) to partake in the attack. The training camp was being observed via drones, yet nothing was done to take them out.  The Tuareg had arms that Gadhafi had given them, and in fact many of the arms that went across the border (blamed upon Al Qaeda people) ended up in the hands of the Tuareg and in Mali.

Gadhafi was supposed to be an enemy of Al Qaeda but he was in fact, and had remained, a major sponsor of terrorism in Africa and the Middle East. It is just that he chose to do that sponsoring by more devious means. He stopped directly sponsoring Al Qaeda, and he treated Islamists in Libya as the enemy. However, did he really treat others of like mind from say Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia etc in the same way?

Another little known fact is that the Gadhafi family members who managed to escape and get asylum took a lot of money with them. What is the possibility that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was in fact sponsored by the Gadhafi family?

I am not one for conspiracy theories, yet this is not the first time in recent weeks that I have had a suspicion that the Gadhafi family could somehow be involved in the attack, at least as sponsors of the terrorists. I am therefore putting this idea out there to see if anyone else has had similar thoughts.

I will only add here, that I am totally against the idea of the USA sending in the drones to Libya. That would be tantamount to an hostile attack on a sovereign nation, especially if there has been no agreement between the Libyan government and the USA for such action.

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