In Australian parlance “Libya – Bloody Hell”

After reading some of the latest reports on what took place at Benghazi and the way in which the White House is implicated, all I can say is “Bloody Hell”.  If these reports are accurate, then someone high up in the White House has committed an act of treason by needlessly imperilling the lives of both Americans and Libyans.

There are so many holes in the way in which this story has been evolving that it is hard to keep the story straight. Someone has been lying to Americans and to the rest of the World!!

When this story first broke, it came on top of the first protest in Cairo that was allegedly about a documentary that was allegedly anti-Mohammed. There is some truth, but not a lot, in that story about what was a cruddy documentary. I point out here, once again, that an imam who has a TV spot showed the video with Arabic sub-titles. As it was the speech within the documentary was dubbed, and that dubbing had nothing to do with what the actors were actually saying. The documentary actually had another name. The story surrounding the making of this documentary, as well as the “director” always did have a smell of rotten fish about it. My best guess is that someone associated with jihadist type groups actually funded the making of this c- grade documentary. The reason I am guessing this is due to the nature of the rumours when it all first emerged. There was an attempt to slime both Israel and the Egyptian Coptic Christians. That smacks of something the Salafists would do so that they could continue to wage their war against both Christians and Jews. In other words, I continue to believe that the video iteslf was a blood libel set-up.

The protest in Cairo the day before the Benghazi attack was represented to us as a protest over this c- grade documentary. However, some new evidence regarding the protest seems to indicate that the real cause of the protest was in fact an effort to get the man behind the first attempt to bomb the World Trade Centre aka the blind sheik, a get out of jail free card.

Considering actions in Tunis and other M.E. locations where there were demonstrations and riots after the attack at Benghazi, it seems that the purpose of the video was to create a side-show and yes it was supposed to be used to create riots but probably in October, not in September. I am not really deviating on a point that I have made previously regarding this video. It was supposed to be used as an excuse for something but not for the Benghazi affair.

With all of the new information it is getting harder and harder to determine the truth, except that someone, very high up has lied, and that someone has committed an act of treason against the United States.

There are things about the Libyan situation that do not add up. Does anyone believe that Morgharef would have not given the US permission to take action against the attackers? Yet there were drones in the area, and there was no counter-attack. Now it turns out that one of the two dead operatives, who were killed at the annex had a fix on the weapons being used and had “painted” them, but no counter-attack was launched. What is wrong with this picture?

The White House had been informed of the attack. The President went to bed some time after the attack began. He knew that the US Ambassador was missing, yet he went to bed. The CIA operatives requested back up support. Now, there is information coming out that indicates that they were told to stand down, and on top of that their request for help was denied. Help could have been sent from Italy. I have no doubt in my mind that the Libyan government would have agreed for action to take place from the air. It is in the interests of the Libyan government that this kind of insurgency is stopped in its tracks, and I doubt that they would not have given permission. That means only one thing – the denial for permission to get help came at a very high level. Someone committed treason on the night of September 12.

Whilst the finger can be pointed at Obama, let’s have a look at who surrounds him, and let’s look closely at who tried to prevent the action taken against Osama Bin Laden. It has now been confirmed that Leon Panetta was in fact the man who gave the orders to take Osama Bin Laden. However, there was someone who did not want the action to take place and that person was Valerie Jarrett. Does Valerie Jarrett have a role in preventing aid being given to Americans who were under attack? Is Valerie Jarrett working in the interest of Iran?

Is it any wonder that Obama did not want to answer any questions about Benghazi during those debates. He could not answer because he knows the truth about what really happened. He has been lying to the American public. He has been lying to the world.

2 responses to “In Australian parlance “Libya – Bloody Hell”

  1. in re: “act of treason”

    Yes, indeed, in broad daylight, so to speak. And, AGAIN, nobody cares. Look for this to not impact the election at all, then just slowly fade away after that.

    in re: “Valerie Jarrett”

    Hidden records and such included, this has to be the deepest and DARKEST secret of this administration. This is a story just crying out for investigative reportage. Nobody cares. Something is really fishy with this situation.


  2. Carlyle, the genie is already out of the bottle. Word is getting out about what really took place, especially the non-action from the White House.

    Questions are now being raised about who told the CIA agents to stand down.

    General Carter Ham who was in charge of AFRICOM has been replaced, and it is not because he did nothing, but because he attempted to do something. General Rodriguez has taken his place, but General Rodriguez appears to be an Obama dupe.

    The issue here is that the CIA agent, I assume it was Tyrone Woods who then lost his life whilst fighting on the roof of the annexe, was the one painting the targets. He expected the drone that was in the vicinity to fire, but NOTHING happened.

    The Benghazi consulate was attacked. Tyrone Woods was not at the consulate but at the annexe when the attack began. He and several others wanted to go and assist, but they were told to stand down. WHO told them to stand down?

    The Libyan guards did not have sufficient equipment to be of use. They were lightly armed. They could do nothing. It is a miracle that they in fact survived that initial onslaught, but they did and they have a story to tell. It is thanks to the CIA on hand that these guards had any kind of training that could have been of use. They tried, but they failed to bring the machine gun clip with them and they were hopelessly outnumbered. When some extras turned up, they were also lightly armed and unable to render proper assistance. I can only assume that when they withdrew that they went to get heavier arms, and I say that because the 17th February Brigade did turn up at the CIA annexe after several hours to render assistant and they came with their trucks plus the necessary heavier arms.

    We still do not know exactly how many fire fights took place. From the earliest reports I did learn that 10 Libyans died and others were wounded. They could have been killed or wounded at either location. Despite their brave actions it seems that the FBI is trying to pin the blame on these people… WHY?

    Fox News is staying with the story. Even CNN is staying with the story. It gets no mention in the New York Times, but really that is not a surprise. However the Los Angeles Times has been reporting on the story as well. The truth is gaining traction.

    People who watched the debates know about Benghazi. Those who are curious will continue to seek information.

    The fact is that Obama and Hillary Clinton have lied to the American people. The cover-up is far worse than the scandal associated with the break in at the Watergate Hotel. It was the cover-up that caused President Nixon’s resignation since he had no knowledge of the actual plans for the break-in. It is going to be the cover-up that will sink Obama. At the same time Hillary Clinton can forget her ambitions to be POTUS. It is not going to happen.