Irresponsible Treason

Yes, I am talking about President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, plus the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Everything I have been reading about what took place in Benghazi has led me to the conclusion on the night of September 11 and the morning of September 12 in Benghazi, an act of treason was committed.

Adding to the present confusion is the rumour that General Ham has been relieved of his position at AFRICOM. Why? It was further rumoured that he was ready to deploy forces despite being told to stand down. It was also stated that his second in command prevented him from going ahead with that deployment. Why?

There were two drones in the air directly over the sites of the incident. Those drones were equipped to fire. One of the operatives, I assume it was Tyrone Woods, painted the enemy’s equipment, he was asking for backup support to fire upon the attackers, but nothing happened. Leon Panetta has the gall to state that they could not send anyone to help because they did not know the conditions or something like that… His comment is total bullshit. Yeah I said it and I decided not to be polite. Considering that the White House was watching in real time in the Situation Room, I find this reasoning to be despicable.

Even worse is to come, because Mr. Woods decided to break his own silence. He is a man grieving for the loss of his brave son Tyrone. VP Biden made what can only be considered an extremely tacky remark when he mentioned “having balls the size of cue balls”, but Biden has unwittingly given the game way. THEY KNEW. The White House administration knew exactly what was happening. They knew that there was NO PROTEST. They knew that it was a terror attack, and THEY LIED to the American people..and for that matter they lied to the rest of the world. Hillary Clinton only talked about sending to prison a man who was exercising his First Amendment rights.

We can thank the British journalists for their own courageous reporting, that is they told the truth from the beginning. There was an attack. There was no protest.

What has also filtered out is that the requests for help were turned down. Only the President could have ordered those people to stand down. President Obama has deliberately lied about this whole incident. No wonder the bastard wanted Candy Crowley to help him crawl out of the hole where this cockroach had dug for himself.

It just occurred to me that Obama intended to use the incident in the same way as he intended to use the Fast and Furious incidents, that is to deny Americans their rights under the Constitution. With Fast and Furious there was an attempt to deny the right to carry guns, aka an attack on the Second Amendment. This Benghazi incident is far more serious because it was to be the means to curtail First Amendment rights.

IT’S the VIDEO, Stupid!!

One version of events from a Libyan who was allegedly in the guardhouse (that is debatable because only 2 were on hand according to other accounts and they fled to the roof) was detained and beaten. The person beating him was supposed to have called him an Infidel etc. etc. and there was a reference to the video. In the same article where this was mentioned, it also mentioned the elaborate roadblock that was put in place, plus another witness who stated that the attackers had rounded up 20 youths and incited them to chant about some video….. This is the set-up, or it is false information being planted for another purpose.

That purpose was the UN speech where Obama got up and stated that we should not have the right to criticize Islam.

YES, the video was the set-up.  Who paid that man to make that terrible rubbish in the first place? Someone had to give him the money to pay the people who took part. He is the patsy who sits in jail because of alleged parole violations. Who talked him into making this film? Who??????

Obama has been attacking various constitutional rights, but the major ones have related to the first and second amendments. His objection to the Citizens United case should have chilled everybody who had actually bothered to read the judgment in order to get some understanding of the verdict, and why those decisions were made. That case was decided based upon rights to free speech and stopping the chilling of free speech. Obama has done a song and dance ever since because he wants to curtain free speech.

How convenient is it that this third rate movie was uploaded to the Youtube and that it was then seen by some Egyptian Imam who then spread the word about it. Is it not a little bit too convenient?

Think about this for a moment. The subject matter was allegedly an attack on Mohammed the Pedophile and Pretender who founded what a quasi-religious institution or a theocracy. This theocracy has a lot in common with Communism and Fascism in that the State rules. Mohammed himself was both a bandit and a murderer. He was no messenger of God. A reading of the Scriptures should clear that up once and for all.

Considering the alleged subject matter, Rage Boy surfaced again. When Rage Boy gets going there are lots of riots, rampaging in the streets and of course the inevitable attacks on Westerners, especially Americans. This is precisely what has taken place. There were protests in Cairo, and the American Embassy was attacked there.  However, even in this case it is by no means certain that it was about the video, except that the White House proclaimed it was the case…. how is it that the White House knew so much about this video? There were riots in Tunisia, Pakistan and other Islamic countries. Of course these were copy cat protests and they were providing cover for the story about Benghazi.

It all sounds like it was being orchestrated. The people of Benghazi and Syria said it best when they commented upon how it was a lousy film, and in the case of Syria they question why was no one rioting over the fact that so many Syrians were being killed by Assad. Now that is a good question.

Obama got Susan Rice to repeat the crap about the video being to blame. Hillary Clinton even told Mr. Woods that the Administration intended to punish the film maker. She showed no regard for the film maker’s First Amendment rights. Yet the real cream was Obam’s U.N. speech where he decried the right of all Americans, Australians, British, French, Germans, Chinese, Japanese etc. to say anything against Islam.

Four Americans died, allegedly 10 Libyans also died in that attack. Obama behaved like a cold fish towards the grieving families, and was more concerned about fund raising and removing the right to free speech.

The attitude of Obama in particular over this incident has been despicable. The man has committed an act of treason.

2 responses to “Irresponsible Treason

  1. Yeah, I could not agree more. TREASON for sure. Not for “incompetence” – the TRUTH is much bigger and deeper than that.

    But it does not matter. Even the Fox News brilliant minds this morning said that. Very few people in the US understand or even grasp that something unusual happened. It is not being covered in the press at all. And the few who are worrying are those already hardcore for Romney.

    I have not seen nor heard a single Democrat (or even Independent) that believes that this is nothing but a diversion and an opportunity for opponents to “politicize” a foreign event.The Democrat Leadership (especially key Senators) are saying they will get to the bottom of this once they return to session after the election break. OH GOODY!

    Even though Fox News covers it a little bit – even they stop far short of grasping the true nature of the event(s). At most they seem to think it was laziness or incompetence, and maybe a breakdown in a command chain. One of the more popular explanations – if the subject is broached at all is “fog of war”.

    As they say, even if there is found a demon in here, it will be far after the election.

    And to stress a previous worry we have both expressed:

    Who is Valerie Jarrett?
    What does she do?
    What does she want?
    How is she doing it?

    And – of what possible legitimate benefit to Obama – or Domestic Policy – or Foreign Relations – could be a common criminal big-city urban slum lord? This is so bizarre it ought to have people scratching their heads all over the country, if not the world. And yet: CRICKETS!


  2. Carlyle, Fox News is covering more than a little bit. Did you see Pat Caddell speaking to Judge Jeanie? If Pat Caddell, a Democrat is this fired up, there will be a bloodbath coming.