Andrew Sullivan is a dunce

If you did not see what Andrew Sullivan said, then you can read his comments here. What a dunce!!  Andrew Sullivan knows diddly squat about American history. His comments show an appalling ignorance of the history of both Democrats and Republicans and a total lack of knowledge with regard to the Civil War. Sheesh, I am an Australian and I know more about the American Civil War. Of course it helps that I studied American history in school as well as the fact that I have visited some of the sites of the Civil War including the eerie Gettysberg, complete with its KFC and McDonalds on the edge of the battlefield!! Oh yes and I read the trilogy of North and South, an extremely interesting and detailed study of the Civil War that helped to bring the whole thing alive to me.

According to this dunce Andrew Sullivan, electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will lead to a return of the Confederacy. What a load of poppycock. Does Sullivan believe that the Confederates were Republican? If he does, then all I can say is: WOW!!

Whilst I am not 100 per cent clear on everything relating to how the Civil War started, I do know that the Republicans, represented by Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery. I know that the Democrats were against this and I know that the first shot was fired at Fort Sumtner!!!!  What I do know is that the Confederates were Democrats. They were not Republicans!!

Since I also studied American Economic History at university level, I also did some further study on the ante-bellum South, and the post Civil War era, in particular the economic hardships. I know that there were carpet baggers who flocked to the south to make their money.

What else do I know? Well as it happens I am also aware of who was responsible for the Jim Crow Laws. I know about the formation of the Ku Klux Klan by Democrats. I know that after the Civil War the Democrats were not allowed to vote, and that for the first time blacks were in control of the various legislative assemblies around the country. On top of that I know that the blacks were corrupt. They were assisted by the Radical Republicans. The KKK was formed to prevent whites and blacks voting for those Republicans as well as preventing blacks from voting.

However, it seems to me that a lot of people are unaware of this true history. They seem to be unaware that Democrats were the ones who instituted all of the laws that took away equal rights for various citizens, and that includes the Irish immigrants. The Democrats discriminated against the Irish Catholics. Oh it is simply so ironic that the Democrats in 2012 have locked up the black vote and the Catholic vote, when if people knew real history they would discover the truth. Democrats continue to keep blacks on the plantation. Anyone who escapes is called an Oreo or an Uncle Tom. Any woman who goes against the Democrats is treated in a most disgusting fashion, especially women who do not believe in killing babies within the womb.

How could Andrew Sullivan sit there and say something so outrageous? What is worse, why did those who were on the program not interrupt and tell him that he knows diddly squat about American history and that he should simply shut his pie hole rather than look like a total imbecile.

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